TicWatch Pro is now better at tracking your sleep with new TicSleep app

New app rolling out for all Pro models first
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Mobvoi have launched a new app for its Wear OS-powered smartwatch that's all about sleep tracking.

The TicSleep app activates sleep tracking automatically, without requiring users to turn it on each night, or off in the morning.

The new app works across all versions of the TicWatch Pro, including the newer LTE-enabled model, but does require you to download the app manually.

Mobvoi says that the app uses AI to determine when you're sleeping, to activate automatic sleep tracking without any button presses. The TicWatch Pro's sensors can then give you information about your sleep cycles and heart rate during sleep.

The watch face view for the app allows you to review the previous night's sleep time, and to compare that time to your weekly average, too. Plus you'll be able to review your heart rate on your wrist.

Usefully, you can also use the app to set a wakeup time, prompting the TicSleep app to wake you up using subtle vibrations when you're in a light sleep phase, which could make for easier wakeup routines.

Of course, you can also use the app on your phone to review historic sleep data and to track changes over time.

Battery life is one of the big obstacles for sleep tracking using a smartwatch, though. When we tested the TicWatch Pro we typically got between one and two days' use out of it, which means it could get you through the night if you wear it continuously, leaving you to charge it at some other point.

That is far from exceptional battery performance, though, so it will be interesting to see how monitoring throughout the night hits it.

You can download the TicSleep app now from the Google Play Store here, provided you've got a Bluetooth or 4G/LTE TicWatch Pro to load it onto.

Mobvoi says it will roll out first to the Pro, which may indicate that it'll have plans to have it supported on its other watches too.

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