Sony teases N wearable as part of new Future Lab Program

A hearable with a difference to be shown off at SXSW
Sony teases N wearable concept
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Sony has released a video teasing a new wearable concept that currently goes by the codename "N".

The only details we have so far about N is that it's going to have a hands-free interface and promises to change the way you experience audio information and sound without putting anything inside your ears.

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A closer look at the teaser video appears to indicate that it will be worn around the neck and looks a bit like a pair of LG Tone neckband-style headphones. You can also hear what sounds like a weather report playing out before the woman in the video says, "Ready".

What's really interesting here is that the N concept is going to be the first project developed through what Sony is calling the Future Lab program. The idea behind the Lab is to let anyone see prototypes from an early stage and use feedback to shape how the product will look and whether it's actually going to be something useful.

This follows Sony's decision to launch the First Flight crowdfunding platform in Japan last year where it has already launched the FES e-paper watch and the sleek Wena watch.

It's also been only a couple of weeks since Sony announced the Xperia Ear, a Moto Hint style hearable, and the Sony Xperia Eye wearable camera that can recognise voices and faces.

The Sony N concept is going to be shown off at SXSW next week along with more Future Lab projects. Team Wareable will out at the Texas conference and will definitely take a closer look to find out exactly what Sony is up to.

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