You could be diving with Snap Spectacles by the end of the year

Royal Caribbean's Seaseeker mask takes its first dip
You could soon be diving with Spectacles
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Cruise company Royal Caribbean's new dive friendly pair of custom Spectacles have already been set loose on the faces of wildlife photographer Robert Ochoa, freediver Ashleigh Baird and conservationist Gabriela Nava.

Designed for scuba diving and freediving, the Seaseeker mask is well, a pair of Snap's $130 Spectacles with a new waterproofing cover. It will record stills and video for up to 30 minutes in up to 150 feet of water and could be on board cruise ships in a few months.

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You can see the short (round) clips of footage of barracuda, sinkholes, coral reefs from the first testers online now - all in Snap's see-what-I-see point of view. It's pretty cool considering how cheap the gadget is.

Also of note is the fact that while Snap has shifting a few Spectacles as an all day camera accessory, we are now getting real specific with one, clear use case. That's often where the power lies and this is a perfect example.

There's only a few pairs of the Seaseeker goggles right now but Royal Caribbean is looking to patent the design - perhaps not the best news if you're not a fan of cruises but they could be on board by this fall.

Source: Mashable

You could be diving with Snap Spectacles by the end of the year


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