Diesel On Full Guard first look: Giving Android Wear a bit of swagger

IFA 2017: We look at the fashion brand's bulky offering
Diesel On Full Guard first look

After initially announcing its foray into the Android Wear 2.0 party back at Baselworld, the Diesel On Full Guard smartwatch is coming close to appearing on wrists.

Not only are certain variations of the device now available for pre-sale, but the rest are also set to land over the next couple of months. Of course, this is purely cosmetic and relates to changes with the straps and cases, as Android Wear is running the entire show in the background.

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But how does it feel when sitting on the wrist? Well, we were on hand at the Fossil stand at IFA 2017 — which is showcasing its avalanche of upcoming watches — to try on the Diesel On Full Guard and get some initial impressions.

Diesel On Full Guard: Design

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Taking its first Android Wear device for a spin

As is the case with this and the rest of the devices falling under the Fossil Group umbrella, looks are very much a priority. Chiefly because these are fashion brands we're dealing with, but also because it's what helps them stand out from the every-growing crowd.

And with Full Guard, what you're getting is a bulky smartwatch that still manages to remain stylish. This certainly doesn't feel clunky on the wrist in the same way a more sporty smartwatch behemoth can, and the build quality is also typically strong without feeling overdone.

When trying on the device, we opted for the brown leather band with the black finish. However, there's a range of other cases - gray, black, gold, black with silver lugs - and other bands, too, coming in black leather, black metal and gold metal. We found the leather band to be a little hard to get on around the wrist, and even harder to get through the clasp, but we imagine much of this is down to the strap being fresh.

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Taking its first Android Wear device for a spin

The pushers, as Fossil is calling the two buttons either side of the crown, can feel a little loose when using them to cycle through the watch, but generally this is something that will go unnoticed.

The same can't be said of the screen, though. While Fossil Group still hasn't released specs for the AMOLED display, it does feel a lot cleaner on the wrist than Android Wear devices we've seen throughout the year, such as the Huawei Watch 2.

As for the insides, the watches all run on a Qualcomm 2100 Snapdragon processor, though we didn't get chance to check out the fun aspects Diesel has cooked into Android Wear. Through its T-ON-I app, the fashion brand is working in some personalised gimmicks which should help it separate from the rest of Fossil's Android Wear selection.

Diesel On Full Guard: Initial Verdict

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Taking its first Android Wear device for a spin

Although we can't speak to the software smarts that Diesel has running through Android Wear, this is set to be a fairly standard affair save for the personalised app. Ultimately, the main reason people will be looking to this device is for the Diesel brand - the software is simply a bonus on top of a smart looking watch that conceals itself nicely as a traditional timepiece.

So if you're in the market for a watch with a bit of swagger running Android Wear, the Diesel On Full Guard would appear prime to do the trick.

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