Hit the gym: Everything you need to know about Apple GymKit

When can you expect to tap and sync, and with what?
Apple's GymKit explored

watchOS 4 is landing on the 19 September and with it it's bringing something called GymKit. Announced at WWDC 2017 earlier this year, the fitness-focused feature is all about taking your Apple Watch, whether that's a Series 2 or the new Apple Watch Series 3 and using the built-in NFC chip for something other than Apple Pay.

Basically, you'll be able to tap your Apple Watch to a compatible piece of gym equipment, sharing a whole bunch of information between the two devices and allowing you to get a more detailed, accurate look at your workouts.

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So what equipment will it work on at the gym? When will gyms receive these equipment? What information is being shared? Come, my gym-loving friends, let's find out together.

Tap and sync

GymKit explored: The ultimate guide to when and what equipment you can sync with your Apple Watch

So this is how GymKit is going to work. Cardio equipment inside gyms and fitness clubs will start being equipped with NFC readers that can talk to your Apple Watch. When you tap your Watch to the NFC reader, they'll sync data. Your Watch will send the equipment your heart rate, while your equipment will send over the workout data. Together, they'll be able to give you a more accurate picture of how you're working out.

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For their part, manufacturers like Life Fitness are pretty excited about making using their equipment much easier. "There are over 700 million workouts per year on our cardio machines across the globe, and we know that exercisers want personalized workouts with easy data tracking," Life Fitness president Jaime Irick said in a statement sent to Wareable.

A lot of that excitement may be derived from the fact that manufacturers have tried this before in a couple different ways. Life Fitness, for example, has the LFConnect app, which allows you to sync your iPhone or Android to its gym equipment. You'll get all your workout information, and you can even combine it with outdoor workouts if you'd like. Similarly, TechnoGym has its Mywellness ecosystem and compatible app.

And then there's wearable compatibility. Garmin has been the leader here, using ANT+, a wireless technology that lets devices speak to each other, to connect to several pieces of gym equipment. There are only three compatible brands, however: Star Trac, Nautilus and Woodway, and a handful of compatible fitness centers, like Equinox and the YMCA of Greater Kansas City.

The compatible equipment

GymKit explored: The ultimate guide to when and what equipment you can sync with your Apple Watch

While Garmin's lineup of compatible devices is fairly thin, Apple has managed to wrangle up the biggest gym equipment manufacturers in the world to support GymKit. They ship 80% of the gym equipment used in gyms, and include the likes of TechnoGym and Matrix Fitness, in addition to Life Fitness and Core Health and Fitness, who include well-known brands like Cybex, SCIFIT, StairMaster, Star Trac, Schwinn and Nautilus in their portfolios.

The first GymKit-compatible equipment will start rolling out this month alongside watchOS 4. Core Health and Fitness says it'll add GymKit compatibly to its OpenHub series of cardio consoles for its Star Trac, StairMaster machines, as well as its Schwinn cycling equipment.

Life Fitness will be rolling out compatibly with its Elevation Series cardio line, which includes ellipticals, treadmills, stair machines, and cycles. Specifically, it'll come with the Discover SE3 HD consoles. Only the Life Fitness-branded machines will be GymKit compatible at the start. Other machines in the brand, like those from Cybex and SCIFIT, will arrive in the future.

Matrix Fitness will add Apple Watch compatibility to its 7xi and 7xe consoles, which are used for treadmills, ascent trainers, ellipticals, climb mills, and upright, recumbent and hybrid exercise bikes. TechnoGym, on the other hand, says it'll roll out compatibility to "favorite equipment", which'll include treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes and stair steppers.

In the gym

GymKit explored: The ultimate guide to when and what equipment you can sync with your Apple Watch

Once watchOS 4 is rolled out and gym equipment has compatibility ready and waiting for your taps, there's still the issue of actually rolling the machines out to places where people go to workout.

Because gyms would need to replace their older equipment - whether it be consoles or full machines - with brand new equipment, it could take a while for Apple Watch-compatible machines to make its way into your local gym. Thus far, gyms have been non-specific about when you can expect new equipment to hit your gym.

An Equinox representative, for instance, told Wareable, the gym is aware of the technology and plans to utilize it in the "near future." Other major gym chains in the US, like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness, have not yet responded as to when users can expect new equipment rollouts to begin. Gyms typically change up cardio equipment every couple of years, but it's unclear whether they would break their cycle for Apple and gym manufacturers itching to get Watch users in the habit of syncing their workouts.

As we get closer to official rollout, and gym chains start finalizing their rollout plans - if they have any - we'll make sure to update this story with all the information you need to know.

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