TicWatch Pro 3 will get new Wear OS built by Google and Samsung

It sounds like current Wear watches will get that Google and Samsung OS mash-up
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TicWatch Pro 3 owners will be happy to hear that it sounds like the Wear OS smartwatch will receive the big new version of Google's smartwatch OS that's being built with Samsung.

That's according to one Reddit user who shared an email from Mobvoi's support team that says the "TicWatch Pro 3 will be updated to Wear OS 3.0 in the future".

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We reached out to get a response from Mobvoi directly, but couldn't be given an official line on whether this would or would not be the case for its top end smartwatch.

If that Mobvoi support team response is accurate, then it would be the first of the hardware makers to confirm an existing smartwatch can run the unified operating system that will see Wear OS merged with Samsung's Tizen operating system and also bring Fitbit's fitness tracking features into play.

It comes as Fossil, who has a vast range of Wear watches from the likes of Michael Kors and Diesel, confirmed that current Fossil smartwatches won't get the new Wear OS.

Other Wear OS watch makers like Casio, Oppo, Suunto, Montblanc and LVMH who make Tag Heuer and Louis Vuitton smartwatches have yet to confirm whether its current watches will receive the new version of Wear OS.

It may well end up that few watches will be able to support it and it may boil down to hardware limitations. The TicWatch Pro 3 does have more powerful internals than most watches as it's the the only high profile watch that's powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor. That new chipset offered and delivered performance improvements on the Pro 3 including beefing up battery life.

We will of course be more certain this is happening for the Pro 3 when Mobvoi decides to more publicly confirm or deny that its flagship smartwatch will get the new Wear treatment. Until then, it's a little glimmer of hope for other current Wear watch owners wondering if they'll miss out on all of those new software goodies.


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