Atlas Shape puts a personal trainer inside a smart band

Heart rate tracking fitness wearable offers real-time audio coaching
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Atlas, the startup behind the rep-counting Wristband gym wearable is back with the Shape, another wrist worn device that wants to add a more personal touch to your fitness routine.

The slim band looks a lot like your standard fitness tracker but crucially builds on the motion tracking tech used in the Wristband and Wristband 2. It'll still count reps and analyse form, but now you'll get real-time audio coaching and the ability to chat with an AI-powered coach via the companion app and when you've got a pair of headphones plugged into your ears.

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Shape monitors activity, sleep, metabolic rate and exercise to improve personal coaching through its Coach AI software. This will then provide adaptive workouts, suggest recovery when you need a break and other more useful recommendations to help stay in shape.

Atlas Shape puts a personal trainer inside a smart band

The Atlas iOS and Android app stores your data and takes advantage of the built-in heart rate monitor to provide HIIT workouts so you don't need any gym equipment to burn off the calories. It's also compatible with Google Fit, Apple HealthKit and plays nice with music streaming services including Spotify and Pandora.

The Shape band features a touchscreen display to navigate between data screens, is waterproof up to 1 metre and should deliver 10 days battery life in activity tracking mode, or up to 5 days when you're using the heart rate sensor as well.

It's just popped up on Kickstarter and is looking to raise $50,000 to get the device done and dusted. A minimum pledge of $59 will get you one band, which is considerably cheaper than the $129 retail price. The good news is that if all goes well with the campaign, shipping is scheduled for June 2017.

We were fans of the Atlas Wristband and is still one of our favourite gym trackers, but we had a big issue with the design. Thankfully the Shape has addressed that by packing the motion tracking tech into a more exercise-friendly body. This is definitely one we're looking forward to trying out if all goes well with the campaign.

Atlas Shape puts a personal trainer inside a smart band

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