Garmin Black Friday Deals: Your guide to picking up an affordable sports watch

How to pick up a Garmin for the holidays
Garmin Black Friday Deals

We're still a few days from Black Friday, but it's never too early to start preparing for the the mad dash for great deals. As they say, the early bird does in fact get the extremely affordable fitness tracker.

If you're looking out for a Garmin to tracker or watch to wrap around your wrist, you'll soon see that there's a mess of different deals. So where do you start? Which Garmins should you look out for and where should you look out for them at?

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That's what this guide is here for. Whether you're in the US or the UK, peruse through the options you'll have come 27 November, topped up on pecan pie and turkey. Or, if you're in the UK, your Sainsbury's meal deal. Don't forget to bookmark this page for easy access once that day arrives.

Best US Garmin Black Friday deals

In the US, your best option is going to be on Amazon, although we're yet to what deals the Bezos Empire has for us this year. Last year, many Garmin products were discounted around $50 to $100 per product, providing lots of great value. Other good options are likely to be Best Buy, Target and Walmart, the first of which has already announced a handful of reductions.

  • Garmin Vivoactive HR - $119.99, down from $249.99 - Best Buy (available from 23-25 November)
  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 - $249.99, down from $299.99 - Best Buy (available from 23-25 November)
  • Garmin Fenix 5 - $299.99, down from $549.99 - Best Buy (available from 23-25 November)
  • Garmin Vivosmart HR - $69.99, down from $99.99 - Best Buy
  • Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 - $79.99, down from $99.99 - Best Buy

We'll be updating this page with all the deals we find. So, like wanting to eat that delicious Thanksgiving dinner, you'll have to wait a bit before you can indulge yourself on those deals.

Best UK Garmin Black Friday deals

Retailers in the UK are of course taking part in the festivities as well. Amazon UK will provide a bulk of these deals, but last year we found a good amount of Garmin deals at Curry's PC World.

Other UK retailers you may want to check out are John Lewis, Tesco and Argos. However, Amazon and Curry's should be your first choice options, with the latter couple being your Plan B in case anything goes awry.

As we said, we'll be updating this post with all of the delicious deals we find in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Which Garmin trackers will be on sale?

Garmin Black Friday Deals: Your guide to picking up an affordable sports watch

If you're looking to pick up the new Vivoactive 3 or Vivosport, you may be disappointed. They're the two big new Garmins and it's unlikely they'll be offered on discount so soon for release. This is also likely for the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2, even though that would be a perfect stocking stuffer for the kids.

Instead, you should probably look for discounts on some of Garmin's flagship devices, like the Fenix 5X, Forerunner 935 and Fenix 5S. These devices made their way into our hands earlier this year, and it's likely that discounts are on the way to boost sales for those who were on the fence.

It's also likely that some older devices, like the Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR, will see some steep price cuts to move remaining inventory out of the way in place for the newer Vivoactive 3 and Vivomove HR.

Which Garmin is right for you?

Garmin Black Friday Deals: Your guide to picking up an affordable sports watch

Once you've narrowed down your pool of Garmin devices, the next step is to figure out which of the potentially discounted gems is best matched to your particular set of needs.

If you're looking for a fitness tracker, keep your eye out for the Vivoactive HR or Vivosmart 3. These two devices are unashamed about being all-around devices for the all-around person.

They are two different things, however. The Vivoactive is more of a fitness watch while the Vivosmart is more of a fitness tracker, so if you're looking for something a little more casual maybe tilt your head toward the Vivosmart.

On the high end, we can't say enough about the flagship Garmin wearables, the Fenix line. You really can't go wrong with many of them, which will provide enough ruggedness for your tough hikes and those visits to the pool.

What about accessories?

Garmin Black Friday Deals: Your guide to picking up an affordable sports watch

Garmin isn't just about wearables; its a company that leverages its technology into a whole host of products. These products, of course, can complement your experience in a bunch of different ways.

The company sells bands for its fitness trackers and sports watches yes, but it also sells things like bike mounts, action cameras and more. So if you're a fan of your existing Garmin, or you want to extend yourself into the Garmin ecosystem a little more, you're likely to see discounts on many of these items.

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