Withings BPM Core could help you cut down on those check-ups at the doctors

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Withings has been firing out the new devices since it bought back its connected health business from Nokia last year. Next in line is the BPM Core, the successor to the BPM blood pressure monitor that now offers more ways to track your cardiovascular health.

The BPM Core looks a lot like its predecessor with a similar traditional arm cuff design. It does still have the ability to measure blood pressure and to a clinical grade level. In addition to blood pressure, it will now take ECG (electrocardiogram) readings and can be used to identify serious heart health conditions such as atrial fibrillation.

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Another new feature is the digital stethoscope that Withings says can help provide early detection of valvular heart disease. That relates to damage to one of the four heart valves, which could require surgical intervention.

“Early and regular monitoring is key to identifying, preventing and managing heart diseases, the world’s leading cause of mortality which is why we have created a device that can be used every day in the comfort of your own home,” said Eric Carreel, president of Withings.

The sensor-packed device, which also includes a digital microphone, works by the user placing the cuff on the upper arm and pushing the measurement button. It will then take all three measurements within 90 seconds and send the data to the Withings Health Mate app.

Blood pressure readings are displayed on the device itself with cooler-coded feedback indicating whether blood pressure is normal, moderate or too high. For ECG readings, you’ll need to place your other hand on the stainless steel sensors for twenty seconds. The digital stethoscope requires placing the sensor on the chest with the device needing twenty seconds to listen and evaluate your heart.

The BPM Core will work with iOS and Android smartphones and has a rechargeable battery that’s good enough for 100s of measurements off a single charge. All of the data from the Withings BPM Core including audio recordings of the heart can be shared with your doctor or a medical professional.

The Withings BPM Core is set to go on sale in the first half of 2019 and will be priced at . Withings states that while this is a medical-grade device, it is currently under review for FDA and CE clearance.

Withings BPM Core could help you cut down on those check-ups at the doctors

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