How to change the Move goal on Apple Watch

A guide to upping (or lowering) the activity stakes on your smartwatch
How to change your Move goal on Apple Watch
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The Apple Watch is a brilliant smartwatch and just one of the reasons it's a cut above the rest is that it does a pretty formidable job as a fitness tracker.

If you already own one of Apple's smartwatches, you're probably already familiar with trying to close those rings. If you don't know the ins and outs of tracking steps and more from your Watch, definitely take a look out our in-depth guide to the Apple Watch Activity and Workout apps.

But back to those rings. Those three rings reflect how active you've been during the day. The blue ring (Stand ring) is all about getting off your butt and walking around for a bit every hour of the day. The green ring (Exercise ring) shows whether you've hit 30 minutes of exercise for the day. The red ring is your Move ring. This is all about active calories you've burned during the day. Those are calories that you burn from moving around. Think of it as reflecting your step count for the day.

Viewing your progress is easily done. Simply open the Activity app on your Apple Watch and you'll see how close you are to closing those rings. If you're starting to notice that you are closing those rings with ease or that actually you're finding it a struggle to complete those goals, there is a way to adjust your Move, Stand and Exercise goal. Here's how you do it.

How to change your Move goal on Apple Watch

How to change your Move goal on your Apple Watch

  • On your Apple Watch, press on the digital crown (physical button on the side) to launch the app drawer
  • Tap the Activity app (It's the one with the rings) to open up and view your rings
  • On the screen displaying your rings, press down firmly on the screen to reveal options to view Weekly Summary or Change Move Goal
  • Tap the Change Move Goal option and you'll launch a screen that will show you your current Move goal represented by number. This is your active calorie number.
  • Tapping either the + or - beside that number will let you increase or decrease that active calorie number
  • Tap Update and the new Move goal will now be saved

How to change your Exercise goal on Apple Watch

If you want to change your exercise goal, well, you can't. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow you to do that. While it doesn't explicitly explain why you're unable to, it's likely to do with that goal of hitting 30 minutes of exercise a day being in line with the World Health Organization's recommendation for daily physical activity.

How to change your Stand goal on Apple Watch

It's a similar story as your exercise goal we're afraid. Apple doesn't allow you to adjust your Stand goal as it (ahem) stands. Again, Apple doesn't offer an explanation, so for now, you'll need to continue trying to stand and move around for at least 1 minute during 12 different hours in the day to close this ring.

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