Fitbit Versa 2 could get Google Assistant on the wrist

The buyout keeps dragging on
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Fitbit devices could soon be running Google Assistant, even before the buyout between the two companies is ratified.

Code spotted by the ever-eagle-eyed 9to5Google shows that Fitbit is prepping to onboard Google Assistant as a wrist-based assistant.

The Fitbit Versa 2 currently utilises Amazon Alexa and has a microphone built in for talking to the assistant. However, you need to push-to-wake and there’s no speaker – so feedback from Alexa uses text only.

Code found in the Fitbit APK submitted to the Google Play Store suggests that Google Assistant will be an option going forward.

9to5Google reports that Google was reticent to add its support to Fitbit devices, as the necessary APIs didn’t exist for this kind of minimal feedback – but it appears that it’s changed its mind.

Commands are limited when it comes to Alexa, thanks to the lack of audio feedback – but you can ask Alexa for your stats and well as performing basic smart home commands. We’d expect the Assistant experience to be much the same.

The Google/Fitbit buyout is still rumbling on six months after it was announced that Google was to acquire the fitness company.

Concerns about the search giant having access to so many health data points has caused concern, and the Justice Department is scrutinising the deal before allowing it to go ahead.

A collaboration between the two would be a good way to mark the new era – should the deal go forward.

Although with no audio feedback and limited appeal of voice commands on Fitbit, it’s likely to be little more than symbolic moment than a significant feature.


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