Huawei Watch Fit mini sneaks out with bigger battery than original Fit

Huawei's fitness tracker and smartwatch mash-up goes smaller, but we're not sure why
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Huawei has quietly snuck out the Watch Fit mini, a smaller version of its fitness tracker and smartwatch hybrid, which first launched back in 2020.

The iOS and Android-friendly mini adopts the same stretched smartwatch look, but with a smaller 1.47-inch AMOLED touchscreen display in place of the 1.64-inch one on the larger Watch Fit.

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There's your pick of frosty white, mocha brown and taro purple leather straps that's connected to an aluminium case. The original Fit packed a polymer case while the Fit Elegant edition arrived later adding a stainless steel case.

In terms of sensors, you're getting a 6-axis IMU sensor to track movement and an optical heart rate monitor to track heart rate continuously and during exercise. There's no GPS support whatsoever to accurately track outdoor activities, but it does match the 5ATM water resistance rating you get on the pricier Fit.

Features-wise, there's support for up to 96 workout modes, the ability to track sleep, daily activity and stress and support for 24/7 continuous SpO2 monitoring. Women can track menstrual cycles from the watch and the companion Huawei Health app.

Huawei Watch Fit mini sneaks out with bigger battery than original Fit

There's smartwatch features here too like music playback controls, the ability to remotely control your smartphone camera shutter, view notifications, choose from over 300 watch faces and send smart replies to messages. Though the latter doesn't work when paired to iPhones.

Battery life has seen a bit of a boost, going from 14 days in typical use and 10 days in heavy use. That's compared to the 10 days in typical use and 7 days on the Watch Fit.

The Huawei Watch Fit mini comes in priced at £89.99 (around $124), which is cheaper than the £129.99 (around $178) Fit launch price. Having a scan at the Huawei website though, and both the Active and Elegant editions of the Watch Fit are currently priced at £89.99. That's the same price for more features, which makes the arrival of the mini an odd one.

Like the new Watch GT 3, there's no US pricing for the Watch Fit as yet, so it seems it's going to be a tricky one to get hold of Stateside for now.

Whether there's an appetite for another Huawei Watch Fit model is certainly up for debate. We enjoyed using the first Watch Fit, and while the mini looks like a slightly dressier alternative with better battery, it's largely offering less features for the same price. You could also get more from your money elsewhere too. Hopefully when we get one in to test we'll get a better idea why the Fit mini now exists.

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