Graava is the action camera that edits your footage for you

Never miss a moment again with a camera that can sense excitement
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Graava is an action camera that automatically edits your footage to the best bits and cut out the boring footage in between.

It uses a camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS and even your heart rate (using a connected Apple Watch) to work out if something exciting has happened. So if something appears on screen, there's a loud noise, your heart rate increases or you speed up, Graava should log it. If you think the clever camera won't catch it, you can simply say "Graava" while recording and it will log that moment.

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As for the regular action cam specs, the Graava measures 44mm x 65mm x 20mm, can record 1080p video at 30fps or 720p at 60fps as well as 8MP stills. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a small LED dot screen, a microSD card slot, a mode/ power button and the whole thing is IP67 water-resistant.

You can use the smartphone app to set how long you want the recording to be, add music and set a recording mode like action, baby or dash cam and it will use AI algorithms to cut and stitch together the really good parts.

The idea is you come home from your day and put the Graava on (wireless) charge. It will connect to the internet, send off the video to the Graava servers to be edited, and then you'll get a notification when the Magisto-style highlights video is ready. There is also the option to hook up two Graava cameras to combine footage of an event or stunt from different angles - a neat addition but it will cost you in a subscription fee.

Recording at 1080p, the battery will last for three hours, though with that wireless charging, a stand could be used for longer recordings. It works with Android and iOS and also has smartwatch apps for both Android Wear and Apple Watch.

Currently it's priced at $249 for pre-order through an independent crowdfunding campaign until 1 September, and after that it'll be $399, with shipping set for February 2016.

Graava is the action camera that edits your footage for you

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