And finally: Apple Airpods 2 tipped to launch on 29 March

All the lighter stories you may have missed this week
AirPods 2 landing 29 March
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Welcome to this week's instalment of And finally, your one-stop-shop for all the wearable tech news from the week.

This week we headed out to Barcelona for MWC to hunt out some new wearables (more on that below) but we also got serious back home as we explored how your smartwatch's ECG could save your life. If you like your future gazing, we also picked out the sensor tech that's going to break out into wearables in a really big way.

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We've saved up a few lighter stories for you to tuck into, as well as a recap of all the biggest stories from the week. Enjoy.

New AirPods launching 29 March

And finally: Google's Pixel watch is happening according to new report

Spanish website AppleSfera says a number of its industry sources have told it the next-gen AirPods will drop at the end of March.

The reveal will apparently happen at a services-focused event on 25 March with the buds going on sale on 29 March.

That claim is backed up by a supplier who has connections with various Asian suppliers familiar with the subject, via a screenshot that apparently reveals the 'lifecycle' of the current gen Apple AirPods ending on 28 March.

AirPods 2 have been rumoured for a fair few months now, with the latest speculation suggesting the buds will look very similar to the current version, with possible changes to the coating to help improve grip in the ears. This time they will apparently be available in black and white colour options, too. Other rumoured features include improved audio performance, while pricing is said to jump up to around the £200 mark.

Alpina wants you to design its new hybrid smartwatch

And finally: Apple Airpods 2 tipped to launch on 29 March

The Swiss watch brand is making another hybrid smartwatch built for the outdoors and it wants prospective owners to decide what it's going to look like.

The AlpinerX 2019 edition will apparently include a lot of the same features found on the 2018 version, which includes heart rate monitoring and sensors for temperature, altitude, pressure and UV index.

It's going to be back on Kickstarter where backers will be asked to design their own smartwatch from 11,000 options in its online configurator – the four most popular designs will be made and sold.

We were big fans of the first Alpiner X, which managed to raise big bucks on the crowdfunding website. Hopefully its fans will help deliver something great.

Vuzix made another AR device for the business folks

And finally: Apple Airpods 2 tipped to launch on 29 March

New AR and VR hardware for enterprise has been a common theme in AR at MWC this week. The Vuzix M400 smartglasses, which joined the HoloLens 2 and the Vive Focus Plus at the Barcelona tech show, are one of the first AR-packing devices to run on Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X1 processor.

The Android-based M400 specs include built-in GPS and a multi-finger support pad plus that multi-core processor to make the AR magic happen. They're set to launch later this year for those who want to introduce them to their businesses, with pricing and availability set to be announced in the spring.


In case you missed it

We get it, you're a busy person. And while you'd love to keep up with all the latest happenings in the world of wearables, sometimes it's just not possible.

MWC hogged the limelight this week and while we weren't awash with new wearables, we did get new AR headsets, a handful of new smartwatches and a bonkers wearable phone to play around with. Check out our MWC 2019 highlights.

Elsewhere, an Apple Watch sleep tracker has apparently hit the testing phase with a view to being rolled out next year, according to a sources familiar with the testing. Meanwhile, Samsung has been getting into trouble with Swatch over some copycat watch faces, while its own smartwatch sales are on the rise – just not enough to knock the Apple Watch off top spot, according to the latest report from research firm Strategy Analytics.


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