Week in wearable: Apple's glucose tracking Watch and the big year in review

What went down over the last seven days
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What day is it again? The past week has been a bit on the quiet side for all things wearables but there's still been a few stories to get our teeth into.

With CES 2018 on the horizon too, we're already starting to see the first round of announcements and new tech that we'll be getting our hands on during the Las Vegas tech expo.

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So what has gone down this week? Here's our round-up of the big news.

Apple's glucose tracking Watch ambitions

Week in wearable: Apple's glucose tracking Watch and the big year in review

If you're holding out for Apple to build the tech that can non-invasively track glucose from its smartwatch, it seems you could be waiting for a while. A report this week revealed that while Apple is continuing its research into noninvasive glucose trackers, the prospect of it popping up inside an Apple Watch could be years away. The report also revealed that it was in fact Steve Jobs who authorised the research as he managed diabetes while fighting pancreatic cancer.

Garmin's new fitness tracker unveiled

Week in wearable: Apple's glucose tracking Watch and the big year in review

Garmin decided Boxing Day was the ideal time to unveil the Vivofit 4, a feature-packed fitness tracker with an impressive year of battery life. Other specs to look out in the Vivofit 3 successor include an improved color display, Move IQ support, automatic exercise detection and something Garmin calls Toe-to-Toe, which will let you compete in a step challenge with your Vivofit Jr.2-owning son or daughter.

The year in review

Week in wearable: Apple's glucose tracking Watch and the big year in review

Okay, so it's not new news, but with 2017 drawing to a close we thought it was a good time to look back at the big stories from the last twelve months. We started things off with a big year for AR and VR, then turned our attention to an eventful 2017 for smartwatches before looking at the the wearables that tried to keep us fit. Now roll on 2018. There's going to be plenty of new launches and innovative tech to get excited about.

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