Fitbit Alta goes big on fashion: Gold series, Public School, Tory Burch, Vera Wang

The fitness tracker has designer collabs locked up

The Fitbit Alta is now the second biggest selling fitness tracker in the US, behind the Fitbit Charge HR, and a big reason for that is its focus on style. After all, Fitbit didn't put much new tech inside this device. What it did do is design a tracker, with a screen, that no-one would be ashamed to wear.

Now Fitbit is making a big push to make the Alta one of the most customisable wearables with designer collaborations and a new gold-plated style.

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First up, the Gold series. Like the Blaze, the Alta is getting a new hand polished, 22 karat gold-plated edition that comes with a black or pink sport band for $149.95. An optional shiny, gold-plated bangle named the Alta Luxe Metal Bangle - presumably not 22 karat - can then be added for an extra $129.95. So for the blingiest option you're looking at around $280.

fitbit alta public school accessories

Next up, the Public School Alta accessories we saw at February's New York Fashion Week finally have a release date - the first two pieces in the range will be up for pre-order in October and on sale in November.

That includes the Type III Paracord bracelet which is $175 and is a braided, black nylon with gunmetal coloured detail. There's also the controversial Axis Accessory Band which is a stainless steel watch band that the Alta slots into horizontally. It's a fair bit more expensive at $295 but will certainly earn wearers some fashion points.

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There's a couple of printed Public School bands in the collection which won't go on sale until 2017: both are $39.95, one with the label's When Nobody's Looking line embossed on it and the other with its signature feather print in olive.

fitbit alta vera wang bracelet

Another big deal is the new Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection of Fitbit Alta accessories. There are three bracelet styles, all for $79.99, which will go on sale in October at Kohl's stores in the US and online. There's a silver metal chain link bracelet, a double wrap leather bracelet in black or navy leather and a combination of the two, a double wrap leather and chain link style.

The next designer hook-up will be with Tory Burch. We already love the designer's pieces for the Fitbit Flex though things will be tweaked slightly for the Alta's display. All we know is that the collection will include multiple accessories, one of which will be a metal chain link bracelet and that it will drop in 2017.

Last month, we saw Misfit play its customisation hand with all sorts of new bands, necklaces and accessory packs for the Shine 2 and Ray trackers. With September's New York and London fashion weeks coming up, we could see more designer collaborations on the horizon too. Kate Spade's new wearable tech collection popped up last week and Skagen is showing off new smart analogue watches too.

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  • JDonk·

    Avoid fitbit! I bought a fitbit charge for my wife at dick smith. The first one did not work straight out of the box, would not charge at all. Dick smith replaced immediately, same day as purchase. A few months later the new one stopped charging. Again, Dick Smith replaced with a brand new item. Now, 9 months later, this 3rd fitbit charge will not charge, the battery will not charge.

    Subsequently, Dick Smith has closed down in my area so I can not return for a refund.

    I contacted Fitbit, who are saying the original purchase is out of warranty but they will replace with the same model, but will not refund. They don't have enough faith in their own product to give a warranty on the brand new replacement fitbit charge thats only 9 months old!! I asked if the replacement they are willing to send will have a warranty but they didi not reply.

    They also will not allow me to pay the difference to upgrade to a better model!!

    Well, if you ask me thats pretty poor, they should write a book on how to lose customers because thats what they've done in this situation. Not only me but everyone I know I tell how bad the product is and the lack of faith they have in their product. I strongly recommend buying a more reputable brand.

    Fitbit is a waste of money and you will more than likely be disappointed.

    • akaspongy·

      Since your original tracker is out of warranty, they were being kind by offering you a replacement,  most companies wouldn't. I have had nothing but excellent service with Fitbit and would highly recommend them. 

  • Kats·

    i want the stainless steel watch band, where can i order it? 

  • kati_rankin·

    i want the wrist band design, where can i order it?