10 of the best Fitbit alternatives

Fitbits can't be for everyone
The best Fitbit alternatives

Sometimes you just don't want a Fitbit. Maybe you're turned off by how they seem to be the most popular name in fitness tracking, or maybe you're not into their aesthetic. It's cool, everyone is different.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of other options out there. Practically every wrist-worn wearable device has some sort of fitness tracking embedded in it. But where do you turn? Who do you trust?

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We've put together this list of our favorite Fitbit alternatives. We've chosen two alternatives to each of the major Fitbit devices, from the Alta HR to the Surge.

For the Flex 2

Misfit Shine 2

If you're looking for a simple, good looking alternative to the Flex 2, you can't do better than the Shine 2. Just like the Flex 2, the Shine 2 is waterproof, but on top of that it's simple and stylish and boasts some of the best step and activity tracking we've seen. Its LED lights also offer a better notification system, giving you a close the ring-like indication of far you are from your goals.

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$99, misfit.com | Amazon

Moov Now

If you're looking for something a little more sporty, the Moov Now is right up your alley. It doesn't hold a candle to the Flex 2 when it comes to activity tracking, sporting only basic info, but the adorable little sports wearable is big on coaching. Unlike the Flex 2, it features several training programs to help you achieve your goal. The voice coach will explain what you're trying to do and how you can do better, going far beyond what the Flex 2 can dream of.

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$59.95, moov.cc | Amazon

For the Alta HR

Withings Steel HR

If you're looking for a stylish, feature-packed fitness tracker with a good heart rate sensor, it's hard to go wrong with the Steel HR. With a long button press, it can turn into a running watch that tracks heart rate zones and distance. It's gorgeous, it's got a heart rate sensor that works well and it manages to perfectly toe the line between smart and analog.

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$179.95, withings.com | Amazon

Garmin Vivosmart 3

Life can be stressful, so if you need something to better focus on helping you keep stress free the Vivosmart 3 is a good option. Yes, it can track your activity and automatically detect some workouts, but it keeps track of your stress level throughout the day too. If it's too high, it'll start up a guided breathing exercise to calm you down. Handy.

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$139.99, garmin.com | Amazon

For the Charge 2

Samsung Gear Fit2

If you'd like something that's got all the major features of a fitness tracker but keeps a toe in the smartwatch water, the Fit2 is a good alternative. It's got a big beautiful AMOLED screen and support for apps like Spotify. It's also got GPS, while the Charge 2 has to piggyback on your phone. The Charge 2 has better battery life, but that gorgeous screen on the Fit2 makes it the more attractive device.

All that said, you might want to hold out just a little while longer as it looks like the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is about to break cover, and could be a winner.

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$179.99, samsung.com | Amazon

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

While it's a bit chunky and doesn't offer too many sports, the Vivosmart HR+ offers superb run tracking via GPS and excellent activity tracking. While the Charge 2 is better at daily life stuff, the Vivosmart HR+ is the far better workout choice, with far more extensive data available. On top of that, it doesn't look too out of place either at home or at work.

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$179.99, garmin.com | Amazon

For the Blaze

Apple Watch Series 2

While the Blaze may have the Apple Watch beat on amount of workouts, the Apple Watch offers a good selection of third-party apps and complications to fully customize your experience. There are also richer notifications, which allow you to reply and act on all of those alerts. Plus, you'll go mad mixing and matching all of those bands.

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$369, apple.com | Amazon

LG Watch Sport

If you're not looking for an iOS-friendly alternative to the Blaze, there's also the LG Watch Sport, the debut device of Android Wear 2.0 - and still the most fully featured. It's got some solid fitness features and, more importantly, it can function independent from your phone with LTE, NFC and GPS. The Blaze has none of those, and fully relies on your phone for most things.

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$349, lg.com | Amazon

For the Surge

10 of the best Fitbit alternatives

Garmin Forerunner 935

If you're looking for a super fitness watch for a hardcore runner, it's hard to go wrong with Garmin and its Connect IQ platform, which provides a rich about of metrics and capabilities. You've got added metrics like cadence and training effect, which lets you know how effective your session was. While the Fitbit stands up in the hardware space, it can't compete with that software.

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$499.99, garmin.com | Amazon

Polar M600

The M600 sports an incredibly accurate heart rate tracker and a spot-on GPS, so if you need something accurate as a runner this is a good option. There's also all the great features of Polar's Flow app, like Training Benefit and Running Index. You'll also get a good selection of running metrics, like pace and heart rate zones. There's no auto-detected workouts, but it manages to sneak Android Wear into a device that doesn't feel like it's running Android Wear. Impressive.

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$329.95, polar.com | Amazon

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