Oppo could be working on a smartwatch that can measure blood pressure

New patent suggests the health feature could arrive in a future wearable
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An Oppo smartwatch that can measure blood pressure may be in the works, with a new patent suggesting the company is looking at the health feature.

The recently published filing, available to view through the China National Intellectual Property Administration, details a wrist-based wearable that consists of two separate bands, entitled 'Blood Pressure Measurement Device'. 

Both appear to attach to a main central unit - one that may even feature a small display - with two identification zones present on the straps designed to take the measurement.

It's not totally clear how exactly this process would actually work, but it's possible the bands would mimic a traditional blood pressure cuff and determine the measurement by inflating.

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That kind of system is already present in the Huawei Watch D, which incorporates an inflatable cuff into the strap, with Samsung devices like the Galaxy Watch 5 also capable of tapping into BP data once you've calibrated the watch with an external sensor.

As with any patent, of course, it's far too early to know just how Oppo would look to implement the tech - and even whether it would be offered as part of a standard smartwatch or instead be a standalone device.

We're already seeing a handful of the industry's biggest companies begin to deliver more convenient ways to measure blood pressure, as well as smaller names like Vanecell releasing the first-ever cuffless blood pressure monitor earlier this year, so it would be no surprise if Oppo is harboring its own plans. 

With this patent only just being applied for and granted, though, it's certainly not something that we're expecting any time soon. 

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