1. Whoop alarms is more than about waking up
  2. Whoop alarm types
  3. How to dismiss a Whoop alarm
  4. How to set an exact time alarm
  5. Set a Sleep Goal alarm
  6. Set a green recovery alarm

How to set an alarm on Whoop 4.0 and get better sleep

We explain the different alarms and how to use them
Wareable Whoop 4.0
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The Whoop 4.0 is a brilliant health and fitness tracker, which is aimed at those who really want to drill down into their sleep and recovery.

While it’s synonymous with the CrossFit and gym-going community, Whoop has increasingly become a best-in-class wellness device and lifestyle coach – albeit with a focus on recovering from tough workouts.

The sleep tracking tech and sleep coaching are also some of the best in the business – and the Whoop 4.0 comes with a very powerful alarm feature.

We’ve moved to make Whoop 4.0 our morning alarm. Here we show you how to get the most out of it.

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Whoop alarms is more than about waking up

WareableWhoop 4.0

The beauty of the Whoop alarm is that it’s vibration only, so there’s no loud beeping to wake your partner up. 

But in the app, it’s more about planning your night’s sleep.

Setting an alarm will also give you an advised bedtime, so you can maximize your rest. You can also choose whether you want to peak, perform, or just get by. 

You can also choose just to have Whoop wake you up when you need to get up.


Whoop alarm types

Exact time: Wake up at a specific time set within the app.
Sleep goal: Wake up when you’ve got enough hours (see below)
Hit the green: Wake up once you’ve hit 66% recovery

How to dismiss a Whoop alarm

It might take you by surprise when the Whoop alarm goes off because then you need to turn it off. You tap the top of the tracker twice firmly, just like checking the battery levels.

How to set an exact time alarm

WareableSet alarm

  • Go to the Home tab on Whoop app
  • Tap the Sleep Coach (Plan Bedtime) option 
  • Tap Alarm Set to Off and then choose Exact Time
  • Choose the time you want to wake up and then hit Save and Set.

Set a Sleep Goal alarm

WareablePeak alarm

This alarm will wake you up when it’s deemed you’ve had enough sleep – or failing that, at a designated time. 

The sleep goals are 100% (peak performance), 85% (ready to perform) or 70% (enough to get by).

This is an odd type of alarm because it’s best to get the maximum amount of sleep you can. But if you want to ensure you hit a certain recovery score, it can be useful.

To set an alarm based on your sleep goal, first, you need to choose what that goal will be.

  • In the same tab tap “Alarm set to off” 
  • Choose Sleep Goal
  • Choose whether you want to get 100%/85%/70% 
  • Now set the latest time you can wake up
  • Press Save and Set an alarm.

Set a green recovery alarm

The final alarm will go off when you hit a green recovery score, which is 66% or higher.

  • Again tap “Alarm set to off
  • Choose In The Green
  • Now set your latest waketime
  • Press set and save.
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