Snapchat Spectacles prescription lenses are up for grabs

You can see clearly now with Snap's smart specs
Snapchat Specs get prescription lenses
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Good new glass wearers and prospective Snapchat Spectacles owners, you can now kit out the smart specs with prescription lenses so you'll be able to see exactly what you're shooting.

It's thanks to New York based company Rochester Optical who is now offering to modify the connected eyewear. Offering standard plastic, high-index, polarised and photochromic lens types, prices for the custom lenses range from $99 up to $199. That means the buying the lenses could end up costing more than you paid for the Spectacles, which cost $130.

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The company is no stranger to working with smartglasses and connected eyewear having provided its lenses for Google Glass, as well as making frames for Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset.

While it might be relatively straightforward to get a pair of Spectacles-friendly lenses, you still can't walk into a shop and buy a pair of the smart specs. You'll still have to hunt down one of Snapchat's snapbot vending machines, which have so far popped up in New York, LA and even the Grand Canyon.

If you need a reminder, the sunglasses pack in a video camera to record 10 seconds of video using a 115-degree-angle lens. You can then sync footage with your smartphone to easily share them as Snapchat Memories.