Wear OS smartwatches will help you relax thanks to a new Google Fit feature

New features for Fit smartwatch and phone app start rolling out
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Google has announced some new features for its Google Fit app with Wear OS smartwatch owners set to get a new guided breathing app to help you battle those more stressful parts of the day.

Sounding a lot like the guided breathing features already available to Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch owners, Google hasn't shown off how this app will look, but we fully expect it work in the same way.

So using visual cues and the vibration motor packed into your smartwatch to take you breathing exercises and possibly measuring heart rate if your Wear watch has an HR monitor.

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In addition a guided breathing app, Google is also bringing new Fit features to the phone app letting you add a Google Fit widget to your home screen.

So you can view your Heart Points, Move Points and additional activity tracking metrics without having to launch the app or checking in on your notification tray. If you're wondering what Move Points and Heart Points are, these are the new metrics Google introduced in a bid to simplify the process of getting fit.

On the topic of heart rate, Google is also adding the ability to log a more accurate description of your intensity levels when you manually log an activity. Under each session in the Fit app you'll be able to swipe on a slider to indicate how hard you felt you worked in your session.

The new features follow a pretty radical makeover of Google Fit, which in the past has been a bit of mix bag as far as tracking your health and fitness. The new look and more simplified metrics has definitely helped to make it a more helpful platform to make use of. We're particularly big fans of the watch face that pulls through all of your metrics.

The new features haves started to roll out to compatible Wear OS watches Android phones from now. So hold tight if the updated version of the app doesn't show up in Google Play Store right away for you.

Wear OS smartwatches will help you relax thanks to a new Google Fit feature

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