Best fitness trackers 2016: Jawbone, Misfit, Fitbit, Garmin and more

Eat, sleep, walk, repeat with these top activity bands
The best fitness tracker

Picking out the best fitness tracker is a mind-bogglingly difficult prospect. It's not just about Fitbit and Jawbone anymore. Now everyone wants a piece of the action.

The right activity tracker for you will be based on your individual needs; whether that's accurate step counting, reliable sleep tracking or 24/7 heart rate tracking. There's definitely something for everyone out there.

The new tech and sensors on the latest bands blur the lines even further. From continuous heart rate monitoring like the tech that's found on the Fitbit Charge HR to smartwatch style notifications, there are a dizzying array of features to choose from.

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Now that we've had our chance to live with the latest new Fitbits, we've completely reworked our round up of the best fitness trackers and added a new at-a-glance feature list to try and make it easier to spot the right band for you.

Got any questions about fitness trackers? Let us know in the comments section below and we'll see if we can lend a helping hand.

Best overall fitness tracker

Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is the company's best looking fitness tracker by a country mile, and while it's not bringing anything groundbreaking to the party, it's proof that Fitbit has not lost touch with what makes a good fitness tracker.

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The new colour display is a step up from the Surge's monochrome affair, the software is easy for beginners to get to grips with and it still delivers good all-round activity tracking stats.

Hardcore fitness lovers will be disappointed by the lack of GPS or a heart rate monitor that's built for intensive training. But if you're looking for something that does what a fitness tracker should do best, it deserves to be top of the pile.

Feature check: Step tracking, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring.

Read our comprehensive Fitbit Blaze review and check out our essential Fitbit Blaze tips and tricks.

$249.99, | Amazon

Best for notifications

Garmin Vivosmart HR

Best fitness tracker

Given the company has now started to incorporate optical technology into its running watches, a heart rate monitoring fitness tracker from Garmin was an inevitability. Add to the bpm metrics a pretty nifty notification feature set and you can understand why we're so enamoured with the latest Vivosmart, which does a sterling job at a decent price.

Accurate steps and sleep, resting heart rate and decent notifications all wrapped up into a comprehensive (and complex) app make it a top alternative to the Fitbit Charge HR.

Feature check: Step and sleep tracking, 24/7 heart rate, smart notifications.

Take a look out our full Garmin Vivosmart HR review.

$149.99, | Amazon

Best for simplicity

Jawbone UP2

Previously our number one fitness tracker, we still think the UP2 is a great option, but as its rivals start to add more cutting-edge features it's found itself knocked off the top spot.

For under $100, it's still one of the best looking trackers that delivers accurate data and pretty much nails the basics. The UP software is extremely easy to use as well, but it's the data insights that really set it apart from the competition.

We'd still recommend this model over the UP3 because, for the money, it offers much better value than its more advanced bigger brother.

If having a screen is a number one fitness tracker priority for you, but you still want to keep things simple, then the Fitbit Alta is worth considering. It's in the same pricing realms as the UP2 and even gives you the option to switch up the straps for a more customised and stylish look.

Feature check: Step tracking, sleep monitoring, smart alarm.

Think this is the one for you? Read our full Jawbone UP2 review. You can also check out our indepth Fitbit Alta review.

$99.99, | Amazon

Best for accuracy

Misfit Shine 2

When the Misfit launched the Shine back in 2012, it proved that you can count your steps from a fitness tracker that didn't look like an ugly piece of plastic around your wrist.

The Shine 2 remains faithful to those features and now adds a redesigned action clip, smartphone notifications and vibration alerts. Also, the battery life pretty much kicks the ass of any of the trackers on this page.

Where it really impresses though is data accuracy. When we put the Shine 2 up against a GPS running watch recently, there was 0.1km difference in the readings. If reliable data is your priority, then this is the one to go for.

Feature check: Step tracking, sleep monitoring, smartphone notifications, waterproof for swim tracking.

Sold on the Shine 2? Check out our full Misfit Shine 2 review.

$99.99, | Amazon

Best for heart rate monitoring

Fitbit Charge HR

best fitness tracker

By using continuous heart rate monitoring the Fitbit Charge HR offers more accurate feedback on your activity and overall health than many of its rivals. The OLED screen will show off your daily stats, as well as caller ID from your smartphone, and the app is brilliant for beginners.

Feature check: Step tracking, sleep monitoring, all-day heart rate tracking, stopwatch mode for workouts, resting heart rate tracked over time.

Read our full Fitbit Charge HR review then check out our top Fitbit Charge HR tips and tricks.

$149.95, | Amazon

Best for sleep tracking

Jawbone UP3

best activity tracker

We talked and Jawbone listened. After receiving mediocre reviews for the Jawbone UP3, the San Francisco company went live with new firmware addressing a number of the key concerns – and automatic sleep tracking is now on offer. That's great news because the UP3 is incredibly in-depth when it comes to tracking your ZZZs. By monitoring a user's bpm, respiration rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response, it can give you your REM, light and deep sleep stats.

Feature check: Heart rate (resting and passive), steps, sleep.

Take a look at our revised Jawbone UP3 review.

$179.99, | Amazon

Best for ecosystem

Under Armour Band

Best fitness tracker

The Under Armour Band didn't exactly blow us away in our recent review, but it shows promise. Yes the screen is terrible and it didn't play nicely with its own UA HealthBox heart rate accessory, but there were upsides. The UA Record app is fantastic, and probably the best place to start recording your health data. If you're willing to put up with a mediocre experience today, you'll reap the benefits in the future.

Feature check: Optical 24/7 heart rate, steps, sleep, workout tracking.

Read our full Under Armour Band review.


Best for running

Microsoft Band 2

Best fitness tracker

Design is what let down the previous Microsoft Band – and while the new device has benefited from a substantial rethink, it's still not the slickest or most comfortable activity tracker to wear. But the spec sheet is streets ahead of most of the activity band brigade, and it's running with GPS connectivity that impresses the most. We tested the Band 2 over several runs, against dedicated GPS running watches, and the biggest discrepancy was 190m on a 10km run.

Feature check: Accurate run tracking, steps, sleep, GPS sports tracking, 24/7 heart rate, golf, notifications.

Read our in-depth Microsoft Band 2 review.

$249.99, | Amazon

Best for swimming

Moov Now

best fitness tracker

Moov Now is a small, round element that you clip into a strap to wear around your leg and pair with a smartphone. The aim of the game is advanced sports training plans, at which it excels, with actionable running, swimming and cycling data aimed at making you better at the sports you love.

The good news is that Moov Now – the second generation product – also works as a daily step and sleep tracker, making it a decent activity band when you're not busting out interval times.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, advanced sports coaching, run/bike tracking.

Want the full verdict? Then read our Moov Now review.

$79.95, | Amazon

Best for a tight budget

Misfit Flash

best fitness tracker

While the Jawbone UP Move we've highlighted further down is a superb budget fitness band, so is its rival the Misfit Flash. Packing the exact same tech as the more expensive Misfit Shine/Swarovski Shine, the plastic Flash tracks steps, sleep and swims extraordinarily well and comes in a vibrant array of colours to suit all tastes.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, long battery life, swim-proof.

Read our Misfit Flash review.

$24.99, | Amazon

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse

Now available outside of China, the Mi Band Pulse is cheap and cheerful, yet somehow manages to pack heart rate monitoring onto the wrist for an astonishing price. Xiaomi has shifted over a million of its bands in China alone, possibly making this the ultimate fitness tracker.

Feature check: HR tracking, steps, sleep, smart alarms, incoming call alerts.

Here's our verdict: Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse review.

$27, | Amazon

Best for multisports

Garmin Vivoactive

best fitness tracker

This everyday sports wearable blends fitness and sports features with reliable notifications in a reasonably priced package. It's not exactly a looker, but don't let that put you off – the Vivoactive uses GPS to accurately track running, cycling and swimming with live pace and distances. It's not perfect – the screen is dull and the sleep tracking is awful – but as an easy to live with sports companion with access to Garmin Connect, this is a brilliant buy.

Feature check: Daily steps, GPS run/bike/golf tracking, notifications.

Check out our full Garmin Vivoactive review and see our first impressions on the Garmin Vivoactive HR.

$249.99, | Amazon

Best for bling

Misfit Swarovski Shine

best fitness tracker

The Swarovski Shine could be the ultimate ladies' fitness tracker. Hidden behind that Swarovski crystal are all the tracking smarts you could ask for, and there's also a range of accessories from bracelets to necklaces. The tracker comes with a sports strap as standard to track running, cycling and swimming.

Swarovski's CEO has teased a solar powered fitness tracker for 2016, offering infinite battery life, plus the purple colour shown above.

Feature check: Daily steps, sleep monitoring and calorie counting.

Find out what it's like to live with in our Swarovski Shine review.


Best for style

Mondaine Helvetica No.1 Smart

best fitness tracker

Mondaine watches are gorgeous and the MotionX tech packed inside the company's first connected timepiece hasn't altered that fact. It's simply stunning, easily the best-looking piece of wrist-based wearable tech that we've come across.

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It could have fallen flat on its face if the fitness tracking aspects weren't up to scratch but Mondaine avoided that embarrassment by enlisting the Silicon Valley experts and, while it's expensive, you're paying for solid Swiss-made quality.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, long battery life.

Find out what it's like to live with in our Mondaine smartwatch review.


Withings Activité

best fitness tracker

Slightly cheaper is a double header of Withings tech. The Withings Activité is the jewel in the wearable crown, packing step counting, distance checking and sleep tracking into a Swiss-made analogue watch that frankly looks glorious. It even comes with a sports strap for the pool, making it as adept for workouts as it is in the boardroom.

A word to the wise: the Withings Activité Steel has just been released, which brings a premium build at a lower price. Well worth considering.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, calories, alarm.

Check out our definitive Withings Activité review.

$349, | Amazon

Withings Activité Pop

best fitness tracker

If you don't fancy splashing out in excess of three hundred notes for a tracker, the Withings Activité Pop could be the answer to your prayers. Packing the same smarts as its big brother, plastic replaces metal and China replaces Switzerland for this bargain tracker that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Feature check: Step counting, sleep tracking.

Find out the Wareable verdict in our Withings Activité Pop review.

$150, | Amazon

Best clip-on activity tracker

Jawbone UP Move

best fitness tracker

Not everyone wants to wear a tracker on their wrist, which is where the Jawbone UP Move comes into its own. Steps and sleep are catered for, and a tap of the button will set it into a dedicated tracking mode, which you can later assign to a dizzying list of sports from running to yoga and Zumba.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, basic sports tracking.

Read all about it in our full Jawbone UP Move review.

$49.99, | Amazon


  • sam says:

    You used a picture of the Fitbit Charge HR for Fitbit Charge. 

    Huge difference between the two. 

    • AnnaBeth says:

      Good call, Sam!  Never hurts to be observant.

      • marc says:

        Do any of these trackers that use computers are compatible with Chromebook, Fitbit isn't

        • liltee89 says:

          you should buy a real computer, then :-D

          • Anonymous123456 says:

            Perhaps you're not smart enough to operate a Chromebook?  Your comment helps no one and there are plenty of people using Chromebooks and Chromeboxes as everyday computers.  It's a legitimate question that I had as well after reading the article.

            • Anonme says:

              Running a chromebook requires next to no intelligence. In fact, the intelligent person would go for MAX COMPATIBILITY, and by that standard, they would choose Windows or iOS, so your statement makes no sense.

              • GTyou says:

                Actually genius, the intelligent person would go for the best option available to them considering all of their needs and factoring in constraints.    As I am one of the intelligent people you claim to be familiar with, I really wish you'd stop speaking for us.  We don't know you.  You're not one of us.

                • dooooop says:

                  an intelligent person would have noticed the big smiley, and not replied so seriously and dickish.

                  • drtwocents says:

                    dooooop, thank you. I was wondering when someone would point out that the comment was made in jest. People seriously love trolling far too much.

                    I do have a question if anyone wants to answer it in a thoughtful and considerate manner, I would love to hear various opinions. I have the Fitbit Charge HR and am really unhappy with it. If it worked as it is supposed to, I think it would be among the best trackers out there. The biggest pro I can see is that the app is exceedingly user friendly. However, many users report cracks in the side, enough to tell me that it's a design flaw. I've seen it on two of my friend's so far, and my daughter's side knob fell off. Fitbit did replace hers, but the others were merely offered a discount on purchasing a new one, regardless of how long they had their Fitbit. I was really looking forward to purchasing the Fitbit Blaze when it came out but my current Charge HR stopped working reliably almost two weeks ago and dealing with Fitbit has been a nightmare, enough to turn me off the company altogether. That leaves me looking at an Apple watch, which I would rather not even though I am definitely an Apple/Mac user, or the Garmin. Does anyone have experience with either of those versus the Charge HR? I was interested in the Blaze because of the added benefits of the touch screen and workouts on the device.

                    • Garminswitcher says:

                      I had a fitbit charge hr that I used for 7 months until i lost it somewhere in New York.i already noticed that it had the tendency to release automatically from its clamp and true enough it fell off from my wrist without me noticing it. Needless to say i was so unhappy about what happened. I liked the mobile app in IOs. 

                      Anyway, I was so close to buying the fitbit Surge had it not been for the bulky sides, it felt too big on my wrist. I check apple watch, apart from the cost the big let down for me is the battery, it only lasts for 18hrs. I dont Feel the need for other features when i have the iphone anyway.

                      My search brought me into this site and this is where I found the review on Garmin VivosmartHR. I bought it at Target just today.  So far so good, i love that i can just swipe through the screen, the notification is a bonus- i still think the fitbit app is better in terms of synchronization and ease of use, but then I only have the garmin app for a day, will se.........

                    • kerry says:

                      If you go on the chat boards at Fitbit, everyone loves theirs - until you get to the Charge HR discussions, then there are many, many unhappy customers.  My first one was a lemon, Fitbit replaced it and it doesn't work much better.  I am currently looking for something else, too.  My problem is that I react to latex so I'm having a tough time finding something with a band I can use.  I wanted to respond to you about the Apple watch, though.  Just to make sure you realize it only takes your pulse every 10 minutes and only if you're not moving your arm.  I've heard it doesn't register if you're below 60 bpm, any of these make it useless for me.  

                      • CRL says:


                        I've read that people are having sucess with applying moleskin to the part of the strap that touches the skin. Hope this helps!


                      • Iamnoone says:

                        I would ask that you re-check that... our Vitality program basically offers Fitbit primarily and over 3 years I can tell you not a single one has lasted a year yet.  They replace if in a year but the last two they gave me did not work and I quote "it is a warranty replacement and does not come with a warranty."  They would not replace the non-working ones they shipped to me.  I have glued together the last two I had from Fitbit for the last time.  Buying something else but not sure what yet.  Garmin due to its water proofing is coming to the top right now.

                        Research outside of the manufacture's website is all I mean by this reply.

                    • RichRob61 says:

                      Give a serious look at the Fossil Q line! The top line combines fashionable watch styles with connected tracking ability and the more moderately priced tracker only devices work extremely well with long battery life and don't look like a rubber band around your wrist.

            • anonymus123456 says:

              Perhaps you need to rethink your position.   The Chromebook is hot garbage and basically a brick with electricity.   Let me know if you need any advice on how to select a real computer.

              • smellll says:

                Chromebooks are affordable web browsing computers that suit so many people's needs. Why all the Chromebook hate?! I have a powerful gaming desktop PC but also needed something portable for word processing and browsing when I'm travelling. There was no point shelling out the money for a more expensive windows laptop as I just don't need all those features, and a Chromebook at £200 is a hell of a lot more stable and reliable than trying to get a low end laptop for that price that will inevitably be much slower as it is running a full OS on low specs. My Chromebook is perfect for my needs, as is the case for so many people. 

          • Mantracker99 says:

            HA Ha Ha!

          • Anonymous1 says:

            and this contributes to the question/discussion how?  you are dismissed...

            • GermanSheppard says:

              Why don't you leave this conversation or agree with people's biases. That's plain rude Anonymous1. 

          • tcollins says:

            REALLY!!?? That was down right RUDE!!! I was a good question that I am sure others have had as well. If you are so my much better than everyone, why don't you purchase them a new computer or GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE!!! No one should be made to feel stupid for asking a question. You are only stupid for NOT ASKING the question to better ones' self.

            • Sparky says:

              Well,that escalated quickly!!

            • kryanth says:

              Pair the fitbit with your phone (I'm using android/bluetooth) to do the data xfer, and just use the chromebook to charge it. Another option might be to use ARCWielder to run the android app on Chrome (YMMV) (untested by me, but hey its worked for other things and it only needs to talk to the the bluetooth and the internet!) 

        • GreatG says:

          know how u feel use your phone

        • coldclimber says:

          Yeh fitbit does not work on Windows 10, I bought the Surge yesterday could not get it to even start could not connect with samsung s5 spent 5 hours working with it gave up and sent it back for a full refund, I have heard alot of bad stories about Fitbit stopping working/connecting to devises etc stay well clear.

    • JHW says:

      I don't see any mention of Life Trk. I am particuliary interested in the C400 model since it's only about $65 and has heart rate without wearing a chest band. I am 65 and go to the gym everyday and play softball and golf and in 2007 I had a stent inserted in my heart so I'm only interested in that function. It seems to be what I'm looking for.

      • Demonsimi says:

        I too was missing the reviews on Lifetrak products. I personally have the lifetrak c410 and have for 8 months now. I love love love this tracker. The two best features for me is that it is waterproof. Swimming, showering, I never take it off And the battery life is advertised at around 1 Year.. it has a regular watch battery so you can replace it when it needs but mine is still going strong. I don't have to worry about charging as I did with my jawbone and has a display which I truly enjoy. It has heart rate monitoring, though it's not automatic. You do have to press and hold a button.  I do it when I first get up, to show resting heart rate.. a few more times during the day and when I am working out so that it tracks everything. The biggest flaw is that you have to be someone who swings their arms when they walk. It's not a sensitive to movement as other trackers  I swing my arms  so mine tracks accurately (I've worn both the lifetrack and the jawbone up and gotten the same step counts) but I knew a few people that do not swing their arms much when they walk so it does't track as well for them. The second flaw is that the only apps that seem to work with the lifetrak is the lifetrak app and Argus. I've participated in several walk challenges, use myfitnesspal, and map my fitness apps and none of them are compatible. That being said. I love this tracker you cannot beat the battery length, that it's fully waterproof, has a  heart rate monitor and the most expensive model is 129.99

    • fb_146414395751 says:

      I agree with you, But I recommend best quality fitness tracker for every fitness loving person, I just bought best one from, they have best quality fitness trackers in store.

  • jauhari says:

    Hello Tim, can you give us a review about accuracy? Example on FitBit Charge

    Does this Step Count increased when you swing FitBit Charge Device using your hand without moving?

    I was test on Garmin Vivosmart and the step count increased by swing this device.. it's not good.

    • JDonk says:

      Well, I'll tell you what i posted on the fitbit page about my experience!! I'll just copy and past! really disappointed to say the least!

      I returned one today i had for 2 days that died! Got a replacement and they told me the price went UP!!! +$30 ! I'm returning mine and my wife's tomorrow, Sync page is BLANK! Uninstalled, reinstalled,reloaded the page countless times, had words on the page twice only to receive an unexplained error!!! Can't even set it up to start! I'll be ordering a different one from a reputable company. This product is garbage, no in store support, the people selling it have no idea how to fix these problems! Just an expensive, overpriced rubber band with a $2 old tech kids watch that displays the wrong time! absolute garbage!!

      I would recommend anything other than Fitbit!

      When loading the dash board i get a grey screen, no dash board. Very poor product to say the least. Did i mention not to go near fitbit?

      • marylee18 says:

        My experience, too. Bought three fitbit charges for myself and family for Christmas. Only ONE is still working, and only ONE was able to be credited within the return period. I thought maybe the SURGE will be different -- but they have been saying that it will ship in 3-4 weeks SINCE NOVEMBER. Not a company to have confidence in.

        • smtdlb says:

          I have lost 3 fitbits due the way the band is made on the Fitbit charge.  Everytime I contacted the company they replaced it with no problems.  Best customer service ever!

          • MovingOn says:

            I also lost 3 fitbits due to the way the band is made.  The company replaced the first 2 but not the 3rd since it was over the one year warranty period since I purchased the original.  The 3rd one lasted the longest (6 months).  They offered a 25% discount for me to replace the last one.  No way, it truly was my "last one".

      • Selena83 says:

        I've always used FitBit and it never disappointed me. Don't know why your luck is THAT bad... I used to have the FitBit Flex that worked just fine. I upgraded to the Fitbit Charge HR simply because I was fascinated with the screen. It tells my time AND date ACCURATELY, current stats (steps, calories burned, heart rate, floors climbed), and is also a caller ID. I've had this for several months now and I have yet had a single problem with it.

        • Jtweis says:

          You have only had it a few months. See if it lasts a year!! Most of them don't and then they won't replace it :(

      • CPTLaurion says:

        Bought a FitBit Surge for my birthday. Incredibly disappointing. Sleek design with potential, but the heart rate monitor didn't work, the exercise apps wouldn't load to the watch (so all you could do was track a run, not a bike, yoga, workout, etc.), and the battery life without the heart rate monitor or GPS on was almost a full day. Returned immediately and won't shop fitbit again.

        • datutter says:

          I have used my Fitbit surge for a week now. Still got battery left and the heart rate tracker is always on and working like a charm. Cuz I manually calculated my pulse before use and it seems to show correct. So for me it's been the best fitness watch I ever used so far. 

           I would recommend Fitbit surge ! I use it with my iPhone 6s Plus and had not problem syncing. 

          They also have a great support chat that helped me set up the right time zone. 

      • MikeS says:

        I have to admit, my FitBit Charge HR is a piece of garbage. It does very little of what it is advertised to do with any sort of accuracy. The only thing it CAN do is tell time. It is a poorly designed and poorly engineered product. Same goes for the app.

        It doesn't read heart rate with any accuracy, and by FitBits own admission, it only samples heart rate. Sleep tracking doesn't work. You have to grossly over enter you stride length to get a close walking distance. The count of flights of stairs isn't consistent. It shuts off during a workout with no evidence you ever started. The band is made of a cheap not replaceable material. The method of charging is just dumb. The GPS tracking function of the app is unable to track you via GPS. While other free apps out there track you precisely. With every firmware update and/or app update there are bugs that brick devices, adds useless features, cause diminished battery life, adds spam to your phones drop down menu that cant be removed, and the list goes on.

        But don't take my word for it, stop by the FitBit Help discussion forums and feedback section for their app. Let all the negative discussions keep you from purchasing a FitBit. There are very few happy customers. All FitBit cares about is that first sale. They don't care about repeat business, their current customers or engineering a reliable product.

        • SteveR says:

          Mike, I completely agree.   They make a very poor product and once the tracker is outside the 12 months, you're done.  They do not stand by the product at all.  They did make an exception for me since I had to replace two within 8 months and the replacement they sent could not hold a charge for more than a day.   They refused to replace the replacement.  I am done with Fitbit

      • KMF says:

        Ever since they had an update on their firmware, the fitbit is awful. Goes through battery life in 2 days. Tracking is always off. All you have to do is shake the watch to get the steps to go up, accurate heart-rate only lasts for so long. On my second HR and you couldn't pay me to get another. Don't call customer service, its out of the country and no one speaks any recognizable for of English. I could hear my representative arguing in a foreign language with her manager. And the whole idea of you can tell who is calling is bs. The watch doesn't realize it has a call until the caller has already been pushed to voicemail. 

        Don't waste your money on the company!

        • Rbutch says:

          My wife had a Fitbit for 6 months and then it started to fall apart. The rubber on the band separated from the device, the surround around the setting button dropped off and the charge lasted for 1 day at most. The band is a very poor design and she and others that I know have nearly lost the FitBit when it dropped off their wrist. The Fitbit is very poorly designed and not worth 1/10 the price.

          • yellowrose says:

            My husband gave me the Charge for Christmas 2014. The band separated from the device in 4 months of recommended fit and normal wear. Fitbit Customer Service replaced it. The replacement device would not hold a charge for more than 24 hours. Fitbit replaced it. The band on the third one began to separate in 2 months. Fitbit replaced it with a large size at my request.  After three months of wear the same thing separating from the device. I just contacted Fitbit once again and requested a refund. It has stated that the refund will be processed. I am in the market for a wearable fitness device that is well-made (as should be expected) AND I sold the FIT stock I bought at its IPO.

      • Anns says:

        I also have switched from the fitbit, due to poor quality and customer support.  I bought two fitbit flexes over the past 18 months.  Both of them stopped holding a charge.  The company gave me a discount on buying a new one.   I now have a Misfit and LOVE IT!  Works on a battery, so no recharging.

        • yemaiden says:

          I bought misfit and it died within 2 weeks, Changed battery still no results. It also kept falling out of band. Not a fan.

    • ldesaus says:

      Hi there, I have used both simultaneously and here is a portion of the review I posted on Amazon on the Vivosmart:

      * Steps are way off as far as I can tell. I've had it be anywhere from 200-3000 steps away from my FitBit (again, wearing both simultaneously). In one particular instance I was pushing my daughter on the swing with my Garmin hand and racked up several hundred steps, but racked up no steps on my FitBit when I switched to that hand. I must say that I've noticed that FitBit tends to do very well at recognizing/ignoring unusual movements and not registering them as steps.

      * Similarly, distance tends to be way off. Walking a trail I knew for a fact to be 4.5 miles, my FitBit gave me a 3.9 hike and my Vivosmart gave me a 2.3. (I am currently wearing my FitBit on a different wrist than I usually do and no matter what wrist I wear it on, the numbers are closer to accurate). For those that are interested in the GPS stuff, I've found that pairing a newer phone with your device and tracking a trail that way provides the most accurate distance counting. I also have experience with the FitBit Surge and the GPS on that is not great...have not yet tried a Garmin device with GPS but my understanding is that they do GPS really well so I'd encourage anyone looking at an activity tracker that does GPS to look at the Vivofit or Forerunner 920XT. Distance on a non-GPS unit is only as accurate as the step calculations on the unit and from what I can tell, the Vivosmart does not count steps that accurately (disclaimer that I have done the stride measurement and have the same stride measurements in my FitBit account as I do in my Garmin account, so that should not be a factor in the discrepancy).

      * Sleep is ridiculous on this. It seems to detect bed/wake times fairly well but it's giving me a different hours total than my FitBit does, and given that I have a 9 month old and waking up several times a night, I'm going to assume that my sleep total is closer to 6 hours than the 9.5 hours my Vivosmart seems to think I'm getting. It looks like it does not factor quality of sleep into your total sleep count (which FitBit does), so that's another area where FitBit outperforms.

    • xX_ANONYMOUS_Xx says:


      The fitbit charge is accurate. So you cant cheat by swinging it. You can also assign gestures like clicking you fingers to change information.

      Hope this helps

  • Teekay says:

    How come basis peak wasn't included in this review?

  • THoff says:

    MS Band is better than all of these by a ling-shot. I have one

    • axeage says:

      What is the MS band?

  • Mia says:

    Can you please compare Jawbone up24 and Fitbit flex?

  • bethmcevoy says:

    I'm trying to decide on the UP 3 or the Fitbit surge.   I got the UP 24 for Christmas and am NOT happy with it's sleep tracker, nor is it comfortable to wear.  From what I have read online, the faulty sleep mode seems to be a big problem with the UP 24.  I'm returning it!!  With that said, I am curious if the UP 3 has the same problems.  I still want a fitness tracker, especially one that has a sleep tracker without bugs.  UP 3 or Fitbit Surge?  Any comments on either one?

    • bethmcevoy says:

      Or UP 3 compared to the Fitbit Charge HR

      • qaukercgt says:

        fitbit surge. I've had mine 2 days and I am happy with it.

    • PaulaT says:

      just got the Fitbit surgeHR and soooo bummed it doesn't have the smart alarm that the up24 does. So disappointing that is a great feature and it's missing. 

  • geektoogeek says:

    I hate that they didn't include trackers that you don't have to wear on your wrist! I tried the Fitbit flex about a year ago and it was awful! It would put itself into sleep mode if I was pushing a cart across a parking lot and it was far less accurate than my husband's who got the fitbit one. You don't always move your arms when exercising so how could it possibly be accurate?! I would definitely recommend the Fitbit One! It is extremely accurate and not as inconvenient as I once thought despite the fact that you don't wear it on your wrist.

    • Sparkles says:

      I wear my Shine in my bra. If I remember, I put it in my shoe for cycling. It seems pretty accurate :-)

    • mzgigi says:

      My experience with the Fitbit One has been disappointing to say the least.  Received the first one in May, 2015.  Stopped syncing within 90 days, went through all the trouble steps, (reset, uninstall, reinstall), still did not sync.  Oh and did I mention I was right in the middle of challenges where I was ahead!!! Called Customer Support, received a new one, from the beginning it would not sync, next day it began to sync, middle of the day it DIED!!!  Nothing!!!! I am fit to be tied!!! SInce it was a Saturday after Customer Service was closed, I did an on-line chat.  No success, told it was being escalated and I would receive an email, still waiting after 4 days.  When I called back I was told there was a back up in emails, not ETA as to when I'd be contacted.  Now that ought to tell you something!!! Ugh!!! So you may want to rethink that Fitbit One. IJS

  • Vick81 says:

    hi maybe a silly question but I do most of my exercise in the gym, will it be able to record this and also swimming? 

    Thank you

    • s.charara says:

      Hi Vick81, which tracker are you referring to? 

  • Edin says:

    one of best fitness band is not included, Mio Fuse...?

    It is extremely accurate, has EKG heart rate reading used for medical purpose and water proof, you can swim with it. It looks great and is very comfortable to wear...

    • Liz says:

      I was going to ask the same question!  Thanks,


  • LynneC says:

    Can you swim with any of these products?

    • j.stables says:

      Misfit Shine/Flash is great for swimming.

      • maju says:

        Not good for swimming. Got the flash it didn't last five minutes in the pool. Now a $40 paperweight. 

    • Liz says:

      You can swim with MIO Fuse.  It will track your heart rate while swimming too - without a chest strap.

    • Liz says:

      You can definitely swim with the Mio FUSE.  It will even record your heart rate while swimming - without a chest strap.  

    • BrynSwim says:

      I use the Moov in the water. It accurately tracks strokes & distance and provides a detailed analysis of the workout via the Moov Swim app. MooV is introducing the next generation device late 2015 along with an update Moov app which will combine all fitness specific apps (swim, run, bike, box, 7+ min workout, sleep & other activities). I use both the Moov and Fitbit Surge for out of pool workouts. 

  • maju says:

    got a misfit flash took it to the pool didn't last five minutes. I now have a $40 paper weight. NOT GOOD FOR SWIMMING! 

  • IrenaZharkov says:

    Misfit hasn't been a good wearable in my experience. It took too long to track workout and the workout it tracked was inaccurate.

    However, I use Moov, it's the best wearable I've used for exercising. It motivates you with a coach unlike the other wearables.

    Check it out here:

  • Glynnda says:

    this site helped a little, but I'm looking for a fitness watch that does sleep, swimming, walking, heart rate, time etc and so I'm still confused as to which  would be best for me.  I'm a female and retired.  Would like more detailed information and would appreciate your help.

    • j.stables says:

      Hi Glynnda

      If you can live without heart rate tracking, the Misfit Shine/Flash seems best for you. 

  • Courtney says:

    Do any of these fitness trackers accurately track cycling? That is typically my method of cardio and it's not much arm movement 

    • j.stables says:

      Hi Courtney. Cycling is difficult, and you need GPS for accurate distances so I would consider a dedicated sports watch:

      However, the Charge HR will track distance when paired with a smartphone, and will monitor your heart rate for accurate calorific burn.

    • PGS says:

      Just use Strava on your phone

    • Sanjohn30 says:

      I believe that some of these trackers, if not all, can be worn in places other than your wrist. Just wear it on your ankle while cycling and you should be able to accurately track.

    • Robo211th says:

      Strava app is the best for biking, Tracks your times on segments of your ride and gives you a personal best with audio cues.

      Also getting premium is good for viewing & learning other routes and the timings of others Plus you can create your own ride on a map for the distance you'd like to ride.

  • jodieb says:

    looking for the best watch to track my movement basic footsteps etc just had a baby and am easing back into losing weight.

    Own a Samsung galaxy note and ipads

  • btr1976 says:

    What is the best fitness tracker with sleep monitoring that HAS a display? I like the Misfit Shine and/or the JawboneUp3 but I really would like one with tracking (steps, notifications, calories, etc.) displayed on the band.  I also like the Basis Peak, but I've heard it has issues. Plus it's on backorder.

  • btr1976 says:

    What is the best fitness tracker with sleep monitoring that has activity displayed right on the device (steps, calories, etc). I would like to track my fitness on the device, phone notifications would be nice (texts, calls), but most importantly I want to be able to capture REM/Deep/Light Sleep, Toss-and-Turns, Interruptions and Sleep Quality.

    The Basis Peak seems like it does all this but reviews say it's buggy. Plus it's on backorder.

    Is there anything else like it?

    • j.stables says:

      Hi there,

      I'd recommend the Charge/Charge HR. Seems to be spot on for what you want.

    • j.stables says:

      Sorry, just read your expanded comment. It's got fairly poor sleep tracking, but it does log toss/turns. Honestly though, I wouldn't get too hung up on it. That data really does get uninteresting, quite quickly.

      • btr1976 says:

        Ha. Thanks. I'm betting you're right. I actually like that the Fitbits sync up with MyFitnessPal, so I'm probably going to go with the Charge HR!

  • jackienorton81 says:

    hi I'm looking for one that won't break the bank and I need it to show full text messages, track sleep, alert me when I should move, water proof. It would even be nice if it was able to wake me up like some of those do when it thinks I will be the most refreshed in the a.m. since I can't have my galaxy s5 around at work which did most of that stuff

  • SimonDK says:

    I am using both the Jawbone Up24 fitness tracker and the Withings WS-50 weight tracker and it works perfectly - also together in sync.

  • X_stine says:

    I have had my Fitbit One since November 2012 and I love it. I love the Fitbit interface and that I don't have to wear the One on my wrist, I can clip it to my pocket.

    However, I am looking to cut down all my fitness gadgets and have an all in one if possible. I currently use the Garmin Forerunner 305 for my runs, the Polar FT60 for my other activities. My husband talked me into the MS band. Bought it Thursday, returned it Saturday. The inaccuracy was disappointing. They seem to have an identity confusion on being a fit tracker or a smart watch. Not to mention they seem to cater to their phone user group instead. At least it the test run with the band pushed home what I am looking for as a heavy fitness tracker user. And whether a product is currently out there that can meet most of my needs.

    That long rambling aside. Suggestions for a daily tracker (wrist or band) that uses EKG heart tracking?

  • hatchj says:

    I am new to the fitness-tracker market but would like to start monitoring how many calories etc. I actually use during my many gym classes. Most of my exercise is done indoors (I have a Garmin forerunner for running outside) in the form of spinning, boxing circuits and full body toning classes. I am not too bothered about the sleep tracking and I don't have a smartphone so I will be monitoring my progress on the PC. I would however, like some display on the tracker to tell me my current progress. I am looking at a Fitbit Flex, ChargeHR, Garmin Vivofit and Vivosmart but I'm really struggling! If there is one that can monitor my spin classes this would be perfect. Any help would be appreciated.

    • j.stables says:

      Hi Hatchj

      Working out in the gym is a nightmare for most trackers, so you need one with heart rate tracking to get an accurate picture of your workouts. Charge HR is probably the best of those you just listed.

      However, I love spinning too, and the Wahoo Tickr X (review incoming) actually has a spin class mode. It's a chest strap that links to your smartphone (just put it on the floor next to the bike) to track cadence, RPM and heart rate zones. It also tracks reps in the 7 Minute Workout, too. I'm not finished testing yet, but I have been very impressed so far. Of course, it doesn't have a screen, but if you have time to look at your HR the you're not spinning hard enough ;-)

      • hatchj says:

        Very true! Thanks for this. Does the Wahoo Tickr X only work with smartphones or will it sync to a PC (as I don't have a smartphone)?



  • kirby says:

    I have seen several pro and cons.

    I am more confused then ever!!!

    I am looking for these features:

    1.) waterproof

    2.) steps

    3.) calories burned

    4.) sleep quality

    • Coga19000 says:

      The Mi Band can do all that with just 15 bucks, so if you dont want anything else from your tracker, and dont mind the lack of a display, this is the one fir you.

  • mikeai says:

    You didn't list features, so I didn't find this information really useful at all.  What does each one do or not do?  Might be worth adding that back in.

    • j.stables says:

      We've reviewed each tracker in detail and there's a link to each in the text, should you need that level of detail.

  • pennylou says:

    I have a fitbit that is two weeks old and I have broken out in an allergy to the silicon band does any one have a suggestion I want to keep up the work I have done but cant wear silicon, this is a new allergy never happened before HELP   

    • marylee18 says:

      Very common. Check out their site's FAQs.

  • Sarah says:

    I was checking out the polar website and I'm wondering why this watch wasn't reviewed. Im looking for a HR, movement and sleep tracker that will help me count calories burned during my kickboxing circuit, and occasional gym workout. I use My Fitness Pal, but see that a few of them do connect well with that app. What would you suggest for me?

  • Kayemaree says:


    I am looking for something to replace my vivo fit.   I need it for steps, active calories burned, swimming,  heart rate (strapless) sleep and ideally body temp.  I'm looking at the peak and mio.   Any feedback or suggestions ? 

  • SuziAck says:

    I am looking for a wearable that can buzz or vibrate every 15 minutes to remind me to drink water, plus count steps.  Basically, a pedometer and timer?  Any suggestions?

    A heart rate monitor would be great, too.  Thanks.

    • emofish says:

      From what I can tell, the Jawbone Up24 (out at the moment) has the option of setting several alarms, but I don't know neccesarily about a timer. I have used it to remind myself to move on to different tasks at work, and it does a nice job.

    • corival says:

      I believe the new Fitbit Alta has this as an option

  • bubsy says:

    I cycle, so if I wear a Fitbit on my wrist ,( wich doesn't move much when riding). How can it monitor my activity, (steps). Or should I be wearing it on my ankle ?

  • Rebeccalbeach says:

    So why exactly is the Swarovski Shine "Best for Women"? I assume because we all like sparkly things as nothing else in the review really explained it.

    • Daisy_Lynn says:

      I'm super unimpressed with the data that the misfit gives you.  It's nice because you can put it in different accessories.  But the app is not very informative.  I stopped wearing mine.

      • Latasha242004 says:

        Hi would you like to give it away to a beginner who's jus starting to workout and need extra motivation or possibly sell it?

  • nancy3 says:

    great write up. I have a soft spot for the Garmin Vivotouch. That curved lcd screen is quite amazing :)

    Im also goingto review it. Thanks and hope you find my review useful too.

  • nancy3 says:

    I personally love the Garmin Vivosmart. Its curved OLED display is very sexy and its functional.

    I will be reviewing it on my site as well soon

  • stremelj says:

    I have a Fitbit Flex, and would like to upgrade to a tracker with a heart  monitor.  When I first got my Flex, I had nothing but trouble with it, and was on my third one before I could get it to properly charge. I know others personally and from the forums that many others have had a variety of function issues.   I am reluctant to go with a Fitbit Charge HR for fear of this type of quality control issues.  What can you tell me about consistent quality across the Charge HR?

  • emcafee415 says:

    Hey, I too am new to the fitness tracker community, I was told by a friend that Moov was the one I had to try. She, my friend whom recommended Moov, said it was great for running and swimming. She trains a lot more than me though, any other thoughts her recommendation.

    Thanks, Bella

    • j.stables says:

      Hi Bella

      As a runnning trainer, Moov is great. We have a full review going up within the next 7 days. I've been trying it, and it's really cool – if you want to learn how to run. There are simpler, more versatile trackers for running, however.

  • Abhinav says:

    hi i am new to trackers and want one which can be used for swimming primarily as a sport....suggestions please....what i understood is that the new UP3 would be 10m water resistant but i need it urgently and cannot wait for 3 months or so...quick guidance pls

  • Iceebox says:

    I like the misfit flash, is there anything that has all of misfit qualities with a heart rate monitor ?

  • Lori says:

    Hi, I have been looking and comparing brands. However, I am not sure exactly which one is best suited for me. I definitely need a fitness band that has: reminder to move, easy to use, comfortable to wear, counts steps, sets goals per day, reminder that you have or have not achieved that goal, tracks sleep, calories burned and also connects with my phone (IOS). I have looked into Fitbit Charge HR, Nike+ FuelBand SE, German VivoSmart. Any ideas or tips that will help me decide? 

  • Huey says:

    I purchased Jawbone, and noticed that it may not be very accurate. Seen Fitbit so I purchased it too (with intention of taking back which ever one was not accurate.) I'm finding neither of them are very accurate. Went for a walk and Fitbit was only off by 180 steps, jawbone was out in left field. At then end of my day, Fitbit is at over 10000 steps, but Jawbone is only showing 8323 steps. Anyone else having trouble with accurate counting? Any way to correct the steps?

    Plus note - I like that Fitbit shows miles, steps, down side not very waterproof like Jawbone. Any suggestion would be appreciated

    • CindyC says:

      I purchased a Jawbone 24 at Christmas 2014 and around August it started having sync problems and didn't seem to keep track of my sleep accurately at all.  It used to tell me when I would get out of bed or slept light or whatever and it stopped doing any of that very early on.  I took very good care of this and didn't get it wet or damage it and kept it charged, but it just was a pain to have to try and re-charge or sync it all the time when it was supposed to be automatic.  I had bought my husband a jawbone UP24 also this July for his birthday because the BASIC model he had died after about 5 months.  Total piece of junk that wouldn't sync on a regular basis.  His Jawbone had troubles after about 3 months which not syncing correctly and it didn't seem to show the correct sleep either.  I'm very disappointed because I loved all of the features and what it was supposed to do, if it would only do it!

  • Marieke says:

    Why... The swarovski the ULTIMATE ladies fitness tracker.

    It looks nice, so yes I would wear it to a party.

    But on my mountainbike, horse, running in rain and mud  it is not useful at all. It will not survive a month..

    With the word "Ultimate" it gives me the idea that this is the best one for woman, which it isn't. The best one, is one who tracks what I want to know and gives me the information to become healthier and more fit , faster or whatever.

    This description gives me the feeling that woman are a  sort of aliens, who want the Bling and do not  care about functionality.

  • Marieke says:

    And to add : I will wait for the Jawbone up3 , hope it will come asap to Europe.

    I have the polar loop atm. It gives not enough  information. ( walk, run, sit, lay down and sleep )

  • Ceyrse says:

    I am new to fitness but need to lose some extra weight. I don't care for the look bulky watches as I have to dress up each day but I do like the look of the Swarvoski shine. I really need something that monitors sleep and heart rate for calories burned. I am not a runner so gps wouldn't be necessary I am not opposed to a chest strap during workouts what's one more thing in my bra. But is there something that could do both or communicate between the two?

  • lswaters says:

    I currently have a Body Media Core armband which I love.  It tracks sleep time, steps, calories burned, calories consumed, METs, and I can download it all to the Body Media website and see each of these as a function of time. The calories burned is especially interesting to see finely binned in time, it shows my entire daily profile in great details.  But Body Media is no longer made, and although their website is still up so I can enter data, equipment is starting to break down and is no longer supported.  Do any of the current wearable trackers duplicate what Body Media could do? I've searched, but can't seem to find a duplicate. I love the armband, and really hate to have to think about wearing a wristband.

  • LeighJ says:

    Looking for a fitness tracker that will not break the bank. I love to crossfit, run and do interval/Hiit workouts. A few features I'm looking for is calories burned, heart rate monitor and sleep monitor. Phone notifications would be nice as well and one that is easy to use. I do own a garmin 220 and have a heart rate monitor starp. I've been looking at Garmins vivofitsmart and the Jawbone up3 but the price YIKES! Now considering the fitbit charge HR. Is there another one I'm over looking that might be better for what I'm looking for? HELP PLEASE!!

  • lulark says:

    Is vivofit compatible with fitbit altra smart scale?

  • Tasha says:

    I am also new to these fitness trackers and have recently signed up to Vitality health and they give a few brands to choose from to sync with. 

    I am looking for one that does more or less most of things such as Calories count, steps, heart rate tracking, sleep monitor ... The sleep isn't much of a requirements but the rest are but I'd like it all in one device and not having eg. A separate heart monitor. 

    The brands I can go for are 

    1. Garmin 

    2. Fitbug

    3. Fitbit 

    4. misfit 

    5. polar 

    What would recommend I purchase that does all the these things.. I'm very confused.

    Thank you

    • j.stables says:

      Based on the fact you want heart rate tracking, it means the Fitbit Charge HR is possibly the best for you. It's also our 'best fitness tracker' too. Hope that helps.

  • Redd says:

    See, that's what I don't get: The Garmin Swim has water protection to 5 ATM and you can swim with it, like the name says. The Fitbit  Surge also has 5 ATM and they say you should not swim with it...

  • Prairie-Clover says:

    I noticed in the "Best for a budget" category, you didn't mention the Fitbit Zip.  Could you explain why?  I got one for Christmas, and I have replaced the battery several times now.  It seems like this is a common issue, and most have given up trying to "fix" the problem, and moved on to a different brand.  Did this factor into your reviews at all?

  • Malatryx says:

    I have been testing out a friend's Samsung Gear Fit as I am looking into getting a fitness tracker. I have a small wrist so it fits nice and isn't huge looking on me. Atm I have a Samsung phone but that might change in the future (will still be on android thought). I love the features of the Gear Fit but i have not found another fitness tracker that does all it does. Notifications from apps and texts, media controller, sleep tracker are the ones I'm after to be included with the other fitness tracker features. Water proof (minimal splashes from washing hands, maximum showers) would be a bonus.


  • emxo says:

    I am looking at getting a Misfit Shine (I love the design) or a Samsung GearFit...I'm a fairly small-boned woman, so finding a tracker that isn't gawky is important to me. I get most of my exercise from pilates and want to take up jogging, but I really want a good tracker for sleep. What would be my best choice, the Shine, GearFit, or something else altogether? I'm looking for a decently-priced option!

  • theapplepeeler says:

    The Fitbit Zip is my preferred Fitness Tracker for everyday use. Although it does not have a sleep tracker or heart rate monitor, it comes at a great price. See the Review of the Fitbit Zip @

  • pb3 says:

    I don't see the iHealth Edge mentioned here.  I'd bought one since I also have their weigh scale & blood pressure cuff and thought since their app integrates all the data in one spot that it would be the best way to go.

    First one that was delivered was DOA.  Gave it a full 12 hours to charge and even though it showed the battery at full capacity, it refused to respond to taps or wrist movement to turn on and would not link to the phone.  A replacement was shipped out.  Also DOA but different problem.  It was stuck in a reboot cycle.

    Gave up and am looking for something else now.

  • pikeman says:

    I have a Windows phone and don't get not having full coverage for the three OS. Despite it's shortcoming, Fitbit doesn't discriminate.

    • j.stables says:

      Misfit also has a Windows app

      • mbirdlowry says:

        Not a good Windows app, though. According to one of the several Misfit help department people I have dealt with, the sleep monitor is not supported in Windows. Also, when you sync, be prepared to lose your data even if the data did not successfully upload. For some reason, sometimes the app thinks that my Shine is associated with another account and reverts to that message randomly. I did not buy a used or refurbished Shine and the box was sealed when I bought it.  I am not a happy camper but am having a hard time giving up and moving on to another fitness band.  After lots of research, Misfit would have been my ideal.  Unfortunately, it does not work as advertised.

  • duongadam says:

    Best Fitness Trackers 2015 :

  • hecker says:

    Are any/all of the Fitbits swimmable.

  • hecker says:

    Are any/all Fitbits swimmable?

    • j.stables says:

      Not swimmable – sorry. try the Misfit Shine.

      • mbirdlowry says:

        Only if you don't have to change the battery on a regular basis.  Every time you remove the casing, you reduce the life expectancy of the seal.  I am on my 4th battery in 6 months so I don't wear it in the pool anymore.  It didn't track water aerobics or any other aerobic activity very well no matter where you wear it.  If you are swimming, it might be okay.

  • Breev says:

    I am looking for a watch that will allow me to control my music without having to try and do it on my IPhone that I wear on an armband. I saw an ad on my Runkeeper app about the Magellan Echofit. It allows you to control your music from the watch. I don't see that option on any of the other watches more frequently mentioned. I know it doesn't have a GPS, which I'm not sure I need since I usually take my phone with me when running, but it doesn't seem like any one has one or mentioned it.  Am I missing something? Help!! Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

    • Sjc-wiltshire says:

      The fibit surge hr lets you control your music there are also a 2 new trackers coming out in the next couple of months i think the Blaze lets you control music and see text too. Help this helps.

  • Mixter says:

    what about Jaybird Reign? What's verdict on that?

  • 56nfit says:

    Suspiciously missing is the Mio Alpha 2.  No custom heart rate zones for HIIT on the top picks. 220-your age is silly if you're in better than average shape.

  • HelenaG says:


    I am having trouble knowing knowing which fitness tracker I should choose.For me the watch fuction and sleep function is the two most important ones. Though it also have to sit okey on the wrist. There comes the problem that at the moment the only one that has sat okey is the Garmin Vivofit 2. And what I have read, pretty many thinks that their sleep monitoring is not at all good. 

    Do you have any good suggestions?

  • Jeremyd says:

    Hey guys  I'm looking for the best of both worlds.... I want basically a fitness tracker and smart watch in 1. I want to have steps, sleep, calorie, heart monitor.... Along with text, calls etc....I have a note 4. I've read and read and just can't come up with the answer.... 

    • TesandRoss says:

      Check out the FitBit Surge. I would have got that one since it has everything I want, but it is a bit bulky for a small wrist...

  • iamkuchibhatla says:

    I am looking for a fitness tracker which can track my gym workouts accurately? Which would you suggest. I am considering the following

    Misfit Flash


    Garmin Vivofit 2

    Jaw Bone Up2

  • HarpersMom says:

    Husband purchased me a Misfit Shine for my birthday..I love that it can be worn on the wrist, shoe, bra, pocket...However, the only instructions it comes with is how to install battery & how to sync it to your phone.

    There should be step by step instructions & "how to's" for not so tech savvy users.

    It was ordered the package it arrived in there was a disclaimer stating that the company could help you set it up &/or help you with any issues for $59.95 per incident...< seriously!?!

  • Gala says:

    My voice is going to Runtastic Orbit! 

    Hello :) ,

    My choice is, and it's far better then Fitbit, it's also waterproof (100 meters depth), Runtastic Orbit.  Just try it. I like it a lot and I'm very satisfied. It has everything what you need.

    Here is the link:

  • KingNine says:

    I have a Mi Band which I actually love and have had for a few months.  The charge holds for 30 days or more which I find amazing.  Pretty simple but functional for my needs.  The software app could use some more features but keeps getting better.  It monitors my sleep and everything without me have to set anything and is quite accurate.  It vibrates on my calls on my IPhone 6.  The only draw back you can currently set only 3 alarms. I need a one hour alarm for me to get up from my desk due to rods in my back but you can't go wrong with it.  It also doesn't have a display.  If you're planning on purchasing one order it from Hivetech on Amazon which comes from the USA and not the slow boat from China.  

    I upgraded yesterday to a Garmin Vivofit 2 and not quite sold on it yet.  Doesn't have automatic sleep mode and doesn't have vibrating alarms and have yet to hear the audible.  Just an FYI I enabled it in device settings on another yet website to go to outside of the app.  Love the display which is backlit and you can see the info.  I fell asleep and didn't get a chance to put it in Sleep Mode but did get the information from Mi Band on the other wrist.  Going from the app to the website is quite annoying and time consuming.   Im trying to give it a fair chance but might return it for the Fitbit Charge HR.  The Vivofit does come with 2 bands small and large and has a better wrist locking system then the Vivofit 1 which I read a lot of people lost due the lock coming a part easy.  Any suggestions on the Fitbit or the Jawbone.  The Jawbone app is awesome and uses data provided to Apple Health app.  Just an FYI there is a awesome IOS app called 24/7 MotionX that uses your IPhone 6 motion capabilities if you are able to carry your phone with you all day and you wouldn't even need a fitness tracker at all.  It even records your snoring while sleeping and it scared the hell out of me hearing my snoring.  Check it out. 

    • oldfolkie says:

      The Garmin Vivofit 2 does now have an automatic sleep mode. On the website, you simply set your normal sleep hours and it will automatically change to sleep mode when the time is around those hours (give or take an hour or so on either side). When you sync, it should update the software to do this. I believe you can still use sleep mode on the device for naps during the day.

      I agree on the alarm--I've yet to hear it.

      What I love about the Vivofit 2, compared to the Jawbone I had before, is being able to see my progress on my wrist throughout the day without connecting to anything. That, plus having the time and date (I can use it as a watch), being able to swim and shower with it, plus not having to recharge it every few days. The only thing missing, that I would have liked to have had, is a heart rate monitor.

  • Lenk says:

    Wear your Fitness tracker in Style. Fitjewels Is offering high quality jewelery for almost every Fitness tracker. Check out

  • DerekJohnson91 says:

    Which is the watch in the cover photo w/ the guy holding the glasses.

  • starlinguk says:

    I don't understand why Fitbit is recommended. Mine counts only 2/3 of steps, and the other day it didn't count *any* steps. It also needs regular resets because it stops counting stairs if you don't. The app (and synching) also gets worse with every update.

  • Lucy says:

    I'm a massage tharepist  looking for a good tracker I can Wear on my ankle 

  • Sam20 says:

    I can't wait until the Moov Now is released! The current Moov was going to be my choice in fitness tech but I figure I'll wait for the new model!

  • Jozefsan says:

    Ok here is my story about Fitbit hr.

    Is it good? Yes and no. Steps counting is horrible and inaccurate,  you walking even if you just writing on pic,  you can trick it and set tracker as non dominant hand and it will be bit closer to true steps. Stairs counting is another rubbish feature as last time I drove my car I find out I did manage 13 stairs.heart rate I get check with my doctor and again it's way out of reality. Food database in app or Internet is ....hard to tell what it is,but definitely nothing what will make life easy as basic food there to find is challenge on its own. Updates for app are getting worse and worse, you hitting days when watch and whole purpose of them is non existing. Way too many problems and overall I accurate gadget not worth money what it cost. 

    Only good point is that thus is sane like any other status gadget, it's cool,keep people to the and motivate them to move but it doest work properly and its inaccurate.

    And most funny for me personally is that if I eat my calculated amount of carbs/protein/fats it still calculate deficit for me, and If I follow percentage I will overdo my numbers to unhealthy stage. Sound like developers trying rewrite book of diet and producing some rubbish product :-D

  • jkcpenn says:

    I am highly disappointed in the new UP2. I lost it again.... I say again because it keeps coming undone. It's so light sometimes you don't even realize that it has fallen off. Thank goodness jcpenneys found it and held on to it for me. I was able to the "find my band" feature which is nice. But, lost it at Walmart and now, naturally,  it has not been turned in. I need a good one that will stay latched. 

  • dandrews216 says:

    I am surprised with your experience. I have a Surge and bought my wife a Charge HR. We've had no problems. However since I usually take my phone with me when I jog, I have to say there is nothing that that Charge HR can do (with your phone) that would suggest purchasing a Surge. That is, if I could do it over again, I would have bought two Charge HR's. Unless you really feel the need to have GPS on your watch or you're jogging w/o your phone, save $100 and get a Charge HR.

  • nstan says:

    I swim with Mio ALpha 2, it seems like it tracks pretty accurately in the water as when I'm running I just make sure to make it vry tight on my wrist as per instrucitions ... I read that Mio Fuse is also waterproof... 

  • santiagodraco says:

    Why the F does this story say Oct 1 2015? It's a fugging year old? Journalistic integrity, zero.

  • almondsurf says:

    Has anyone else tried the Pivotal Living band? I received mine 2 weeks ago and really like it. It was only $15, and that includes shipping!!! It has a display, and a pretty good app for my iPhone. This is my first activity tracker, and I wanted something inexpensive. So I gave the pivotal living band a try, and am quite impressed. I've found that it doesn't quite track my runs very accurately, (I run 3.5 miles a day, but it only logs around 2 miles). Other than the runs, it seems to do pretty good at tracking everything else, and for only $15 shipped! I was thinking about getting a Fitbit since that is what everyone seems to use, but I don't know if I will since this one is doing a good enough job. You can set a silent alarm, it has a built-in timer, calorie counter, distance, tracks your sleep, etc. I have no affiliation with the company, but never see any reviews for this band, so I figured I'd post something here. I purchased mine straight from the website:

    They do have it on Amazon, but It was a little more expensive than ordering it from their site (at least when I got mine). I've had it for 2 weeks, and the battery is at 50%, I have only done one initial charge when I first got it. Their site says it will last 5-7 days, but I'm on day 13, and it's battery is at 50%. Maybe that's a fluke, but I'm happy.

    The screen is very visible indoors, but you can't hardly read it out doors. Wish they would make it brighter. The build quality seems really good actually. I hear the face can get scratched, but mine hasn't yet (but again, I've only had it for 2 weeks).

    I think more people need to review this product, if nothing else, for the value it gives.

    • mercy says:

      It's been over a month, how is it still working for you?  I help out with a women's group in the local community and healthy living is an area that is needed. I've built work-out and nutrition plans but motivation is what they lack, for the way forward. I've looked at the other fitness trackers, but of course they are pricey and there's no way I can afford to purchase them for the ladies in this group. I'm hoping that tracking their progress instantly will be a source of motivation.

      • almondsurf says:

        To this day, it is working great. There are a few hiccups that the company needs to fix (see below), but over all, I would buy it again and have recommend it to a few people who have recently purchased it for Christmas gifts.

        The issues:

        1) If the band runs out of battery, it doesn't seem to have any storage battery, so it looses its correct time and date info. You have to then open the app and reset the time and date (although they make this very easy to do as it syncs all that info from your phone).

        1.1) When the battery runs out, along with resetting the clock, it also looses the alarm settings, so you have to set the alarm again as well, then sync the phone to the band.

        2)The active activity reminder doesn't seem to work on mine. I don't know if this is an issue across all devices, but I have mine set to buzz at me every 20 min. if I'm inactive, to remind me to get up and do something. I sit at my disk ALL day and the thing never buzzes. :(

        *Over all I really like it for the price. The battery still lasts around 2 weeks for me, and it does a pretty accurate job of tracking my normal activity and sleeping patterns.

  • Digityogi says:

    I am leaning towards the fitbit HR because all the reviews seem to say it's the best all-rounder, but I am needing a couple other features : smart alarm and GPS. Are there certain apps that can work with the charge HR that allow for a smart alarm (wake up during lightest sleep cycle). Regarding GPS, which bands (NOT watches)  do you recommend that have GPS capability? I understand the Samsung gear is great but bad at monitoring heart rate (imprecise) and the Microsoft band might also be good. Do these work without a phone? Thanks for your help!! 

  • Amireallystupid says:

    So these fitness watches - do you need your phone with you always so that they work??

    • j.stables says:

      Hi, not a stupid question at all. These fitness trackers monitor your steps independently of a phone, but will sync to a phone app so you can see the results. 

  • Gingerbreadman says:

    Please help! I want to buy the better half a fitness racer,  as currently when he goes anywhere he takes his huge gps tracker in his rucksack, bless him! His main sports are jogging, swimming and kayaking. Is there a tracker suitable for these 3 sports to monitor speed, distance, calories, heart rate? Would need to be waterproof.

    Secondly I would like one for myself. I cycle, swim, walk and play tennis. I would like to monitor distance, speed, calories.

    We are not fussed about the whole sleep monitoring thing, we know we don't get enough sleep as e are shift workers!

    Would really appreciate advice!

    • j.stables says:

      Waterproofing is your problem here. Nothing in the above list will do HR and survive a dip out of a kayak. The Basis Peak would, but its app is awful. For your partner, maybe you should take a look at something like the TomTom Spark sports watch review incoming today). I think that would serve him well.

      For yourself maybe the Misfit Shine 2/Flash would be a good option. Waterproof, decent for swimming and walking, and will report on your calories burned from tennis. 

  • Ochie says:

    I had FitBit initially but had problems with the bands falling apart within 3 months and then the charging was difficult after 6months.  In all it lasted 12 months.  I have had friends not even lasting a weekend.

    I then moved onto the UP3 as reviews were good.  I was happy with it until exactly 3 months into it the unit would not charge.  When I checked the battery started to leak (or at least a lot of rust coming out of the internals).  And I never used it in water.

    So I am giving up on these devices for now until a more reliable one comes out.  Interested in Apple Watch but the one I want is too expensive so will wait.

  • sniper1949 says:

    Does any of the trackers get anywhere near my what my Body Media Armband did?

  • vickiam says:

    My daughter bought me a fitbit charge for my birthday and I'm very disappointed.  Today for instance it tells me that I have climbed four stairs and it is actually over 60.  I put the steps on 0 when I left home this morning and drove to work.  When I checked my fitbit before getting out of the car it had 147 steps.  I think I'll return it and just get a pedometer.

  • Dio says:

    properly adjusted, the charge does everything as advertised. I waited until a couple of my coworkers had used them for a while before buying.  Would buy again. 

  • simonmatthew says:

    Smartwatches are now on sale only at BestSmartwatchOffers:com

  • ajswanson says:

    My Son had a Fitbit. It lasted about two weeks.  It fell off when he went trail running and haven't seen it since.

  • Terrijo says:

    I'm looking for an activity tracker for my father. He had  a heart attack in september and a defib/pacemaker device put in two weeks ago and I have heard the heartrate style trackers can't be used with a pacemaker. What would you recommend

    Thank you

  • KRMarlo says:

    I did start skimming after a while, but at a glance I'm surprised to not see any mention of the issue involving rashes given by Fitbit's wrist-wearable trackers. This is an ongoing issue with the Charge and Surge pieces, and should definitely be a consideration as people weigh out what to buy.

    I owned a Surge, and despite following their guidelines with absolute precision, I developed the rash anyway. When I wrote Fitbit, they accepted a return of the watch directly and refunded everything, including the tax, without a single question. This is a very telling practice.

    It's upsetting, as I truly liked the Surge device and all of its features. Research these trackers before you purchase, and definitely google "Fitbit Rash" (it is still an issue as of this writing, by research of a quick Twitter search yielding complaints from users).

  • Daffy says:

    I have a really tiny wrist and most feel too clunky on me, does anyone have a suggestion for a tracker to suit someone small? Thanks

  • Daffy says:

    Hi, I have a tiny wrist and most trackers are too wide and clunky.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable tracker on a small wrist?


  • Poo11 says:


  • veege says:


    I would wholeheartedly disagree that the UP is the one of the best fitness trackers.  I have had the UP24 and about 7 of my friends have either the UP24, UP2 or UP. ALL of them have broken after a few months and stop tracking or wont' hold a charge. Seriously, everyone I know who has a jawbone has had it replaced at least once, and now they have changed their policy and won't replace it.These things are pieces of junk and not worth the cost of even the plastic. 

    • yvette1371 says:

      agreed... I have the jawbone up 2. it tracks steps but it fluctuates as well. one second it will say 5,000 steps, then jump back down to 4,500 steps in 2 seconds. It fluctuates all the time. Frustrating and not accurate AT ALL!

      returning mine today

  • dniProd says:

    "Streets ahead"... ahahaa... nice reference.

  • ser says:

    I think the best activity tracker is the Pebble! steps, sleep and activity with Missfit app and smart alarm with sleep track with morpheus. You can buy it from 69€ and you have apps, a lot of faces, notifications that you can reply, voice actions, voice replies and 10 days of battery with the pebble time steel. 

  • Flipper364 says:

    This article is dated Dec 15, 2015, but the comments date back to Dec 2014. Just how recent / relevant is this information?

    • m.sawh says:

      Hi, we continually update this page to make sure it includes the latest products as soon as we've reviewed them. Hope that helps!

  • Devislu1 says:

    I'm missing the Garmin Fenix3, which for me is the very best and has a very nice design too. Only the sleep stats are quite weak compared to the data I got from my Polar M400. The Garmin mentioned here, Vivoactive, has an awful design...

  • panzer1241 says:

    I have MS Band.  If has great features.  I  ware it everyday, and am not happy with the battery life.  If I use it in sleep mode, then walk mode for an hour, it will run out of battery life, or be very low (10%) after a golf game.  I have had this for a year and have had two replaced by Microsoft.  I have to take a fingernail brush to the contacts every couple of days to recharge the Band.  Overall I would look for a device that you do not have to charge all the time.  I am in the habbit of charging it when I drive the car also.

  • Donno says:

    Just got a Fitbit charge HR for Christmas from my wife and must say I'm pretty impressed what it can do. I've just started back running again after a long break and used to use a polar with the heart rate chest band, was accurate but uncomfortable. These new watches with the wrist based heart rate tracking technology is fantastic. Only downside is the screen, it's difficult to read on a sunny day. Checking your heart rate is a challenge. I found set up was easy, the watch, the app and PC dashboard. I like how small it is on your wrist, you barely know you're wearing it. I'm not sure how the Fitbit compares to other similar brands on the market but as an entry level fitness watch I think it's great value for money. I've not major issues with it. Everything works and seems to be accurate. A great Christmas present. Very happy. 

    • Sooner says:

      Be glad you got a Fitbit. The Jawbone UP I received for Christmas quit working in 2 weeks. Their support is worthless. Their idea of support is to say, "We are having issues and will get back with you when they are resolved." They will not replace the bracelet! So I am struck with a $100 rubber band on my wrist that does nothing but increase my frustration level. The stores should quit carrying these items.

  • amandachiro says:

    I can't believe you say the FitBit is the best for heart rate monitoring when they're being sued for inaccurate heart rate monitoring.  I let mine continuously track for a month and I know it was consistently reading much lower than my real heart rate.  This could cause some people to have some seriously health issues!

  • fb_1127817 says:

    I just want to warn everyone not to purchase a Fitbit Charge. I got mine for Christmas 2015 and wore it for one day and it fell off when I was walking in the city.  Just fell off, and of course, it's impossible to get it back because I don't know where I lost it (didn't feel it come off).  Checked online and spoke to some friends who also owned (or had owned) Fitbits and it was incredible how many people have had the same experience.  Fitbit even has a FAQ devoted to the problem on their website and people have invented  little sliders you can buy on ETSY to fit over the band to keep it from falling off.  But you shouldn't have to do this.

    The band design clearly has a design flaw.  The tab that is pushed into the slot on the band is too flimsy -- the slot doesn't hold it in place.  The plastic bracelet always tends to flex outward -- that pressure will pull the tab out and you won't feel it and pop there it goes -- $120 down the drain. 

    The Fitbit company is clearly aware of it the problem but offers no help other than suggesting you download a blue tooth app to try to find it (or you can try to re-sync with the device you have synced to it) but those methods only work if you're within 20 feet of the lost fitbit.  Personally, I really hope they get a class action lawsuit initiated against them because the design flaw has caused so many people to lose them that the product clearly fails the "implied warranty of merchantability" legal test.  That is, if a product can't do what the seller says it will do, customers are entitled to their money back, no matter what.   

    Bottom line, it makes me sick seeing people continue to buy this device when I know that a really large percentage of them will have their fitbit fall off and will never be able to find it.  Please don't waste your hard earned money on this product. 

    • odschneider says:

      I agree about the design flaw. I've lost two, although when I complained to the company, they have replaced them. I have a third sitting in a box, waiting until warm weather comes so that it won't get pulled off when I take off my coat. A simple fix, like the band clasp they have on teh HR would fix this flaw easily. Don't know if there is a way to retrofit (no pun intended) this. Otherwise, I've liked the product

  • flintza says:

    Of all the trackers you've tried, can you suggest an inexpensive one with a really strong vibrating alarm and multiple alarm settings?

    I'm not really interested in the tracking features, but I'm looking for a band that I can use to wake me (I'm a very heavy sleeper) multiple times a night. I've tried a Xiaomi Mi Fit but that vibration is way, way too weak

  • Mummy2016 says:

    Got a FitBit charge for Christmas 2015 it was worn for 14 days and has now stopped working. Nothing shows on the screen, can not reset/restart it and it is making a funny ticking noise. It wont sync and none of my pc's or laptops can recognise it. 

    FitBit are replacing it for me but geewizz i have read so many comments about the same problem occurring with literally hundreds of people that if the replacement dies i will be switching brands.

  • digitall says:

    My FitBit Charge HR used to be OK, despite some obvious shortcomings:

    - the charging port is ridiculously unique; proprietary and takes some effort to position. In this day and age, how difficult is it to have a micro USB port?

    - the app (iOS) syncs only when it's open. Sync is excruciatingly slow and you have to ensure the phone screen doesn't lock, else the sync will stop. "All day sync" feature is a joke.

    But since 3 months now, the app just stopped syncing altogether. It just shows "Syncing..." and the progress bar never proceeds beyond half. Last update to the app was some fancy dashboard for the heart rate, but how would that help if something as basic as sync doesn't work.

    I wish I could return this tracker. I am utterly disappointed with such appalling service and after sales support. No wonder its stock price is down 50% since 3 months ago. If I could, I'd short it; I'd be surprised if they are still around a year later.

  • odschneider says:

    My wife has a very small wrist (4" circumference). We haven't been able to find a band with a heart rate monitor that is small enough to fit her. Any ideas?

  • jjmc says:

    After much research it was Garmin Vivosmart HR for me for XMAS, because:

    1) Display notif's & screen approaches the MS Band 2 w/o batt-life sacrifice.

    Text & mode detail is much more complete than comparable $$$ FitBit Charge HR.

    2) Can't beat discreet check of notifications allowed b/c I wear mine on INSIDE of wrist, 

    & inside of wrist bone!  Though Garmin recommends outside+outside, I see no HR diff!

    This wear position with the rubber latching band is VERY COMFORTABLE for me.

    Will write Garmin on what I'll observe inside wrist, but you can't beat this discreet and very comfortable position which does not show operation/sensor differences in my testing!

    3) Batt-life of 4-5 days equals my 3800 mHr Droid Turbo2 (w/ GPS) - Bluetooth always on!

    Why pay in batt-life for GPS twice when the Droid GPS route trackers are so good?

    I also can adjust screen backlight, time-out etc. w/ custom personal settings to MAX batt-life.

    4) Up to 5 Atms swim use fosters joint-rest to my hill-climb hike & bike ride aerobic training!

    5) The Garmin app experience is approaching FitBit's #1... now a very close 2nd place!

    Style NOTE: Fernando would say of the midnight blue w/ black, "you look marvelous!"

  • jjmc says:

    After much research, I went Garmin Vivosmart HR for Xmas'15 because:

    1) Display & robust notifications approach MS Band2 w/o the batt-life sacrifice!

    Clear readable text&graph display w/ adjustable backlight, time-outs etc...

    is much better than Fitbit Charge HR for comparable $$$.

    2) Near 5 day batt-life matches my 3800mAhr Droid Turbo 2 – Bluetooth ON!

    Why pay for batt-life 2X when phone GPS Droid mobile-tracking apps are so good?

    3) Discreet & easy checking of notifications when worn on INNER wrist & inside bone!

    Garmin recommends OUTER+outside, but my testing shows little/no HR or steps diff.

    IMO - can't beat the discreetness & great comfort of the rubberized band OUT, face IN.

    I'll write Garmin on what operations/wear hit is taken in this INNER position?

    4) Wet & pool training with wearable tracking!

    With up to 5 Atms of pool laps wear, I save joints vs my predominantly hill hiking &

    road biking aerobic sessions!

    5) The Garmin Express apps are now a close 2nd to #1 Fitbit's mobile & PC experience!

    Sleep, resting & activity HR avg improvements have been an eye-opener! I also see

    which classes stress my stats - with better prep, is something I'm able to act on.

    STYLE note: Fernando would say of the midnight blue w/ black, “you look marvelous!”

  • TCS says:

    I would stay away from the Charge HR by Fitbit. I have had two major problems since purchasing mine. Both are programming problems that cause the Charge HR to not report correctly. First, it wouldn't record exercise when you pushed the side button. Was told for weeks that this was a known issue and the programmers were working on it. Now, I can't sync my Charge HR and the time is incorrect. Again, they are saying that this is a known problem and programmers are working on a fix. I am in the process of trying to get a refund so that I can purchase a tracker that works. 

  • heyabbott says:

    What are your thoughts on the Samsung Gear fit?

  • gwtp says:

    Warning: do not buy the jawbone UP3/4.

    I have had two of these devices now and both have had hardware failure. I requested a refund after the 2nd one failed and they refused. 

  • mac2320 says:

    I have had a FitBit Surge for around 3 months now and can honestly say that it has worked without fault. Battery life lasts for around a week with everything working, also all apps seem to be pretty accurate to what I have been doing. I've fortunately not seen any type of rash that has been mentioned in previous posts.

    The Dash board does seem a little slow to load on occasions, however put that down to the areas I was and poor internet connections, due to this I tend to link it with my iPhone 6 and they work fine together. Within the dash board I did actually begin to try and input my daily intake also, but gave up on this as was taking to long and I have no patience, however can state that the dashboard is simple to work out, as well as this you can link to groups online and try and beat each other!!.

    The one issue I have found with the Fit Bit Surge, and probably the same as the rest of these devices is that they are addictive!!, every day I go out and try to beat my previous days achievements, it has got to the point where my wife has now told me to screw the nut and stop being a Dick!!!

  • Gman13 says:

    FFS just train, mass consumerism in action now wonder the planet is in a mess.Run, swim,hit the gym and listen to your body for feedback.

  • q8wii says:

    • Thank you 
  • BetterSleep4Me says:

    My fitness tracker is actually from&nbsp;  I have actually changed out many of the factors which were causing me to not have as great of sleep as I should have been having.  I am sleeping better than I can remember and I have the energy in the morning to achieve my fitness goals.

  • drtwocents says:

    ((I had posted this previously, but I think it may get lost where I posted it, since I can't find it now myself...))

     I have the Fitbit Charge HR and am really unhappy with it. If it worked as it is supposed to, I think it would be among the best trackers out there. The biggest pro I can see is that the app is exceedingly user friendly. However, many users report cracks in the side, enough to tell me that it's a design flaw. I've seen it on two of my friend's so far, and my daughter's side knob fell off. Fitbit did replace hers, but the others were merely offered a discount on purchasing a new one, regardless of how long they had their Fitbit. I was really looking forward to purchasing the Fitbit Blaze when it came out but my current Charge HR stopped working reliably almost two weeks ago and dealing with Fitbit has been a nightmare, enough to turn me off the company altogether. That leaves me looking at an Apple watch, which I would rather not even though I am definitely an Apple/Mac user, or the Garmin. Does anyone have experience with either of those versus the Charge HR? I was interested in the Blaze because of the added benefits of the touch screen and workouts on the device.

  • Soconfused says:

    Im sooo confused after reading all these comments. I use the miCoach Smartrun and love it. Had it for three years and not a single issue. It has GPS, HR, mp3 and does everything I need. The Discovery Vitality group in SA is now parting ways with Adidas and I can no longer submit my training results to my medical aid company so need to find a different solution. I have to choose between Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, Polar or Samsung S Health. After reading all this, I dont want any of these....oh what to do...?

  • remidogue says:

    Great review of the latest products.   Would be good to know who is dominating the market.   Also, the trackers are being worn by everyone it seems.   I am still on the FITBIT flex.   Simple and auto syncs.   Also i bought a ID band for mine from  ; Has all my emergency info on it.. now i can leave all my id stuff at home while i am out on a run.

  • fishstick says:

    why does this lady look like a nipple

  • kwalk12 says:

    What does anyone know about the apple watches...yes I know they are expensive but I have all apple products and I like them and I am used to them.  Other than price, two friends have them that I know and really like I am just curious if anyone has other opinions on this as far as comfort, reliability, and accuracy for the fitness apps

  • nweakley2 says:

    I hope the author of this article is a "Community" fan... the rating for the Microsoft Band 2 almost made me fall off my chair. And if you have to ask, then you're streets behind.

    Also, great article, very helpful :)

  • jzak says:

    what is the best fitness band overall?

    I am looking for heart rate and sleep tracking. No budget

  • tsalyards says:

    I'd never recommend a Fitbit HR.  I've had mine for only 1.5 months and the display has already broken in the corner because they designed a WATCH with all of these fragile, hard plastic corners.  They refused to honor the warranty due to my "neglect" which was really just normal use.  The hard angles on the Fitbit HR are a design flaw.  They are fragile!  Look elsewhere.

  • joeandmelissav3 says:

    Hey! :) So, I needed to know if anybody can help me out with figuring out which fitness tracker would is best suited to monitor calories burned by using an elliptical? I am really interested in finding a fitness tracker, and I would need one that could accurately calculate how many calories I burn when I workout on my elliptical. 

    Just so you can better understand why I need this, here is a little bit about my background. I've always been an avid athlete, and have always had a passion for working out and staying fit. Back in 2006 however, I was in a very bad car accident, and I sustained some very bad injuries, including 3rd degree burns on my left foot, right leg, and a traumatic brain injury. With respect to all of that, I have not been able to run as a primary source of exercise like I used to due to the 3rd degree burn I sustained on my left foot and right leg. When I try to run for an extended period of time, my left foot will give out on me in conjunction with where it turns inward toward my right leg (which is also a result of the accident), and ultimately I end up tripping over it. I still count my blessings everyday though, because all of the doctors said that I wasn't even going to survive, so to have a few impairments to live with is a minor inconvenience with respect to the bigger blessing of it all in my opinion. Therefore, the elliptical is a fantastic alternative for me since I do not have to actually lift my feet while exercising. 

    Lastly, and once again, the aforementioned is why I would sincerely appreciate it if anyone could help me to figure out which fitness tracker would be the best option for me to use in order to calculate the calories I burn on the elliptical, my sleep quality and patterns, and my heart rate. Thank you very much in advance to anyone who responds to this! God bless.

  • Joris says:

    like i said before in a other topic. I am missing the Tomtom watches. ( ) There are different types, but the spark cardio+music, contains 3 gb storeage for music, built in quick gps, it measures your heartbeat, it has a 24/7 tracker for how many steps you have made etc, it is waterproof for 50 atm (if i am right) atleast you can swim with it and it tracks your distance or laps in the swimming pool and how many strokes you have done. But suprisly it isn t mentioned here?

    • j.stables says:

      TomTom Spark is a GPS running watch....these are just fitness trackers. Apples and pears to a certain extent in terms of features and costs. We love the Spark though :)

  • Zink88 says:

    just need a fitnesss tracker with GPS on the cheap(Already own a fitbit charge hr)....I'm leaning towards a polar m400..The review for the Garmin Forerunner 15 says it doesn't sync up with the Garmin connect smartphone app....Any advice??

  • mashaben says:

    Hi, thanks for the great review. I've been using Jawbone for years now and currently have their Up2, which I love. But I started looking for something..not advanced and accurate..I guess. I got more into strength training and both Jawbone's Up app and MyfitnessPal don't give any accurate calorie burn information. In up you can't even add how heave were weights that I've used and how many reps I did. So I was wondering if you can recommend me something. I've read about Polar today, can you say something about them? Also I am definitely more in simplicity (like UP2) and in no need of something huge and with hd screens :) thanks a lot. Masha

  • cycling says:

    What's the best one for simplicity that includes monitoring distance traveled on a bicycle?

  • Annyq says:

    The Misfit Flash is not waterproof! I purchased it because the research I had done said it was. As a swim & water aerobics instructor I needed something to wear in the pool. It kept getting water in in and shorting out. I had it replaced 3 times and then Misfit told me it wasn't really made for swimming and that I would need to upgrade to the Shine (& that no they would not give me a discount or credit towards that) if I really wanted a truely waterproof one. I was extremely disappointed and went and purchased a Basis Peak instead and have been very happy with that.

  • Shaelee says:

    Hi there, 

    Just wanting a recommendation. 

    Looking for a fitness band that has accurate sleeping and steps as well. Not overly athletic but still want to keep a track. Any extra features are a plus. 


  • MissFit says:

    Does anyone know the SAR on these? Not sure it's a smart idea to wear something that tracks my fitness but gives me cancer at the same time! The smaller the device, the higher the radiation. Also, SAR levels are performed on larger than average people, so I look for very low SAR since I am in the smaller range. Thanks.

  • fbait says:

    I'm amazed at how few fitness trackers are fully waterproof.  For a device that you're supposed to wear constantly, I don't understand why so many aren't.

    I spend a lot of time on a beach, on a boat or near a pool and for me, if it isn't fully waterproof, its a non-starter. I don't care how many features you pack into it.  Garmin has figured it out as well as Basis and others.  Fitbit - Are you listening?  If it isn't waterproof, its a non-starter.

  • forestbird says:

    Hey, I feel completely lost in the jungle after reading and re-reading all the reviews :( I am not running / cycling / swimming but need to pick the right activity tracker for 24/7 heart rate monitoring, calories counting, step & sleep tracking. No need to be waterproof or have GPS, used for running. I want something more suitable for pilates / yoga / walking and would be grateful for your advise and suggestion.

  • j.stables says:

    Fitbit Charge HR/Fitbit Blaze/Jawbone UP3.

  • Daveyjay1984 says:

    I'm still struggling with the fact that with all these years of development, fitbit still can't make a waterproof tracker. I love almost everything about the blaze but I do a lot of surfing, kitesurfing and backcountry trips with occasional deep water crossings (short swims). My basis peak is excellent but I would love some of the fitbit features that are missing from it.

  • Tgr says:

    I'm still confused which tracker to get that's more accurate- I got Fitbit blaze but I feel it's totally wrong and the heart rate is off when I'm doing intense workouts- the calories too! I want heart rate- sleep and multiple fitness tracking- I'm doing lots of different intense classes and want to track it all- what's the best one? 

  • matmojo says:

    MiBand the best.

  • matmojo says:

    Xiaomi Mi Band/ Pulse the best...

  • VikiBennett says:

    Is there a device out there that measures more data to get a better view of overall health, not just fitness? I'm thinking blood pressure, oxygen levels, that sort of thing?

  • tri-mii says:

    I want something waterproof, that holds a multi day charge.  I also want it to have inductive charging so I don't need to plug it into anything.  Swimming, cycling, running, sleeping, heart rate, everything except check my prostate. 

  • Mitzi says:


    Since I have a dumb phone which of these trackers would be the best useing a computer.

    Thank You


  • Margarita says:

    Hi, you shared the best fitness trackers that are superb to do right activity. It is really essential to use right activity tracker according to needs. The type of fitness tracker is really helpful to choose according to requirements. It is technical watch and includes most excellent features. Thanks to share nice information with us.


    women's activewear

  • vicle says:

    Outdated since new Vivoactive HR is not included!

  • KentSten says:

    I have loved my Rem-Fit tracker and app. It has shown me my activity and sleep levels so I can know what to do to be healthier. ;

  • Magda says:

    hi, i'm after a bit of advice. I'm a fitness tracker newbie. i want something that has heart monitor, sleep activity too, i can use it when i go running, hiking and swimming (i only spend about 30 mints in the poole at 1 given time and i do not dive). oh, and it must be within £60-80 range! a lot of comments here from users very helpful (well, mainly making me realise a lot of the trackers designs are poore and they don't sit in their "bands" as well as they should) but i am hoping ppl can recommend something specific for me. thanks in advance! 

  • Melii says:

    Which products is the most accurate for calories burned?

  • Nina says:

    Of the products you reviewed, which truly are latex free bands?

  • junkisjunk says:

    The FitBit Flex is worthless, poorly made technology  In the last 30 days I have had two FitBit Flex's die. The company is more than happy to send another, but really junk is junk. This product simply does not work consistently. I have been using a FitBit Flex for more than three years. In the last year, I have had four die on me. My cut...the quality has gone out the window. The customer service in the Philippines can offer two things: a replacement or a 25% discount for another product. There are good alternatives now. Skip the aggravation and go with an alternative product.

  • Ekeppeler says:

    I am looking for a tracker that is:

    1. Accurate(in steps, calories burned, etc)

    2. Can be used as a watch as well

    3. Isn't super expensive

    Any suggestions?

  • Jeanine48 says:

    Anyone ever heard of the SmartFit by Vista?  I got an email and they are on sale for $30 - but, I can't find it on any comparison sites?

  • JimboH says:

    I find it odd that you recommend the fitbit blaze as the overall best choice when the review you gave said it was only average as a wearable. Poor heart rate tracking, not intelligent software interaction, poor built in work outs. From recollection, the positives were slim design and battery life. Recommend for beginners..?

What do you think?

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