Halo SleepSure is a connected baby sleep tracker

Connected sock promises peace of mind for parents
Halo Halo SleepSure
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Baby brand Halo has unveiled a new smart baby tracker at CES 2023, that keeps tabs on children’s vitals.

The soft band is positioned on the baby’s leg, and the sensor records heart rate, rollover, skin temperature, and movement. It's reminiscent of the Owlet sock back from 2017, but takes things a little further in terms of sleep analysis.

The SleepSure will also provide sleep insights, including historical sleep data – and can provide information on getting the baby’s sleep environment right for optimal rest. And as a parent, there’s no better selling point than that.

All the sleep data is tracked and logged in the app – and is available in real time. There’s the unit itself, and a base station for charging. But the SleepSure works independently and can track sleep from the car, stroller or anywhere your baby might snooze.

A unique part of the app is that parents can choose which metrics they want to track, and can customize alerts. Most parents choosing the Halo SleepSure will want to have heart rate-based alerts, but for many new parents, the skin temperature data will also be of interest. Any new parent has spent time debating whether their baby will be too hot or cold at night, so this data can be helpful.

Trends in the data are also collected, so you can see if there are any spikes, that could alert to when your baby is sick, or under the weather.

It’s not for everyone – and some people will have reservations about strapping a wearable to their newborn. But anxiety is a real burden for some parents, and if this can help offload some of those feelings, it could be a real benefit.

Halo SleepSure is going on sale in the US first for $249.99, and will launch in January 2023. 

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