​GOQii launches new fitness tracker and slashes price

And slashes the price of its on-call fitness coaches
​GOQii launches updated fitness tracker
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GOQii has unveiled a new version of its fitness tracker with automatic sleep tracking, mobile payments and more convenient charging via USB.

The Indian fitness tracking company launched its original tracker back in October last year, and has launched a beta phase in the US.

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For the uninitiated, GOQii uses a subscription-based model, where users sign up for personalised coaching sessions and get the tracker free. The fee gets you access to an actual coach that enables you to understand the data and advise where you can make improvements. This is done via an in-app messaging service a monthly call.

The company has slashed the price of its service to Rs. 1,999 for three months, Rs. 2,999 for six months, and Rs. 3,999 for a year of coaching. There's no word on reduced US prices for the subscription, but the yearly model now translates to $60, which is a significant saving on the $99 existing price in the US.

While GOQii might not be a household name in the West quite yet, it has an 18% share of the fitness tracker market in India. The company also attracted ex-Google exec Amit Singhal.

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