Some Apple Watch Series 5 models will ship with a free Sport band

More expensive new Watches will come with a silicone band in the box
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Anyone that buys a ceramic or titanium model of the Apple Watch Series 5 will get a small bonus in the form of a free Sport band.

Orders will come with a free Sport band in the box, which will also be color-matched to the watch you're buying. The Sports bands normally cost , so that's a nice bonus for new Series 5 owners.

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Apple's latest smartwatch is the first it's made with a titanium casing. It also revives the older option of a ceramic design, although both come at a relatively steep price compared to the more typical aluminum or stainless steel options.

The standard Series 5 starts from , while the titanium model starts at . The ceramic option is even pricier, beginning at , so it looks like Apple has decided to soften that blow a bit by throwing in that extra band.

It's worth clarifying, though, that the bands thrown in are of the soft silicone variety, not the Sport Loop woven options that we're particularly partial to. Still, the silicone is ideal for keeping your bands clean during and after exercise, so is nothing to sniff at all.

The Series 5 will officially go on sale on 20 September and will replace the now retired Series 4 in the Apple Store. The new Watch doesn't make radical changes, though does now offer an always-on display option, a compass and all of the new software goodies included in watchOS 6.

What doesn't change are the kind of straps that the Series 5 works with. If you've already got a collection of bands from an earlier watch model, you'll be able to use them with any of the new Watch models available.

If you're deliberating over a new choice of band, though, we've got a full guide to help you pick an Apple Watch strap without spending Apple big bucks too.

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