WIZPR Ring lets you talk to ChatGPT in private

Smart ring with an AI twist
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Smart rings are all the rage, and so is AI. So what about an AI smart ring? Well, WIZPR has you covered.

WIZPR is a smart ring that you can use to talk to AI chatbots such as ChatGPT.

As the name suggests, it’s designed to enable you to whisper your commands, so it offers a more discreet way to chat with AI assistants. I think we’ve all been spotted shouting “HEY SIRI” at our phones, watches, and AirPods over the years, and it’s never really become socially acceptable.

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It’s not just ChatGPT. You can also use it to control traditional voice assistants, so smart home control is on the cards.

The app enables you to hook up voice assistants and AI services, and you can get audio responses too.

There’s a button built-in, which enables you to select a service (so you can use multiple assistants), and quickly make corrections.


It’s a niche product for sure, but an interesting take, not only on the form and function of smart rings, but also how people want to use their voice assistants – and one of the few that acknowledges that people want to keep these interactions private.

It’s made of titanium, with 10 hours of voice interactions and IPX4 water resistance. That means it will survive some hand washing, but that’s about it.

But here’s the kicker. WISPR is launching on Kickstarter, which is a red flag. The funding isn’t set to be completed until May (it’s already passed its target) and shipping is set for July. Bear in mind that crowdfunders seldom ship on time, and many never materialize. However, Kickstarter does offer more protections than Indiegogo.

The WIZPR ring costs $139 (down from $199) for backers, and there’s an ongoing subscription of $60 a year, which is waived for 12 months.

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