Xiaomi Mi Band 2 tips and tricks

Get the best from your Xiaomi tracker

If you've picked up a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness tracker for a budget price, now's the time to make sure you squeeze all the value out of it.

That's where this guide comes in. We've compiled a list of the top Xiaomi Mi Band 2 tips and tricks.

Wareable verdict: Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review

Apart from the unreliable smartphone app notifications, and some app crashes, we've had fewer teething problems with this, more expensive Xiaomi device than the first two though that clearly hasn't been the case for everyone. In short, you get what you pay for. Still, third party apps have sprung up on the Google Play Store to fill in some of the gaps.

We tested the device with an Android phone so a couple of details may vary for iPhone users. Add questions and your own tips in the comments below.

Take a look at the English manual

If your Mi Band arrives with Chinese instructions and you're all in a tizz, head over to this handy PDF manual (in English) to help you set it up, download the Mi Fit app (as it is called in the Play Store, not Mi Sport) and generally get started.

There's also some details on warranties, faults and returns and so on, but be careful as we imagine most of this only applies in China - best to check with the retailer you bought the tracker from.

Pairing problems? Try these tips

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 tips and tricks

Many Xiaomi Mi Band users have trouble pairing and unpairing their bands. There's a couple of things you can try (some from our very helpful commenters). When pairing, first try activating location services. Then check if it's paired to a previous phone and if so, plug it into your PC via USB cable until it starts blinking then immediately try to pair it.

When unpairing (to pair again), also try checking Status in the app menu. If nothing works, you can try a third party app like Fix-it for Mi Band 2.

Download a third party app

Some of the Mi Band's common problems can be solved by downloading an extra companion app from the Play Store or App Store. Tools & Mi Band is popular but you have to pay £2.49 for it - it lets you customise call, app and alarm notifications.

Otherwise, there's the free Notify & Fitness for Mi Band (for custom button actions and workout sessions as well as alerts from apps like Facebook/WhatsApp) and Mi Band Control (for custom vibrations), also free.

Don't be idle

xiaomi mi band 2 tips and tricks

You can set the Mi Band 2 up to vibrate when you've been sedentary for an hour by selecting Idle Alert in the Play section of the Mi Fit app. Set a start and end time, as well as Do Not Disturbs if you have a meeting.

There isn't the choice to get alerts more frequently, say every 30 or 40 minutes, though as with other (much more expensive) trackers from Fitbit, Garmin etc.

Get motivation from the Share screen

Even if you're not going to share your activity on Facebook, Twitter or Line, it's worth checking the second profile style page within the Mi Fit app.

On the default Status screen, click the share icon in the top right (which also appears for heart rate etc) and you get an overview of the day plus a comparison to other Mi Band wearers e.g. "XX steps, ahead of 60% people". A small nudge/boost when you need it.

Put the HR monitor to good sleep use

As with previous Mi Bands, there's a fairly hidden feature named 'sleep assistance' which you'll find when you select the Mi Band 2 in 'My devices' under Profile.

When turned on, it is designed to make Xiaomi's sleep tracking more accurate by taking your pulse every 10 minutes. Shame, then, that you can't access this data - we have to take their word for it.

Change the Mi Band display

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 tips and tricks

As we said in our Mi Band 2 review, the tracker should last you between a week and half to two weeks between charges. If you prefer to keep an eye on the battery via the wearable, head to Profile in the companion app then under My devices, select the Mi Band 2.

Then you can add remaining battery to what is displayed on the tracker's small OLED screen. Our band was set to time, steps, calories, heart rate but you can also add distance. So, for instance, if you don't want to see the time you can remove this here too.

If you're happy to open the app to check battery, this is where you can find your remaining percentage as well as how many days ago you last charged it.

Tweak message, goals and DND

These are all hidden under 'More' in the Play screen of Mi Fit - here you can set up alerts for SMS messages (separate to apps which includes WhatsApp), a notification for when you hit a goal and Do Not Disturb times for all alerts.

The only activity goal you can set is for steps but you can also set a weight goal and track that in app too. Both can be changed in your Mi Fit Profile plus weight gets its own graph alongside sleep, activity and your streak.

Swap in some colour

xiaomi mi band 2 tips and tricks

We reviewed the Mi Band 2 with the boring, default black band and after just two weeks, it's already looking a little worse for wear. GearBest should generally be your first stop for Xiaomi accessories as it has everything - and cheap.

There's a few straps and bands plus a proprietary Xiaomi charger if you've lost yours and clip cases. Also try eBay for a range of cheap bands and accessories.

Let us know how you're getting on with the Mi Band 2 in the comments.

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  • pmyd·

    Is there an english manual yet? Even the Xiaomi global website doesn't list one.


    Ive had a brilliant first 3 weeks with the mi band 2 but it's is now bricked and useless. Won't connect to Bluetooth after the update error message (band paired to another person please upair and try again ) I've tried everything deleting the app resting my phone if anyone has any tips to alive has any tips to thi

    • SirAlex·

      Unpair the band in your phone bluetooth menu (forget device) and pair it again. After that it will work again.

  • mibanduser·

    Today I received my mi band 2 and had also pairing problems. My solution was to activate gps and location service. After that it connected successfully and updated the firmware.

    • Wind·

      It worked for me. Thanks! 

  • anvanv·

    Can you provide more details on the Sleep Assistant?

  • Howtodoit·

    Anyone help on how to unpair (delete) my band as I try to pair it and it Says this band is paired by another person.  I need to wipe out all pairings and start afresh. Any help - I'mgoinf nuts !!!

    • TallTom·

      Yes, attach it to the usb charging cable and then plug it into a PC. Once the Mi Band starts blinking, try to pair it to your phone.

      • osmdm92·

        It does not work for mi-band 2 :(

        Any other solution?

    • Kroken·

      I have also that problem. Is there any solution? John

    • Yoan·

      Connect your Mi Band 2 to your pc, as soon as you see the blink (charging) quickly pair your band from the Mi Fit app.

  • osmdm92·

    It does not work for mi-band  2 :(

    Any other solution?

    • mervgan·

      im having the same problem too. Any solution? Regret a hundred times buying mi band 2


      • lucaseva·

        Same behavior after a wipe ... have you manage to pair it again ?

        • ayol161980·

          same with me :(

          • FRS·

            Exactly have the same problems. unable to pair after deleting account. SUCKS product!

  • Rickster·

    every once in a while, when I request my pulse on the watch by button, it seems to show up on phone.

    How do I do that always?

    I'd love to have watch record pulse on regular basis and download to phone.

    I'd settle for record when I request and download.

    I'd love to have phone request/record at interval.

    Haven't figured out how to do anything to record except manually request from iPhone app.

    • tonyinhanoi·

      I have same problem. How to save a series of pulse rates over a period ?

      • tonyinhanoi·

        I have it : Press latest BPM and dated / timed list appears. Graphic would be better .....

  • Ruud·

    Press the button for 10 secs.

  • Honghong·

    hello i have a one plus two and can't connecter to the application mi fit. I try on samsum, nexus4 is same

    • Rich32·

      Try the app 'Notify &  Fitness for Mi Band'  for connecting.

  • tevfikalkan·

    I don't want to see time in display. Is there any tool to tweak this gadget?

    • Avident·

      You can set up displayed info in Mi Fit

  • miga·

    hy! I want to reed sms on the oled display of mi2  can i?or not? It s annoing to only see the notification but not to reed the sms or caler id.

    Please help!

  • Zdenek·

    Hello, any posibility to measure your HR without app? To start with the button on the MI Band? 

  • mkcnadar·

    can it give whatsapp message notifications?

  • vinay·

    It automatically show me the time and the other thing whenever a water drop on to the button... is this a problem ???

  • Nashi316·

    but if I move my hand sitting then band course it as I have taken steps. How to make data accurate?

  • Nashi316·

    while I sit idle but if I move my hand it counts as steps taken. So data is not that accurate. If I walk without moving hand it doesn't count. How to get accurate data?

  • jamesZaa·

    How can you set the time on the mi band? Mine is 2 hours off...

    • costi1960·

      You can't set the time only through band.  Mi Fit app is need it.

  • Sasha_t83·

    which app in Android can I use for Mi Band 2 to see the option for example: sleep assistance ?

  • nellon·

    had no problem setting the Mi band 2 up, or syncing it with my iPhone 6 or iPad. However it will not update the firmware. I closed all the devices, unpaired them and deleted the app. I then rebooted and downloaded everything again. Now the app will not accept my account login details. it won't allow me open a new account as it says my details are linked to an existing account .

    Any ideas


  • man√ľl·

    Hi everyone,

    I habe a miband 2 and the miscale paired to my phone.

    Unfortunately mifit does not show the steps I made on the status screen, only my last weight. On the miband display it shows the steps. What am I doing wrong?

  • Bobbykhaba·

    hi by mistake I have deleted my Mi app account from phn which I have pair with my mobile to change it to new mobile no. 

    Now again downloaded the same app to sync with the new mob no...it says to unpair from the other device first...I have forget my password how do I reset it again to unpair the old device  

  • syedammaan·

    I had this mi band fr the last 9 months i still have this band but for the last 5months  i have not charged it now it is not taking any charge suggest me some way to charge the idle kept mi band

  • facoriolano·

    I'm having problems to sync data (distance and sleep) after updated to IOS 10. before in IOS 9 it was working fine. I have an iphone 6 plus and have no data anymore in the app and Apple Health like before.

  • Technoprat·

    Amazing review! thanks. For anyone facing difficulty in setting up the Mi Band 2, this website will probably help a lot, http://everythingmiband2.blogspot.in/2016/10/setting-up-xiaomi-mi-band-2.html

  • pollo·

    For all the people that cannot find the band via scan on bt, download from the market an app called nRF connect.  Turn wireless and location on and do a scan with that app. You will find your band.From that app connect and bond(pair) it. 

  • őôŌÜőĻő≥ő≠őĹőĶőĻőĪ·

    Can I track the location of the band in my phone when I have lost my band?

  • subhashr·


    heartrate is not working. it start measuring and then in between stops. no data. what to do??

  • paragadarkar·

    Hey can track my both kids MI Band 2 also in one mobile app.

    Is there any way for this. Currently it only allows one .

  • Rupesh·

    I won't able to get sleep data in my MI Band2 from last week.. even also HR is not measured.. 

    Pls help.

  • PrabhuSukumaran·

    After the recent firmware update (I guess on 28th Oct 2016), the sleep tracker has goofed up.  I go to sleep at 10pm and get up at 4.45am and my sleep tracker shows only 2 hours of sleep from say 11.59 to 1.59am, and similar.  Also, my heart rate bpm is not working anymore.

    • Rohit·

      After the update sleep tracker is not accurate and talking about heart rate what I found is it working only if you don't have hair below the sensor, try it..

      Thank me later.

  • Mayukh·

    vibration is not working in my mi band 2.

  • shashwat10·

    can i connect this Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with my ASUS zefone mobile...?

  • sky8888·

    anyone help,my MI Band 2 could not detect heart rate. if anyone can help? plz..

  • wolf·

    Brother out there...the unpair is inside > Status

  • rish·

    i have lost my charger...where do i get a new one

  • chandu·

    What Connects these devise with IPhone 6plus????

  • Shwayniii·

    Hey guys!

    A friend of mine bought the mi fit 2. I found it great so I ordered it too. Now I got my mi fit but I have a problem with my notification settings: I see every message I get (messenger, WhatsApp, facebook, instagram, incoming call, text message, ...) but I can't see the name of the contact who sent the message or who's calling. On the mi fit of my friend everything works normal, he just don't see his whatsapp notification but it isn't a problem for him. Can anyone tell me how to change those settings so I can see the name of the contact who sent the message? 

  • jagadhees·


    I just bought Mi Band 2, and just un-boxing, it is not switching on and not even shows any indication while charging.

    any solution for the issue?

  • jagadhees·


    I just bought Mi Band 2 and un-boxing, seems it is not switching on and not shown any indication while charging.

    any solution?

  • impo·

    Are there any means to control Mi Band 2 with a phone having Bluetooth 3.0 only?

  • impo·

    Is there a mean to use / control Mi Band 2 with a phone having only Bluetooth 3.0?

  • KristianPurba·

    My mi band2,  the app notification keep on error,  so cannot recive app notification. 

    Any solution? 

  • Dilshad·

    can i track wherever i had gone?

    Also, is there any way to show whatsapp/facebook notifications on mi band 2?

    Is there any settings to reject call by mi band 2?

    • Snapper27·

      Thats a question I have too. Would be great to have on Facebook like my old Nike used to.

  • Bangla·

    My Mi Band 2 cant measure heart rate anymore, will give an X, the Mi Band version shown is 2.2.7, and it said is the latest, I tried to downgrade to an older version but couldn't do it, pls help

  • Bangla·

    My Mi Band 2 when measure heart rate will return an X, The software version shown is 2.2.7 and it's latest, I tried to reset by unpaired with my Mi Phone but to no avail, pls help

  • Kunal·

    is MI band 2 helpful for tracking your weight lifting activities?

    • m.sawh·

      Hi, the Mi Band 2 doesn't offer metrics for weight lifting. It's really built as a basic fitness tracker

    • pierre1981·

      Dunno, it only has run mode by the looks of it. Im not a runner.

      I DID run but it didnt record anything, may have to spend £100 on a mio

  • cjohs·

    Any way to prolong how long the notifications are shown on the miband 2 - when I get my sleeve pulled back the message disappears before I have a chance to see what it was

    • zlatko·

      i was wondering the same thing, any tool/way to prolong the notification on-screen time, by default is just a few seconds and i often dont get to see the notification, just the vibration and im left wondering :(

  • Raky_b·

    I had Mi Band for a 2 years, and now MiBand 2s for about 3 months...and i must say i am disapointed with many things here, but vorst thing is it's sleep tracker. 

    First version was a lott accurate.
    this one is showing a lot of "Easy sleaping", for all...when i take my phone during a night and read something, stend up and go to toalet, it doesn't get that i am awake even though i chekt time and measure hart beats on it!?

    MiBand did not have hartread monitor, but it was lot more precise with sleap tracking...also buy using both devices, step tracking is showing diferent results...off course, i did not count it manualy, so i can't sey which is "better", but i give my vote to old one.

    Mi band 2 have hartrate monitor, but it doesn't work on black skined people, it often have problems with oters too...
    i must say i am dissapionted a lot with it.

  • Vitas·

    The app "Notify & Fitness for MI band" is a good partner to the standard app. You can see more details, control your workout, sleep and app information more precise. I think it can help with a lot of the problems and wishes you have.

    I have had my band in 3 weeks & used this app.

  • Maulik·


    How to turn off setting for shake band and it's show all notification.

  • rahul565·


    I have asus zenfone selfie model mobile phone.

    Will i be able to use mi band 2 properly with my device.

    Some one told me mi band work perfectly with mi phones only. Is it true??

  • pierre1981·

    So, how do you record a workout?

    I went to the gym hoping it would detect my heart rate and so record cals but I came home and for the whole afternoon Ive done 100 calories? I was doing weights for over an hour!

    Do I need my phone with me or other crap like that, if so, its not exactly wearable tech and I need to buy something else.

    I need to hit 'start workout' and go to the gym

    Other better apps?

  • Squarebear1uk·

    i often don't go to bed until after midnight yet the steps resets at midnight. Can I change the time when the steps rest? I was within 30 steps of my goal tonight when it reset

  • prasad11·

    i want to locate some one who wharing mi band 2, is it posible ? i mean can i get the mi band 2 gps location ?

  • herman·

    My mi band 2 battery drain fast. It only last for 3 days. Anyone have this problem?

    • AndrewBerny·

      I had this same problem and I don't know what doing...

  • Curro·

    Is it possible to turn off the notificatios during the sleep time (setting certain fixed hours or automaticly)? Thanks!

  • Ail·

    hi can't get my band to charge any tips please

  • blackeniam·

    how to pair mi band to other android when the first i paired to it was lost?? i can't use my mi band because its not pairing. please reply

  • Madiha·

    The LED screen shows nothing for last three days. .. In the beginning it was working properly.. it does not show even time and other things by tapping the band.but it still connected to the Bluetooth and vibrates when there is any modification in the cell phone but do not display anything , it only vibrates

  • Rai·

    Guys, how to use Xiao mi Band 2 in iPhone 4?Mi Fit app does not support. Please, could you give me suggestions...... 

  • Niel·

    My MI Band 2 display is very dim..what should I do to increase the display.

    • nParadise·

      I'm having the same issue, otherwise, I really like my Mi 2. Hope there is a solution.