Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana on Android phones

The Health app update brings voice commands to Android users of the tracker
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Microsoft is slowly but surely making the Band 2 a better and better choice. The latest Microsoft Health update allows Android users - US only for now - to use Cortana, its virtual assistant, with its second gen tracker. Owners of the original Band are out of luck unfortunately.

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Until now, Cortana on the Band 2 has been an exclusive for Windows Phone users but that deal was never going to last forever.

The voice controls include interacting with the assistant to receive and deal with messages, notifications and calendar alerts via the Band 2's mic and also try out guided audio workouts and reminders.

The update to the Microsoft Health Android app also includes the social challenge features that we covered in March. You can connect to other Band 2 wearing Facebook friends to set them challenges for most steps or most calories burned, runs and bike rides. There's also a Leaderboard to compare your progress and check up on friends' activities.

If you want to try out the new virtual assistant features, install Cortana for Android on your phone and then make sure the Microsoft Health app is updated. We'll update this story if and when global availability is announced.

Source: SlashGear


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