Facer is getting high-end watch brands to make Android Wear classier

The new mixes with the old
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Facer is one of the slickest and most popular watch face apps out there, providing a lot of fun watch face options from big brands. Now, with Facer 4.0, the company is hoping to get into the high-end game that companies like Fossil are playing with smartwatch faces.

So say hello to the Watchmaker Series, a new partnership between Facer and traditional watchmaker brands to recreate real watch faces digitally. The initial batch of brands includes Maurice Lacroix, ArtyA, Snyper Watches, MVMT, Manufaktur Waldhoff, and VAER Watches. Facer says there are 16 watch faces from these companies launching today, with more on the way in the future.

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Facer found that about 80% of its users still wear traditional watches for formal occasions. Facer's idea here is to give traditional watchmakers who can't - or don't want to - enter the world of smartwatches a bridge to the new world. People get to "test drive" fancy watch faces digitally, and if they like it maybe they'll go and get the real thing. Or, well, that's how Facer and the watchmakers hope it'll go.

With all these new brands in the fold, Facer is also beefing up its platform to make it easier to see who's legit and who's amateur with verified accounts. There's also a new look that makes the watch brands and, by extension, their designs look better and more fancy. You'll get better looks at these watch faces, too, with a carousel of images and video. If you want to see what the watch face will look like full screen, you can do that too.

Finally, you can also take photos of your Facer-watch adorned smartwatch right from within the app. Oh, and if you're a Facer partner you'll get access to analytics and "Brand Protector", which makes sure your watch faces aren't infringing on any copyrights or trademarks.

All in all, Facer 4.0 seems to be taking the company from a platform of watch faces created by fans and amateurs to actual watch makers who want to step their toe into the smartwatch pool. The Facer platform is growing up.


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