Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon features a perfectly round design and ditches the flat section

The smart ring maker finally produces a fully circular band
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Oura has released the Ring Gen 3 Horizon - its first fully circular smart ring design.

A year on from the launch of the standard Oura Ring Gen 3 Heritage model, the Finnish company has now introduced a tweaked design that rids the wearable of the flat section featured on every previous iteration.

Instead, the outer edge is now perfectly round, relatively akin to a standard wedding ring band.

No matter if you choose the silver, black, matte black, gold or the new rose gold finish, the case is made from the same titanium.

Pricing also starts at $349 (just $50 more than the Heritage model), jumping to $449 for the gold and silver models, and to $549 for the rose gold color.

The Horizon will offer the same crop of smart features, though, meaning this is purely just a design change.

Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon features a perfectly round design and ditches the flat section

When wearing the smart ring, then, you'll get identical access to sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen readings, with it able to stay powered for a full week before needing a recharge.

Naturally, there's also room for the company's standard array of workout and activity tracking, period predictions and proprietary training readiness and restorative time metrics.

Announcing the Horizon, Oura also conveyed its plans to roll out improvements to its sleep stages feature later this year - something that has been developed, Oura says, using one of the largest sleep datasets ever collected.

All in all, this appears to be a relatively healthy update to a smart ring that we've loved testing throughout the years.

We would have preferred a design change that slimmed down the overall band size, rather than one that solely focused on the exterior, but it's good to see progression being made here.

At first glance, the Horizon looks very slick - and we look forward to testing one out in due course.

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