​Cisco predicts 2019 to be the year of wearables

Wearable tech smashes Cisco’s own expectations
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Cisco has predicted a wearable boom that will lead to over half a billion active devices being used worldwide by 2019.

The company predicted the surge in wearable popularity in a report on the future of the Internet of Everything on the company’s blog.

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Cisco reckons that there will be an 18-fold growth in mobile traffic from wearable from 2015 to 2019, and most of that will be channelled through smartphones, rather than independent connections, as we’ve seen from the Samsung Gear S.

The report, which concerns itself more with the web implications of wearables, goes onto say that “traffic growth will be fuelled by a five-fold growth in the number of connected devices, reaching 578 million by 2019, up from 109 million in 2014.”

It’s a strong and rosy outlook for wearable tech, and one of the highest estimations we've seen. Last year we reported a prediction from Berg Insights, that said that 2019 would see 168 million wearables shipped globally.

The figures are even different to Cisco’s last round of predictions, exactly one year ago. While the company predicted a rise in wearables, even its 2014 predictions were 50% lower than its 2015 report, and each year has been subsequently revised upwards,

It just goes to show, even the experts have been taken off guard by wearable tech’s boom year.

Source: The Drum

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