Lenovo Mirage is an AR headset exclusively for Jedi Knights - for now

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Lenovo unveils its Star Wars AR headset
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Star Wars in VR is cool, but we reckon Star Wars AR is cooler. Enter the second Lenovo headset to be shown off at IFA, the Lenovo Mirage, an augmented reality helmet that'll turn you into the Jedi you've always fancied yourself to be.

What separates this from the Lenovo Explorer - other than being AR, not VR - is that this is exclusively tied to an app experience called Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, which will pit you in a lightsaber duel with a holographic Kylo Ren and other card-carrying members of the Dark Side.

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The headset, which is powered by a smartphone (bring your own), also comes with a replica lightsaber hilt for true Star Wars authenticity, and a tracking beacon that sits on the floor to follow your swings and parries. The headset itself has two inside-out sensors, so you should have a reasonable degree of freedom as you dance around your enemies.

The Mirage is compatible with iOS and Android and is available for pre-order at $199 today. It'll ship in November.

Lenovo Mirage is an AR headset exclusively for Jedi Knights - for now

For the time being, the Mirage will only run Disney's Star Wars experience, so you're paying for the entire package, lightsaber included. That, of course, could change in the future. Along with lightsaber battles, there will be a mode called 'Strategic Combat' in which you'll cut down swathes of enemies in your living room, while Disney is also bringing Star Wars' iconic Holochess board game game to life in AR. Just remember to let the Wookie win.

You can pre-order the Mirage from Lenovo's site and select retailers now.

Lenovo Mirage is an AR headset that's exclusively for Jedi Knights - for now