Lively Smartwatch for lively seniors

Pensioner wearable now on sale in the US
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Last year, startup Lively introduced its connected home sensor system to keep track of elderly relatives, and now the company is back – with its smartwatch aimed at seniors now available to buy.

The original Lively system was a series of sensors, which could be placed around the house, that connected to a smarthub that alerted family members about periods of activity, or served as a virtual tick box for activities such as food consumption and medication taking.

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The Lively Smartwatch ties into the system by connecting to the web-linked smarthub to offer wearers an emergency alert, while at the same time adding a pedometer count so as both wearers and carers can keep track of the amount of steps that user has taken. It also fires of a warning if the device isn't worn for a wet period of time.

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The smartwatch provides reminders should the sensor attached to the medicine container not be activated when it should have been, and there are plans to add an auto fall alarm as well.

Smartphone pairing is also coming soon, so alerts and alarms can be raised outside the home when the smarthub isn’t in range.

The Lively Smartwatch comes in black or white, can be worn in the bath or shower, is available now priced at $49.95 – that price also gets you the hub and four sensors. A subscription fee is then applicable – it’s $34.95 a month, or $29.95 with the first month free if paid annually.

It's a simple idea but one that demonstrates the usefulness an the internet of things ecosystem.

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