1. Check your live heart rate
  2. Check resting heart rate
  3. Ask Whoop Coach
  4. Start a recorded activity

How to check your heart rate using Whoop

Check live, resting and heart rate trends
Wareable Whoop Heart rate
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Whoop is a top fitness and health tracker – and one of my favorite devices at Wareable.

But if you want to check your heart rate, it can be a little hard to find.

I've been using Whoop for years – so here are our top tips for getting in tune with your heart with Whoop 4.0.

Check your live heart rate


If you want to get a reading of your current heart rate, then you can find it in the Health Monitor.

While on the Health Monitor screen, rotate your device. This may give you a glimpse of your current heart rate alongside other health data. It can lag a tiny bit, but if you sit or lie down comfortably for a few minutes, you'll get an idea of your current resting heart rate.

I've used this when feeling ill, to see if my heart rate was elevated.

Check resting heart rate


Whoop will keep tabs on your resting heart rate, which is presented in the Health Monitor app. However, this is tracked overnight, so it's not a live reading.

To see your resting heart rate open the Whoop app. Look for the Health Monitor screen. This may be on the homepage banner or under the Plan tab.

The Health Monitor will display various metrics, including your RHR, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, and (for Whoop 4.0) blood oxygen and skin temperature.

You can also go to the Home tab and scroll down to Key Statistics. if you can't see heart rate then you can choose Customize and then choose Heart Rate Variability/Average Heart Rate/Resting Heart Rate from the list.

Ask Whoop Coach


Tip: You can ask the Whoop Coach AI for heart rate metrics. Try writing:

"Show resting heart rate this month."

"What was my lowest resting heart rate this month"

"Can you explain my resting heart rate trend"

"Show my daily average HR"

Start a recorded activity


You can also see live heart rate during a recorded activity:

1. Open the Whoop app.
2. Tap the plus (+) symbol in the bottom right corner (Android) or the Start Activity button.
3. Choose your desired activity.
4. You will then see your live heart rate displayed during the activity.

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