Turn off your Fitbit: Learn how to switch off the Versa 2, Charge 3, Inspire HR or Ionic

Some Fitbit trackers can't be shut down - can yours?
How to turn off a Fitbit
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Learning how to turn off a Fitbit may not be as necessary as it once was, thanks to improvements in battery life, but it's still an important trick to have up your sleeve.


However, before we go any further, it's imperative to understand that Fitbit doesn't actually let you shut down many of its trackers, such as the Charge and Inspire.

In this guide, we'll let you know which do and don't – and teach you the best available method for rebooting each.

Make sure to jump over to our Fitbit reset guide, if your tracker can't be turned off or you want to delve further than the simple off/on trick.

Turning off the Fitbit Charge 3

Turn off Fitbit Charge 3

You can't turn off the Charge 3 (or the older Charge 2), as you might expect. Instead, Fitbit will only let you reboot the tracker.

This means the only way your Charge tracker will turn off and stay off is if it runs out of battery. However, the method below will temporarily shut it down and then restart it.

1. If you have a Fitbit Charge 3, swipe to the 'Settings' and hit the 'Reboot Device' tab.

2. If the tracker is unresponsive, hold the button for eight seconds and release.

3. When you see a smile icon and the tracker vibrates, the tracker has turned off and will then come immediately back on.


Turning off the Fitbit Versa 2

Turn off Fitbit Versa

You can turn off the Fitbit Versa smartwatch series. Whether you have the original Versa, the Versa Lite Edition or the Versa 2, turning off is performed in the same way.

1. On the watch, open the 'Settings' app.

2. From there, tap About > Shutdown > Confirm Shutdown.

3. To turn it back on, hold the left button until the Fitbit logo appears.

Turning off the Fitbit Inspire HR

Turn off Fitbit Inspire or Inspire HR

Just like the Charge series, you can't turn off your Fitbit Inspire or Inspire HR. You can only turn it off temporarily by rebooting the device or by running down the battery.

1. Connect your Inspire HR or Inspire to its power cable.

2. Press and hold the button for five seconds.

3. Keep holding until you see a smiley face and the tracker vibrates.

Turning off the Fitbit Ionic

Turn off Fitbit Ionic

Like the Versa series, the Fitbit Ionic can be turned off until you decide to turn it back on – not just for a quick reboot. To do so, follow the below steps.

1. On the watch, open the 'Settings' app.

2. From there, tap About > Shutdown > Confirm Shutdown.

3. To turn it back on, hold one of the buttons until the Fitbit logo appears.


Turning off the Fitbit Alta HR

Turn off Fitbit Alta or Alta HR

Like Fitbit's other fitness trackers, you can't turn off the Fitbit Alta or Alta HR, and will instead have to put up with just rebooting the device.

1. Put your Alta device on charge.

2. Press the button on the charging cable three times, pausing between each press.

3. Once the Fitbit logo appears and the tracker restarts, the tracker will have rebooted.

Turning off the Fitbit Ace 2

How to turn off your Fitbit: Learn to switch off the Charge, Inspire, Versa or Ionic

As with the Inspire, Alta and Charge series, the Ace and Ace 2 can't be switched off.

Instead, you'll have to reboot the Ace to temporarily shut it down. Of course, you can also run down the battery to get it to turn off for good.

1. Connect your Ace or Ace 2 to its charger.

2. Press the button on the charging cable three times, pausing briefly in between each press. For the Ace 2, hold the button on your tracker for five seconds and then release to give it a reset.

3. Once the Fitbit logo appears, it has rebooted. Unplug the charger.