Google makes it easier to manage calls and messages on Wear watches

Updated Wear OS Phone app also gets a UI revamp
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While we might have to wait until later in the year for new Wear smartwatches to drop, Google is focusing on improving its existing watches and the latest improvements come in the shape of a new-look UI for its Phone app and the addition of quick replies.

An updated version of the Wear OS Phone app, which is different from the Wear OS app (we know, confusing), is now live on the Google Play Store and is compatible with Wear smartwatches running Android 8.0 Oreo or later. That watch doesn't need to necessarily have cellular connectivity to make use of some of the new features either.

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Along with a new scrolling vertical interface to make it easier to locate items like the dialling pad, call history, contacts and make calls (if your watch has LTE support), you can now fire a quick reply to SMS messages with preset options like, "I will call you right back" and "Can't talk right now. What's up?" among the options included.

Google makes it easier to manage calls and messages on Wear watches

It's definitely a handy addition if you want to keep interactions with your smartwatch minimal and don't fancy taking calls from the wrist if you have a Wear watch packing microphones and speakers.

In recent weeks, Google has focused on making small improvements to its smartwatch platform. Along with making its Google Assistant smarter with actions it followed up by bringing an 'enhanced' battery saver mode to keep you away from that smartwatch charger for a little longer. We also know that Qualcomm is planning to launch new smartwatch chips for later in 2018 that Google will be hoping gives its smartwatches a much needed boost.

As mentioned, the Wear OS Phone app is available to download now from the Google Play Store if you fancy raising your phone call game.

Have you downloaded the new Wear OS Phone app? Do you like the changes? Let us know in the comments section below.

Google makes it easier to manage calls and messages on Wear watches

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