The Amazfit X smartwatch hits Indiegogo – and you can bag one for $149

Let's just call this Huami showing off
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The Amazfit X has hit crowdfunding site Indiegogo – as we revealed last month. And the specs reveal this smartwatch/fitness band hybrid to be a powerful beast.

All the rumors we reported are true – and the Amazfit X features a 2.07-inch curved AMOLED display, with a totally button free design, that makes use of the generous touchscreen. It has a super bright 400nit screen with a 206 x 640 resolution, and takes a 22mm strap.

Amazfit says its band weighs 39g, and measures 55.4 x 22.8 x 13.6 mm.

To put that in context, it's screen real-estate is double that of the newly launched Fitbit Charge 4 (which is probably the next most powerful device in this form factor) which has a 1-inch, 60 x 100 display, and weighs 30g.

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Like the Charge 4, Amazfit promises seven days of battery life from its smartwatch hybrid, powered by a 200mAh curved Lithium Ion battery that maximises size within the design of the device. Impressive stuff.

It’s no slouch in terms of heart rate tracking either, with an optical sensor which also features an SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen tracking. That’s backed up by GPS with GLONASS support for outdoor workout tracking. The Amazfit X has 9 profiles for sports tracking, from running and cycling to open water swimming and treadmill tracking.

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Swim tracking is enabled thanks to 5ATM water resistance.

All-day health tracking makes use of the PAI score which it has licensed from Mio Global – and this was one of our favourite aspects of the Amazfit GTS smartwatch. And Amazfit’s impressive sleep tracking also makes the cut, with sleep score analysis and monitoring of sleep stages.

The Amazfit X smartwatch hits Indiegogo – and you can bag one for $149

Stress tracking is also part of the feature list, and the Amazfit X will rate your levels as relaxed, normal, medium, or high.

The Amazfit X has been a prototype doing the rounds at tradeshows – and the company is certainly using its ambitious specs and design to raise awareness for its brand.

And this goes some way to why its choosing to crowdfund the device, rather than release it through normal channels.

But while it is clearly a hugely different and refreshing product, its specs and design will make it niche. Crowdfunding will help Amazfit make the device to relatively small numbers of consumers compared to its mass market products.

Amazfit is opening up early bird deals, of $149 for the Amazfit X, down from what it says will be a full retail price of $329. It might be worth that to get hold of a wearable curiosity, that perhaps says more about the manufacturing and engineering power of Huami, than a serious attempt to dominate the industry. To achieve seven days of battery, with this range of sensors and quality of screen technology is pretty impressive – even more so if it's actually comfortable to wear.

As usual we have to caveat that crowdfunding projects are historically rife for disappointment, and Indiegogo also provides little protection for consumers. However, we’d probably say you can feel confident that Amazfit will deliver on its word. However, it won’t ship until August 2020 and the campaign runs until 29 May.

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