How to make calls on an Apple Watch

A guide to leaving your iPhone in your pocket and chatting from the wrist
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Making calls on your Apple Watch is quick and easy and saves pulling out your iPhone when you can just tap a button on your wrist - or use Siri. What's more if you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4 LTE , you don't even need your iPhone present.

If you're vaguely remembering something about a favorites list, you can forget about all that. That's how making a call on the Watch used to be done. Things have changed, so let's see how you can swap your iPhone for your smartwatch when you need to get in touch.

How to make a call on an Apple Watch

How to make calls on an Apple Watch

Apple Watch calling option 1: Use Siri

The first, and most easy way, is to use Siri. Just raise that wrist and say things like "Call Paul", "Dial 555-123-4567", or "call Steve via FaceTime Audio".

It's all simple and to the point, but Siri can be a bit fiddly around names - but it's probably the most hassle-freet option. However, if you're out in public and don't want to tell the world who you're calling there is an alternative.

Apple Watch calling option 2: Access your address book

1) Tap the Digital Crown.
2) Scroll to the Phone app.

So far, so good, but now you've got some options. You can go to your favorites, check out your recent calls, scroll through your contacts, use the keypad or access your voicemails.

For the purposes of this how-to, let's head over to contacts:

1) Use the Digital Crown to scroll through your contacts.
2) Choose a contact.
3) Tap on the Phone icon.

Boom, you're calling.

Apple Watch calling option 3: Dial up

If you don't have someone in your contacts, you can also just use the keypad, which will have you input the number and then call it. For the most part, your Apple Watch should take care of the connections by itself.

If it's connected to your iPhone, it'll route things through there. If it's on cellular, it'll take care of things itself when you're out and about and need to call. There's also Wi-Fi Calling, a feature you can use if your carrier supports it.

To enable Wi-Fi Calling, head over to Settings on your iPhone:

1) Click Phone.
2) Tap Wi-Fi Calling.
3) Turn on both Wi-Fi Calling and Add Wi-Fi Calling for other devices.

Now head over to the Watch app.

1) Tap My Watch.
2) Click on Phone.
3) Turn on Wi-Fi Calls.

Congratulations, you're all ready to make calls on your Apple Watch.

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