Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is already in development according to Huami

A Mi Band 4 successor will apparently not take long to make
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is already in the works

Huami, maker of Xiaomi's hugely popular Mi Band fitness tracker, has confirmed it's already working on the Mi Band 5, but we may have to wait for late 2020 release date.

All was revealed during a Q&A session after Huami's Q2 2019 earnings call, in a response to a question about whether the company would continue to cooperate with Xiaomi in the future, and whether it would still produce the Mi Band 5.

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"We are actually developing Mi-Band 5 with Xiaomi," said Wang Huang, founder, chairman of the board and chief executive officer at Huami.

In a further question about Huami's future product lineup, Wang confirmed that the work on the next-generation Mi Band is already happening and talked about a possible Mi Band 5 launch window.

"Next year" release date

"We do not have - we do not have a fixed time when we're going to launch Mi-Band 5. But I would say that we have already started working on Mi-Band 5 with Xiaomi and it's not going to take that long. So we just launched Mi-Band 4, but potentially toward the [Indecipherable] of next year, we may launch Mi-Band 5."

It's not the biggest surprise to hear that the two companies will work on another iteration of the affordable fitness tracker. When the Mi Band 4 went on sale back in June, sales hit the 1 million mark in just 8 days.

While maintaining a budget price tag it did still manage to introduce some big new features including a color touchscreen display, swim tracking and improved smartwatch features like music playback controls. We were big fans too, and scored it 4/5, the highest we've given a Mi Band. We even recommended it as one of the best budget fitness trackers to buy.

ECG incoming?

Huang stated that it will "continue to work closely with Xiaomi on new product releases," and said that its long-term plans with Xiaomi and the popular Mi-Band product line remain unchanged.

He added that it was looking forward to "developing and producing future generations of the Mi-Band, including variants targeting different global market segments and customer profiles."

Unsurprisingly, there wasn't any talk in terms of what features we could see in the Mi Band 5. But perhaps features that were speculated to arrive for the Band 4 like ECG and features, which have appeared in Huami's Amazfit wearable range, could make the leap onto the next Mi Band.

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