How to cheat your fitness tracker this Christmas

Because your capacity to be nagged has its limits during this joyous season
How to cheat your fitness tracker
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You and your fitness tracker get along well enough 51 weeks a year. You're no slave but you wear it most days and work hard to hit your daily targets and weekly goals. But it's Christmas. A time for watching four movies in a row everyday, scoffing reindeer-shaped chocolates and sulking whenever a meal isn't a roast dinner. Put simply, Christmas and fitness trackers go together about as well as your sozzled uncle and SingStar.

To avoid undoing all that good work (at least in your fitness band's eyes), here's some signature moves for cheating trackers. Just this once, mind. This article will self-destruct on New Year's Day.

The Classic: Attach your tracker to the dog

Or better yet a toddler. Basically, anything that's constantly moving will do. Cat, dog, three year old. Probably best to draft a rota for the whole week. The name of this game is to hit your 10,000 daily steps.

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Secure the band tightly as you'll be so broke by Boxing Day you won't want to be forking out for a new Fitbit because Wolf, the Pomeranian, kicked yours down the street.

how to cheat fitness tracker

The Role Model: Lend it to a gadget obsessed teen

Fact: teens like shiny gadgets but generally get bored in a couple of hours. (Probable) fact: you can watch Pixar movies on the sofa while your 13-year old niece or nephew trampolines/skateboards/Wii Sports-es their way to your target distance or calories burned.

Reward them by showing them what they've achieved in your Jawbone app and then vaguely hinting that you might buy them an UP Move for their birthday.

The Sleeping Dragon: Strap it onto a snoozing grandpa

Between the tension of pass the parcel and realising there's enough Christmas dinner for seconds all round, your heart rate has been all over the place.

If you're in the habit of bragging to fellow fitness fanatics about your low resting rate, we're sure Grandpa won't mind lending you his dozing 45bpm for a bit. The Sleeping Dragon doubles up as a handy way to make sure your grandparents are actually just sleeping without causing too much panic.

how to cheat fitness tracker

The Down and Dirty: Manually enter exercise in the app

At some point, around the 30 December, when you've made plans to get going on your running or gym routine again at the end of the week, you will cave and just plain invent a workout session. That's OK.

Just get your backstory straight as you huddle in the utilities room tapping the lies into your fitness app. Choose a workout you normally do and vow to add an extra one next week to balance out your calories and your conscience. And obviously make sure the app doesn't auto-post to Facebook or your other half will know what you're up to.

A few words from our running guides editor Kieran Alger...

Don't Cheat, Just Do It

"Ignore everything you've just read, cheating is for losers. Fact. Let's face it, by the time you're tucking into your latest round of turkey come Christmas Day, you've probably already been a booze swilling slacker for most of the past fortnight.

This is when it's most vital to get up, get moving and earn your points. Take the dog for a walk, wait on grandma or get involved in some Dance Dance whatever you call it with the kids. If you don't you're just cheating yourself. And love handles love a cheat."