Pryme Vessyl adds Fitbit support to keep you hydrated after a workout

Take a sip from your smart cup, then send that data over to your Fitbit app
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Mark One, the company behind the Pryme Vessyl smart cup, has announced today that it's adding Fitbit support. Now workouts with your Blaze, Alta or any other member of the fitness tracker family will now be factored into hydration levels.

If you've been following the Vessyl story, then you'll know that Mark One is working on a smart cup that is able to detect any beverage and break down the nutritional content to make sure you know what you'e putting into your body.

For now though, there's the Pryme Vessyl, a similarly tall, 16 oz (roughly 450ml) cylindrical cup that's able to automatically track water consumption after each sip and using the company's own hydration algorithm, can tell you how hydrated you are at any point of the day.

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It features an illuminated line on the cup to indicate how well you're keeping on top of your hydration needs, plus you can wake up the display by lifting and tilting before gulping down some water. For more in depth data you'll need to head to the Vessyl app where water consumption data can now be sent to the Fitbit app.

Pryme Vessyl adds Fitbit support to keep you hydrated after a workout

Now we thought eight cups of the day was the only rule you needed to follow, but according to Mark One, hydration levels differ for each person and it bases the information its smart cup delivers on height, age, weight and sex. It also takes into consideration the amount of exercise and sleep you fit in during the day and the night.

The team behind the Vessyl come with some pretty strong credentials including Hamid Mohammadinia, who led design for manufacturing at Apple, working on the iPod and iPad. It also has the former senior global design director at Nike for the Jordan brand on the books as well.

The smart cup already works with Apple Health and Jawbone UP platforms, so adding Fitbit to the compatibility stable makes sense, given Fitbit's impressive sales. If you want to get in on the action, the Pryme is already available for a not so wallet friendly $99 and is currently on sale through Apple online store and the Pryme Vessyl website.

It sounds like a lot of money for something that seems pretty obvious, but if you regularly dodge your daily water intake, then it might be one for you.

Pryme Vessyl adds Fitbit support to keep you hydrated after a workout

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