Editorial Promise

We think that the wearable tech industry is on the brink of exploding in popularity in the same way that the mobile industry did in the last decade.

It's our belief that we're on the edge of a technology revolution. And we don't just mean a new genre of gadgets hitting the shops, we're talking about a device and ecosystem driven movement that changes the ways people live their lives: a genuine paradigm shift in human behaviour.

That's why we created Wareable.

We're excited to be the authority on wearable technology – your one stop shop everything that's going on in this brave new world. We'll be bringing you all the news and reviews of the latest products and we'll also be digging deeper; taking an in-depth look at the people, places, trends and ideas that are dictating the direction of wearables.

But while we're excited we're also realistic. In the early days of the revolution there are bound to be a few bandwagon jumpers: brands and devices that are pimped and hyped to an unsuspecting public in order to take advantage of the early adopters' buzz of excitement. We're here to sort the wheat from the chaff. To inform you about the devices and platforms that are genuine game changers and warn you about the wearable red herrings.

The ethos of our tagline, “Tech for your connected self", is important: we don't cover exclusively wearables, but devices must personally connect or be smart in some way.

So our promise to you is simple. We stand for:

  • Wearables as the future of technology
  • Wearables that are stylish
  • Technology that enhances the things you love doing
  • Reviews you can trust
  • Expert opinions
  • Quality editorial
  • No knee-jerk reactions
  • Context
  • Getting more from your wearables