Xiaomi Mi Band 2: All you need to know

Next-gen tracker with OLED display goes on sale
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 ultimate guide

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is now official, and continues the Chinese company's tradition of super cheap fitness tracking.

The Mi Band 2 introduces a screen for the first time in Xiaomi history, and also debuts smartwatch style notifications. Xiaomi shifted over 10 million Mi Band fitness trackers in the first nine months of 2015 and sits in third place to only Apple and Fitbit in the wearable tech space.

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With Xiaomi's super competitive pricing enabling it to take on the likes of Apple and Fitbit, it's set to be one of the most anticipated devices of 2016. Read on for everything you need to know.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Design

The 24/7 activity tracker features a 0.42-inch OLED screen that's covered by scratch resistant glass and an anti-fingerprint coating for that extra layer of protection.

That's joined by a single physical button just below the display, which enables you scroll through three different screens. Those are time, steps and heart rate information, for the record. The only missing metric is that there's no screen dedicated to distance.

Xiaomi claims the silicone strap holding the screen in place is made from a more breathable, anti-sweat material and will be available in black, orange, green and blue colours.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Features

The Mi Band 2 has been slapped with an IP67 water and dust-resistance certification, which means you can wear it in the shower and it's okay to get a little splash of water when you're washing the dishes or your hands.

As far as tracking goes, you still get an optical heart rate monitor that Xiaomi claims will offer improved accuracy over the previous Mi Band Pulse. A new pedometer algorithm coupled with ultra low power accelerometers is also designed to deliver improvements to step tracking.

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Of course, sleep tracking is still a key feature, breaking down your deep sleep and light sleep patterns.

A built-in vibration motor also means the introduction of inactivity alerts, giving you buzz when you've been sitting too long at your desk.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2
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With the addition of a display, you do get some smartphone notification love here as well. The Mi Band 2 will vibrate for incoming calls and texts. It's pretty basic, but that's no real surprise here. Like its predecessor, the Mi Band 2 can be used to unlock a selection of Android smartphones.

The Mi Fit app has been given a makeover introducing a new-look user interface, and adding more ways to drill into your data. It'll work with Android phones running 4.4 or later and iPhones running iOS 7.0 and above.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Battery life

In terms of battery life, the Mi Band 2 packs a 70mAh battery that can deliver up to 20 days on standby. That sounds an impressive number, but as we found testing the Mi Band Pulse, we'll reserve judgement until we've had some time to try it out.

Notifications and activity will take a chunk out of that figure, and we'll need to see in excess of five days for it to keep up with the likes of the Garmin Vivosmart HR.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Availability and price

At present the Mi Band 2 is only officially on sale in China for 149Yuan.

It did the same with the original Mi Band, but there's no problem picking one up from a reseller regardless of where you reside. Geekbuying has the Mi Band 2 at $39.99 while on Amazon you can pick one up for about $55.

For comparison, in early 2016 the Mi Band Pulse went on sale, packing an optical heart rate sensor, for 99Yuan; that's about $16. It's not officially on sale outside of China yet - but you can grab one on Amazon for $23.99. So those prices kind of check out.

We're currently awaiting a sample of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for a full and in-depth review.

This won't be the only wearable we're expecting to see from Xiaomi this year. Earlier this month Huang Wang, the CEO of manufacturer Huami - which works with Xiaomi - let slip that a Mi smartwatch will be launching in the next couple of months. We're expecting details in early June.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Wareable may get a commission


  • fb_fikri says:

    Can't wait to have it. Hopefully, the band will be launched soon.. May perhaps.

  • PeteScoff says:

    I've seen it on sale on Geekbuying already. It's about $46. Not too bad!

    • Teloa says:

      Compared to the chinese prices, it's a small furtune, and it doesn't even go to the Xiaomi company, nor the workers. It only goes in to re retail company!

  • ArcticMattis says:

    I have the MiBand Pulse, and I'm super happy. I have 2 alarms, notifications, sleep monitoring and still I charge only every 30 days. The ONLY issue is that it is really small. Had to buy a fake rubber band, and still only able to use the outermost hole.

  • WearableReview says:

    I think they've got it wrong!

    The orientation of the numbers on the images suggests the screen will be very small.  So you won't be able to read a message on it - just view a couple of digits.  The device looks a bit clumpy and half-arsed design wise. The Mi Band is a simple and classic design - they've produced something pretty ugly I think and they've missed out on the increasing use of wearables for receiving (and reading) notifications.

    Not impressed by what I've seen - maybe the delay is to redesign it - I hope so!!

    • Sid2893 says:

      it is a fitness band. not a smartwatch.

    • Ahmedalfarsi says:

      I have similar to this with same screen 

      I can say it's big enough to see the general things

      Otherwise you got big colored screen and works only 2-4 days only

      This Xiaomi Mi Band 2 remains 30days

  • tamiepryor says:

    I need to buy a band and I was waiting for this one. If it take much longer I'll have to buy another brand. 

    • darkloverguy says:

      As if we care 

      • tamiepryor says:

        Clearly you have some kind of mental disorder. Perhaps your caretakers should monitor your computer time. 

        • dinki says:

          well said.

      • nonetest says:

        well said... I don't know why people feel the need to come online and tell people there life story.

        who cares?!

  • drfredrick says:

    [the mi band 1 was priced nearly $15]

    if Mi band 2  is priced above $15  very few will buy it there are many good fitness bands in market why any one will buy miband2 if its costly.

  • juggleandhope says:

    Does the software allow comparison between other members of a group?

  • Razkls says:

    price compare - http://chinaprices.pl/product/xiaomi-mi-band-2/ Lowest price $31.68 !!

    • Crash says:

      thx, now 29.99

    • Fredlik says:

      thx, now 29.49

  • Jank says:

    Here is the best price at the moment:

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2

    • Fhernal_Kazee says:

      Is Ali Express reliable? I've never heard of it.

  • cyryjl says:

    It is already pre sale here ,largest Chinese webshop


  • cyryjl says:

    Have already presale here ,Chinese best online shop yesterday ,and it is soooo popular http://www.gearbest.com/smart-watches/pp_362705.html?utm_source=gb&utm_medium=chlmbi&utm_campaign=chlmb

    • Mario says:

      q asco gearbest, si quieres perder dinero, compra desde gearbest

  • sunnyandyang says:

    You can find latest news from this FB group


  • VitaminCeCe says:

    Do you think it would look goofy next to an Apple Watch on the same wrist? I was thinking of getting something that does sleep tracking since the Apple Watch's battery doesn't last long enough for that. 

    I was looking at the Mistfit Ray too but this is so inexpensive it seems like it could be good--thoughts from anyone who has owned the original Mi Band?

  • maxfrance says:

    I own the original MiBand, which was less than $ 20 at the time.

    The coolest tech gadget so far, for the same amount of a pizza and a beer; reliable, pretty accurate and well built.

    The only drawback, aside for poor HRM accuracy of v.1S (I also own), is that the most useful feature (IMHO) is the different colour LED notification, which is no more available.

    I guess this could give the new band more appeal; sure the price is a real bargain anyway !

  • awalla says:

    Can you see continues hear rate?

    Can you see continues hear rate using the Mi APP?

    • cherryliao94 says:

      yes,this is functions of Miband2,I Have buy it in Tinydeal...

    • GeoFan says:

      No.  The current Mi Fit app will not give continuous HR. There is a 3rd party app MI HR that can do it on iOS. 

    • GeoFan says:

      Not continuous heart rate in the Mi Fit app, FOR NOW. 

      Must add on and use the Mi HR app for continuous HR. 

      Mi Heart rate continuous monitoring - be fit by Hubert Wilczynski

      Enable heart rate zones in the MI HR app on iOS for continuous HR. 

  • LIASANG says:

    I saw that mi band 2 had stock now in TinyDeal.com, sold only $ 38.59. Not bad!

  • celinemartin says:

     Xiaomi has not announced any release date or price in Europe, but i have bought a few days ago  online, yesterday, the seller has shipped! there is the site: http://www.tinydeal.com/xiaomi-miband-2-touch-key-screen-call-reminder-heart-rate-monitor-px3bc3c-p-159061.html

  • celinemartin says:

    Xiaomi has not announced any release date or price in Europe, but i have bought a few days ago online, yesterday, the seller has shipped! there is the site: http://www.tinydeal.com/xiaomi-miband-2-touch-key-screen-call-reminder-heart-rate-monitor-px3bc3c-p-159061.html

  • fb_203701190028 says:

    I have bought a xiaomi miband2 from tinydeal.com, this bracelet unexpectedly surprised me with simple , elegant , beautiful appearance. it is amazing it is inatalled with full-featured functions, moreover, the fast delivery, product intact also impressed me , and I has introduced a friend to go tinydela, because the company's products are really good.

    • vpnprasad says:

      Can we set this to display time all the time with out pressing any button? I am looking for watch which display time first and then followed by its fitness or smartness. Appreciate your reply.

      • dddd says:

        You can enable an option that will show time when you look at the band (when you make a wrist gesture). But there is no option to display time all the time.

      • teenamarie says:

        The Lycos Life band has all the features you're looking for - has a display that shows you the time and consecutive tapping reveals your fitness information. Its a smart band that tracks your sleep, fitness, HR/EKG, has activity alerts, has a secure Password manager and NFC feature


  • fb_203701190028 says:

    I have bought a xiaomi miband2 from tinydeal, this bracelet unexpectedly surprised me with simple , elegant and beautiful appearance.Moreover, the fast delivery, product intact also impressed me , and I has introduced a friend to go tinydela, because the products in tinydeal are really brilliant.

  • cherryliao94 says:

    I'm very happy to hear this news, and I can't wait to have it so buy Miband2 in Tinydeal, it's not expensive in Tinydeal>>>http://www.tinydeal.com/xiaomi-miband-2-touch-key-screen-call-reminder-heart-rate-monitor-px3bcsa-p-159061.html

  • VitaminCeCe says:

    Jawbone Up3 does pretty much all the same stuff and is on sale for $66 on Amazon... Better app right?

  • Kristine says:

    I have buy one in Tinydeal, Not the cheapest, But I received the goods soon。


  • impletion says:

    The article does not mention anything about smart alarm.....

  • jerrypaul says:

    looks nice! i had ordered one, and wait for coming, and bought the screen protector for my band 2 from here: http://vifocal.com/new-high-quality-scratch-proof-screen-protector-film-case-for-xiaomi-mi-band-2-smart-bracelet.html (5 pic only 1.99 usd).

  • PeteScoff says:

    What about this deal: 


    They give you the Mi band 2 plus some accessories.

  • suryakumar says:

    Mi band is good with it's sleek and portable design.

  • PeteScoff says:

    Btw Geekbuying dropped the price to $39.

  • jess says:

    the mi fit 2 will be much better if we can read the txt msg as well as indicate the name of the persons calling

  • maddy says:

    Im trying to make it vibrate with Pokemon Go... but no luck yet. Maybe someone smart can make it happen

  • chetan16x says:

    when will mi band 2 launch in India .And since I have small wrist(6 inch) will it fit in my wrist.

  • Jogo says:


    Just got my Xiaomi Band 2 and i found out that it cannot get my HR.

    I am a black guy and my band cannot get my HR stats. The only way i can get it to work is to put the band at the bottom of my wrist witch means i have to turn my wrist to see the time.

    Not what i was looking for.... 

    Does anyone else have this issue?

  • andygorton says:

    I have found if you have the band too loose on your wrist it doesn't pick up your heat rate

  • Ricardo says:

    Hi, great review! I wonder though, could you (or anyone else) tell me if the device also works without pairing it to a phone? Can  it still display the steps taken on a daily basis or does this only work when connected?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Chri says:

      Yes, it can remember stuff for days without syncing. 

  • Alan69 says:

    Great item, just a shame about the Chinese instructions no English version. purchased 26/9/2016

  • andygorton says:

    We have added english instructions for the mi2 band here 


  • Hans_Khoi says:

    I got 5 mi band 2, 4 of it the OLED display is white in colour, and the other one is green in colour. May I know which is original. Thanks for helping

  • osbjoyce says:

    Who can I contact if I want to make a bulk purchase please?

  • ssahu says:

    Will Mi Band 2 work in Samsung phone J3 having Lollypop android version?

  • ekabuanana says:

    i have bought the new one already. but why mine cant show call notification? please someone help me!!!!

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