​Xiaomi prepping Mi Band X concept fitness tracker

Details are scant – but Xiaomi is prepping something quite different...
​Xiaomi prepping concept fitness tracker
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Xiaomi is said to be prepping a smartwatch/tracker hybrid cuff, with a 360 display and magnetic clasp, called the Mi Band X.

That’s the word from a Russian Xiaomi-focused rumors site PCNews – which cites photos of internal presentations (see below tweet) at Xiaomi discussing a “360 flexible scroll screen without strap.”

The photo shows slides from a presentation that have been run through a translator. It's titled "the king of internal scrolls - the Mi Band X."

The presentation discusses a “magnetic bracelet buckle” which is “extremely thin and light”.

There’s no word on when this would debut, and it looks like something that could be announced in 2022.

Of course, this isn’t unique – and Xiaomi’s manufacturing partner Huami launched something similar in 2020.

The Amazfit X (pictured) also used a curved AMOLED screen and was launched via Indiegogo. It actually got onto the wrists of consumers, but a quick trawl of the Indiegogo page reveals a less-than-satisfied user base and the product has been out of stock for some time on Amazon.

But the Amazfit X was more of an enthusiast product designed to show off what’s possible in wearables – and we’ve seen similar with the Nubia Alpha. That was another niche wearable with a wrap-around cuff display.

This kind of device hasn’t yet attracted mass consumer interest – so we’d expect Xiaomi to experiment with this as a concept or crowdfunding project, designed to show off its capabilities, and act as a proving ground for new features on the Mi Band 6.

Of course, if Xiaomi can solve the bulkiness and weight of this kind of 360-degree device, then it could garner more interest.

Watch this space, as always.

(via Notebook Check)