Shock Clock will get you out of bed on time...or else

Replace snoozing with cognitive fear
Pavlok launches electric shock alarm clock
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Pavlok – the makers of the wearable wristband that electric shocks you out of your bad habits – has released Shock Clock, a new version of its wearable that's designed to jolt you out of bed.

The Shock Clock is a wearable alarm clock, which zaps you with an electric shock if you're tempted to hit snooze. The idea, as with the original Pavlok, is that your brain will quickly become adverse to the pain, and you'll learn to get yourself out of bed faster.

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Shock Clock pairs with an app that enables you to set your alarm, which by default starts with a discreet vibrate, which turns to a loud beep and then escalates to a shock if you're not out of bed. If you're not up walking about after your alarm, Shock Clock will administer its painful treatment.

Just like Pavlok, the company is launching Shock Clock on Indiegogo – despite the product already being fully developed. It's one of the most curious campaigns we've seen, with the total goal set at just $1,000. Predictably, it's already a success, and further evidence that crowdfunding is now more about marketing than actual funding.

There's no actual difference between the $99 Shock Clock and the original $169 Pavlok band. Owners of the original will get alarm clock functionality on top of standard features (in September) but Shock Clock is hobbled to just include the alarm clock functions. The company states that if it hits $50,000, it will enable the Shock Clock to be upgraded to have full Pavlok features.

On the one hand it's a lower barrier to entry to test the benefits of Pavlok – which can only be a good thing. It just feels like the launch of a rebadged product. Which it is.

You can bag a Shock Clock band for $79, which is a 20% discount on the full $99 price tag. The full Pavlok is $169.