Pregnancy wearables on show at the Wearable Technology Show

Nuvo-Group announces trio of new audio and monitoring devices at London expo
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Nuvo-Group, a specialist in the pregnancy wellness industry, had a trio of new wearable tech devices for expectant mothers on show at the Wearable Tech Show in London.

The Ritmo range, which are essentially harnesses that wrap around a mum-to-be's bump, has been expanded with the Surround, Beats and PregSense models.

Starting with the Surround, this is an advancement on a product the company already has on the market, and lets wearers give their developing babies an audio treat with sounds streamed from a smartphone app using Bluetooth.

Nuvo claims the audio is delivered in a safe and effective level and recommends users use soothing music or spoken words for the prenatal acoustic delivery.

The Ritmo Beats is not the Dr Dre endorsed version of the Surround – it's a consumer facing product that tracks both baby's and mother's heartbeats.

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Unlike traditional Doppler devices, you don't need to manually search for a heartbeat – the Beats system uses a real-time, cloud-based, algorithm to filter the signals it picks up into two heartbeat recordings.

The accompanying app, like a traditional fitness tracker app, will keep track of all the recordings, presenting them in a handy graph.

The Ritmo PregSense is a medical-grade version of the Beats, described by its makers as "the world's most advanced multi-modal wearable platform for the continuous and accurate monitoring of vital pregnancy data".

The PregSense system is capable of early detection of symptoms that may lead to pregnancy complications.

Ritmo will hit shops first, in the next couple of months we were told, and should cost around $180. Beats is expected by the end of the year and will cost around $250 and PregSense is due next year but there's no word on pricing.

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