Fitbit update means multi device support

No need to choose between a Surge and a Charge HR anymore
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Good news Fitbit fans - you'll soon be able to sync more than one wearable device to your profile.

In our recent Fitbit reviews we've lamented the fact that you can't have multiple devices associated with the Fitbit app; it seemed silly to us that a company selling different wearable form factors, with different features, would actively discourage buying two different models.

That's been sorted now though as a new update landing later this month adds multi-tracker support.

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The update also brings with it faster food logging in the app for European Fitbiters, as well additional challenges and awards.

Additionally, Fitbit Charge HR users will soon be able to see exercise summaries directly on their devices.

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"With the introduction of new features like multi-device syncing, we are continuing to provide users a more seamless and engaging experience where the technology starts to blur into everyday life, but the experience is one users can't live without," said Tim Roberts, VP of Interactive at Fitbit.

That's a PR line for "we cocked up but we've sorted it out now".

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