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Updated: Yo can now change Exercise and Stand goals as well
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If you want to use your Apple Watch to get more exercise and be healthier, closing your rings is a good place to start.

Since the first Apple Watch, the Move, Exercise, and Stand rings have been a constant. Close them, and you're on your way to a healthier life.

But goals that are either too hard or too easy, are demotivating. So you must get these right – and then you can work on improving them over time.

Update: Apple used to only allow you to change the Move goal, which is active calories burned throughout the day. But now you can change the Exercise and Stand goals, too. 

Read on for how:

How to change your Move goal on Apple Watch

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1. On your Apple Watch, press on the digital crown to launch the app drawer

2. Tap the Activity app (It's the one with the rings) to open up and view your rings

3. On the screen displaying your rings, there's a button in the bottom-right showing (-+). Tap this.

4. Tap the Change Move Goal option and you'll launch a screen that will show you your current Move goal represented by a number. This is your active calorie number.

5. Tapping either the + or - beside that number will let you increase or decrease that active calorie number.

6. Tap Set and the new Move goal will now be saved.

How to change your Exercise goal on Apple Watch

In the old days, you couldn't change your Exercise goal away from the WHO's recommendation of 30 minutes per day. But now you can.

Use the digital crown to flick down to the green Exercise ring and hit that (-+) again.

Now change the amount of minutes and press Set. Do remember that 30 minutes is the WHO guidance so do try and work up to it, if you can.

How to change your Stand goal on Apple Watch

You can now also change your Stand goal too. Repeat the steps above but for the blue Stand ring.

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