Apple's wearables, home and accessories division is now a Fortune 200 company

The company's Q3 earnings call reveals Apple Watch and AirPods' success
Apple reports impressive wearables growth
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The latest earnings report from Apple has offered another resounding vote of confidence in its wearables business.

In a call discussing the company's third-quarter results, Tim Cook confirmed that wearables, accessories and home technology brought in more revenue than the iPad division, with growth in the wearables division exceeding 50% year-on-year.

All in all, wearables, home and accessories brought in revenue of over $5.5 billion. Interestingly, Cook boasted that this division of the company, on its own, is the size of a Fortune 200 company. Remember, Apple told us the wearables business was equivalent to a Fortune 300 member back in February.

The Apple Watch broke its own record for performance in a third quarter, and Apple confirmed that, of all watch purchases, 75% were from first time buyers. Cook also noted that AirPods continued to enjoy massive demand - something that's evidenced by any street you walk down in London or San Francisco.

The earnings call even featured a small parting shot from Tim Cook regarding Apple's decision to stick with wearables where "others didn't".

To be fair, directly after a blowout quarter for the business does seem like a good time to be self-congratulatory.