North lets you size up its Focals smartglasses by scanning your face

The feature uses Apple's TrueDepth camera to take a scan for accurate sizing
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Startup North is rolling out a new feature to let shoppers scan their faces through smartphone cameras to choose the right size of its Focals smartglasses.

Previously, you'd have had to visit one of its incredibly scarce retail stores in New York or Toronto to be certain that the specs were going to actually fit your face. Now, so long as you've got access to an iPhone with TrueDepth camera functionality, you can take a scan of your face to cut that legwork out.

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For the avoidance of doubt, that means any of the following iPhone models: X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max.

The new Focals Showroom app houses the feature, and allows users to order glasses to their address after sizing themselves up. They'll come in a few weeks, with instructions for final sizing adjustments.

North isn't stupid - it knows not everyone's got one of those premium phones, but says that you could always borrow a pal's if you're short of one.

After opening the app, you'll be prompted to take a scan - be warned, we found it pretty pernickety. You can't be in too bright a room, and compared to taking a FaceID scan it's pretty painful. Once it's done, though, you'll get an Animoji style try-on option, where the glasses will be mapped to your face, letting you try on different sizes and color options.

In terms of the security of allowing North a 3D full access to a high-res scan of your face, it says that all images are deleted within 30 days if an order isn't actually placed, and will also be deleted on request. Interestingly, it doesn't say what happens to your scan if you do make a purchase.

You can download and use the app outside of the US - we just did, in the UK, but you'll only be able to actually place an order in the US or Canada.

If you're looking for a pair of Focals, there's no reason not to try this, in fairness - it could save you some angst if you were to order the wrong size. Now, if only North could tackle accurate home opticians tests to cover off the prescription side of things, we'll really be living in the optical future.

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