Apple's colorful Spring 2018 band collection sports new designs

Celebrate spring in style
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Spring means new love, blooming flowers, and the hope of something new (plus splashing that cash on allergy medication). For some of us though, it also means the Apple Watch Spring Watch band collection hits store shelves.

Apple usually just drops a batch of new colors and calls it a day, but this year it's going a step beyond with a new design for the woven nylon strap. Rather than the criss-crossy design that the woven nylon strap currently sports, Apple has gone to a more traditional striped pattern.

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It'll come in four colors: black stripe, blue stripe, gray stripe and pink stripe (it almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss rhyme). The sport band will be arriving in what Apple refers to as denim blue, lemonade and red raspberry. The Series 3 will also come in a new configuration: space gray aluminum with a black sport loop.

Speaking of the sport loop, you can get that in flash light (which is a yellow), hot pink, marine green and Tahoe blue. The Nike Sport Loop, by the way, is now available for purchase separately from the Apple Watch Nike+ Edition, and will come in black/pure platinum, bright crimson/black, cargo khaki, midnight fog and pearl pink.

The regular Nike Sport band will gain rose/pearl pink, black/white and cargo khaki/black. The new Nike+ configuration is a space gray aluminum case with midnight fog Sport Loop.

If you're looking for something a little more fancy, the classic buckle will be available in spring yellow, electric blue, and soft pink. But what if you're looking for something really, really fancy? Maybe something that sounds a little French?

You're in luck, as Apple Watch Hermès is gaining new leather bands that sport contrasting colors. Both the Double Tour and Single Tour Rallye come in either indigo with a brown underside or a white blanc with a brown underside.

All of the bands will be available later this month. The nylon, sport, sport loop and Nike sport loop are available for while the classic buckle is . The Hermès bands will set you back for the Double Tour and for the Single Tour.

Apple's colorful Spring 2018 band collection sports new designs

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